Sponsor Spotlight: Midnight Snack

We are pumped to have one of our very own Etsy Dallas leaders as a sponsor of the Spring Bash this year: Christina Wezwick from Midnight Snack! Christina’s shop is chock full of awesome food dedicated plushes and pillows. Here is one of our favorites...

(It’s a steak pillow, y'all!)

We got Christina to tell us a bit about her involvement with and personal connection to Etsy Dallas:

I have been involved with Etsy Dallas since 2008. I feel that Etsy Dallas gives local artists and business people a place to belong. It can be really hard to get support and advice when you are starting your business, even when you are selling online with Etsy, where there is a big community. It's nice to have a group of local people who all have a common interest that you can rely on. I feel that the time I devote to Etsy Dallas is helping support the local business community, the arts and crafts community, and Dallas as a whole.

I hope that my crafting brings a bit of whimsy and the unexpected to people's lives. I hope that what I make inspires others, including other crafters, around me.

I think that the Etsy Dallas team has a really unique thing going on that most other business groups don't have. We are all about supporting each other's businesses and bringing something unique to the community. We are a family!