About Etsy Dallas Bash Bucks

About Etsy Dallas Bash Bucks

So, what are Bash Bucks? They are gift certificates that equal cash and are redeemable only at the current Bash event on November 19, 2011. They cannot be kept and spent at a future Bash event. 
How do I win Bash Bucks? Anyone can enter to win them. To enter, participants will comment on the Etsy Dallas blog or tweet about the contest as specified in each contest’s instructions. Winners will be picked at random. Winners will claim their Bash Bucks in person the day of the current Bash. Bash Bucks cannot be mailed to the winners.
Okay I won! Now how do I spend them? Bash Bucks come in increments of $10 and spend like cash. The winner cannot receive change from Bash Bucks, and they cannot be split up to spend at two different booths. For example, if you want an $8 item, you must pay with your $10 Bash Bucks and forfeit the remaining $2 since change cannot be made. Additionally, you cannot spend that remaining $2 at a different vendor's booth.
Who's paying for these anyway? The Bash is footing the bill so we can spread the love to our wonderful shoppers and our artists.
What do they look like? The appearance of the Bash Bucks changes with each Bash event and is not publicized whatsoever. These are currency and therefore will have several unique distinguishable marks making them impossible to counterfeit and awesome to behold!
The Very Fine Print
+ Previous winners, members, and participating Bash artists ARE eligible to win.

+ If your comment or tweet is chosen, you will be required to give your full name and date of birth via email. You will be given instructions on how and where to pick up your Bash Bucks (any time during the event). You must reply to the congratulatory/instruction notifications by Midnight November 18th and must be present the day of the 2011 Spring Bash to collect your certificates and redeem them. Failure to respond to the email with correct information by the deadline will forfeit your right to Bash Bucks.

+ Bash bucks are not transferable. If you win them, you have to spend them. If you win, please be prepared to bring a proper ID (driver's license) to claim your Bash Bucks.

+ Bash Bucks cannot be redeemed for cash. They must be spent at one of the Jingle Bash 2011 vendor booths the day of the event. You are responsible for paying any total over the value of your certificate. Any balance after purchase is surrendered to the vendor (change will not be given).

+ 2011 Jingle Bash Bucks are void after November 19th at 8pm, and may not be used at any other event or online.

+ Play Nice. Don't lie, cheat, or steal.

+ We love you! See you at the Bash! (SHOP+PARTY+ART+CRAFT)