2016 Jingle Bash: Photo Backdrop

It takes a lot of team and individual effort to make our shows a success! I'm sharing a post from my personal blog today to show you what goes into painting the one of a kind photo backdrop. We hire a professional photographer and create a scene so you can have a free keepsake from this time of year, and our event. When all the photos have been uploaded to our Flickr we will make an announcement, so you can download, print, and share freely!  Check it out!

Another show, and another challenge accepted! These 8x10 foot paintings have become quite an event in my house! I grow so much as an artist just by saying "yes" and going for it. I should broaden that statement to person instead.  

I put my husband's GoPro to good use on a time lapse this time too! Enjoy, I hope we see you tomorrow from 11-5 at Gilley's Dallas for the big show!