Some Time Summertime

Hey there. I’m Miranda and this is my first Etsy Dallas Blog post. Hooray! My shop, Emm8Apparel, sells contemporary clothing that takes classic silhouettes and adds a little rock and roll. 

I built a playlist around the theme of running away and I listen to it in the studio. It keeps me totally pumped, inspired and focused on what I’m creating.

The theme of my summer collection is Running Away. I was really captured by a song on My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys called Summertime. It’s about two people running away from brutal enemies in a post-apocalyptic California. Or more generally, and for my own purposes, it’s about two people leaving their problems behind in search of a better life elsewhere.

Here's my playlist:

My Chemical Romance- Summertime
Arcade Fire- Keep the Car Running
Something Corporate- Woke Up In A Car
Sarah Jaffe- Clementine
Milo Green- 1957
The Killers- Runaway
Passion Pit- Take a Walk
Frank Sinatra- Come Fly With Me