Where it's Made - mere designs

Meredith of mere design's Office Studio

Where is your creative studio space?
My creative space is the office of my family's house in Richardson, Texas.

What do you make in your creative space?

I cut lots and lots of paper to design colorful mobiles for children's rooms there.

What's your favorite item in your space?
Aside from my partners in crime who are always underfoot (my 12-year-old dog and 1-year-old son), my new favorite item in the space is Lauren Gregg's "Be Excellent to Each Other" print from a pop culture exhibit at Gallery 1988 -- inspired by Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, of course!

Favorite Halloween candy?

My favorite Halloween candy is the Hershey's Special Dark miniature bar. My brother didn't like them, so I got all of his growing up.