DIY St. Patrick's Day Wreath

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and decorations are available at every store you visit, but it is always so much more fun to create your own. So here’s a quick and easy St. Patty’s Day wreath that can easily be transformed into a spring wreath after the 17th. I love using items long term so why not keep your wreath hanging? Just add a few pink and yellow flowers and you are ready for spring!

This simple wreath can go anywhere as decoration: over the fireplace, in a classroom, or (my favorite) on your door.

To get started you will need a few items listed below. I purchased all items at 50 percent off at Hobby Lobby. Catch sale items, clearance items to make this DIY even more thrifty!


1.     Hot Glue Gun

2.     Glue Sticks

3.     Scissors

4.     Jute Twine (any size, your preference)

5.     Lighter

6.     Foam wreath (14”)

7.     Ribbon (your choice of patterns/width) I bought ¼”, 1.5” and 2.5” ribbon spools

8.     Burlap Ribbon (about 5” wide)

9.     Mini Kraft Pendant Banner

10.   Assortment of embellishments

11.  Glitter Letter Stickers

Now let's get to crafting! 



Wrap foam wreath with burlap ribbon. Adhere it at the beginning (of your wrapping) and at the end (of your wrapping) with hot glue.


Wrap your next ribbon (shorter width than your burlap, but widest width of your remaining ribbon) around the wreath. I used green burlap. Wrap this layer farther apart than the first layer. Use hot glue to adhere. 


Before wrapping ribbon, burn the edge of the ribbon (where you cut it) to keep it from unraveling.  Wrap next ribbon (shorter width than previous ribbon) around the wreath. Repeating Step 2.


Tie a knot to keep twine in place or hot glue it to ribbon. Wrap twine around foam wreath.  Tie off or hot glue ends to ribbon.


Create a few ribbon bows from your 1/4" ribbon and arrange your embellishments.


Hot glue your ribbon bows and embellishments onto the wreath.

STEP 7. 

Cut off the length of the mini pendant banner that you will be using. Adhere your letters to the banner. I used four of the pendants. You can use up to five.


Adhere to wreath by knotting or adhering with hot glue. You only have to tie off the ends of the banner so that the pendants can hang free. 

You can purchase a wreath door hanger or make your own. Just loop a sturdy piece of burlap onto your wreath and adhere the top ends together with hot glue. Tada! You are all done and have a beautiful wreath to use for St. Patrick’s Day and with slight modifications (adding spring colored flowers or embellishments) you can use through the spring as well. 


Thank you hearts to SaRatta for this lovely DIY! Hop over to Expressions Bracelets to see the beautiful pieces SaRatta has for you.