Spring Break

Whether you're lucky enough to actually pack your bags this March or just need a little mental Spring Break, here are some great handmade travel goodies curated by Jenni of Jenni20 Designs. (She knows a thing or two about travel, y'all.)


The sun was warm yesterday as I sat on a patio with good friends sipping good brews. We might have left our wild and crazy school days behind to work 9-5 jobs, but who says we have to leave SPRING BREAK behind, too?

Here are some hand-crafted items from fellow Etsy Dallas members and a few travel tips I've picked up along the way.

1. Being organized doesn't have to be boring...
Tuck your passport into an oilcloth passport cover and never fumble around in the bottom of your bag for it when it's your turn to step from behind the yellow line.

passport cover by Jenni20 Designs

2. Postcards are so 20th century...
Send along some snail mail they'll actually love. (Wish you were here, dear!)

hello dear by PaperBeatsRock

3. Leave your pet sitter with a fashionable key chain they wouldn't dare lose...
Of course, it might be difficult to get your keys back when you return because it's so awesome, but that's for another blog post.

leather key chain by Gildem

4. Hotel amenities can be hit or miss...
Have sensitive skin or just like to shower with your favorite scent? It's best to bring your own soap.

handmade glycerin soap by The Pig and the Peacock

5. People like interesting vacation stories...
Meet a celebrity on the beach? Need to reflect on the interesting encounter you had with a handsome stranger in an art museum? Keep all your wicked thoughts in one place--and then tell me when you get back!

hand stamped moleskine by Made by Rori

6. Always eat where the locals eat...
Always. Trust me on this.

print by Squint Photography