100 days

The 100 day project


If you're on Instagram, you've probably seen many different iterations of 100 day projects throughout your feed. It's simple in theory, just pick an action, and commit to repeat it for 100 days. But THE 100 Day Project was started by Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thompson and it can be argued that the collective power of a community of people working their way through 100 days of *something* at the same time makes it even more meaningful. It starts on April 3 if you're thinking about joining in this year. You can read all about the project here but if you want some tips and ideas on how to make it happen for you this year, read on and let us know about your project in the comments so that we can follow along!

1) Look at your calendar
Think about what you have going on between April 3 and July 11. Are you going out of town for 2 weeks? If you, are you considering an action that you can only do at home, or does it work on the road too? Or does that even matter to you? You might be fine with missing a day here or there, but make sure you decide if it's important to you to finish on the same day as everyone else or not.  


2) Pick an action
This can be anything! Try to stretch yourself--it can be something you've been meaning to do for a long time, a new skill you want to work on, or something you need to get better about dedicating your time to. You may want to think seriously about your personal goals and how you can use these 100 days to take a step in a new direction, or you may want to pick something really light and fun and see where it takes you. Browse old posts from the #the100dayproject hashtag on Instagram if you are looking for ideas or inspiration.

3) Get your supplies ready
If you're doing an art or crafty project that will take some supplies, go out to Michaels, Asel Art, or wherever you like to stock up so that you have what you need on hand to get started. Maybe you even want to set up a corner of your home where you can go to work on your action every day--getting your life organized to make time for something new each day will help you stick with it for the first week or two and by then you'll have a great routine established to keep it going for the full 100 days.

4) Come up with an original hashtag
This is the fun part. When you post your images on Instagram, you can use the #the100dayproject official hashtag, but you're also encouraged to pick your own unique hashtag to post with all of your updates. Nothing beats taking a look at your 100 days of fun all together on their own hashtag (here are my past projects if you want to take a peek: #100daysoftokodotslettering (2017) #100daysoftokodotscrochet (2016)


5) Throw your insecurities out the window and get ready to go!
If you're not used to sharing a lot on social media, it can be unsettling to commit to posting your progress on a certain project every day, even if it's not "perfect" or "ready." In some ways this is the biggest challenge, but the best part, too. You will be surprised about which posts your followers love and the energy it will give you as you continue your project.  

See you on April 3!