Studio Snapshots: Kathleen Care Jewelry

Ever wonder where all the lovely things you see on Etsy are made? It’s time to take a behind-the-scenes look at the workspace of Etsy Dallas teammate Kathleen Care of Kathleen Care Jewelry.

Kathleen created has converted a corner of her bedroom into her own studio space. It’s about 5’ x 4’ and a step up from the early days. “I started my business working on my couch with four plastic storage bins filled with gemstones, metal wire and chain,” Kathleen said. “My husband felt sorry for me (or maybe he was annoyed) and bought me a proper desk.” She has since added a second desk. 

In her current space, Kathleen uses two different size torches (fire), Dremel tools for sanding, buffing, polishing, etching, texturing, etc. She has a solid wood desk, a plywood desk and a granite surface. “Each of my surfaces work differently with the metal and gives me the ability to do a range of texturing on the jewelry,” she said.