Cafe Izmir

Join us for Love Letters for Meals on Wheels + how to host your own Love Letters party

We are so excited to see y’all at our Love Letters Challenge event. Every year we team up with Meals on Wheels in Dallas to make Valentine’s Day cards for homebound seniors. This year, we have created a public event so everyone can join us to spread the love around.

Join us at noon on January 27 at Café Izmir in Plano. Food and drink will be available for purchase. Crafts are supplied. Please keep in mind that although this is a family-friendly event, there are a limited number of volunteers to help out so your kids will need your help.

If you can’t attend our event, here are some quick tips to get your own Love Letter Challenge going:

1. Set the date. You’ll want to get your tribe together before Valentine’s Day so the cards make it to Meals on Wheels (or your chosen destination such as a retirement home, hospital, etc.) on time.

2. Get some supplies together.

The fun thing about Valentine’s Day cards is the sky is the limit with creativity and you don’t have to be shy about your abilities. They can be simple and sweet and heartfelt or fancy and flowery!

Ingredients for a nice card:
Assorted construction paper or scrapbooking paper

Paper doilies
Washi tape

3. Grab some wine and get your friends together. Make it fun! Maybe host a kids party or a mom meet-up. Or host a craft night with your friends. Still need some creative inspiration? Check out this DIY Valentine’s Day card tutorial from The Pig and the Peacock.

4. Spread the love around! Once the cards are finished, deliver them to your chosen destination or mail them to your local Meals on Wheels.

Dallas’ local Meals on Wheels:
VNA Haggerty Center
1440 W. Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, Texas  75247