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Etsy Dallas Interview - Brandon from Honeycomb Print Shop

I am happy to introduce another amazing member of our Etsy Dallas team today! Get to know what inspires Brandon Griswold to create his unique, handmade prints for Honeycomb Print Shop

Hi Brandon! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your shop. 

Well hi! I'm a native of Northern Virginia, but my family moved to Texas before I started High School. I left briefly for college at a small school in Arkansas and moved back to start my career after graduation. I now work by day as a graphic designer at Fossil. I started Honeycomb Print Shop in the fall of 2010 as an outlet for my letterpress passion and my way of sharing the art form with others.
Linocut Print - "Big Red" Ford Truck

How did you get started selling your creations?

This whole thing sort of started in college when I made some prints just for fun that I then sold or gave away to friends. When I returned from a summer internship at a letterpress shop in Nashville, I knew I couldn't just give up letterpress simply because I didn't have the equipment. I then talked my way into getting my press and started gathering equipment as I could afford to. With a lot of encouragement from some of my co-workers, I opened up shop and have been printing ever since.

Moleskine Notebook Letterpress Cover - Doodle
You sell such beautiful prints! Where did your love for print and typography come from?

First of all, thank you! I took some classes in college that introduced me to printmaking and the basics of typography, but things didn't click then. My class projects were all pretty terrible. After learning about the shop in Nashville, I started to pay attention to both letterpress and typography more. After a couple of attempts, I finally was accepted as an intern for them and learned so much that summer. It really gave me a passion for the history of letterpress and I've always enjoyed the challenge of working within limitations. Typography has similar limitations (legibility, flow, etc) so it's been the perfect match for me.
Hand Carved Block Print - Literature
Do you have any advice for other creatives who want to open their own handmade shop?

Do your homework. I've hit a few obstacles along the way that could have been easily avoided if I had put in the time to figure out the proper process. Besides that, I'd say just dive in.
Letterpress Art Print - Be Creative
What is your favorite part about Dallas? Favorite shop? Restaurant?

I love lakewood and White Rock Lake (where I live). It's quite peaceful and relaxing when I don't want to get into the city. We Are 1976 is a great shop filled with lots of my friend's work. I love stopping by there to see what's new. And as far as food goes, it doesn't get much better than Del's Charcoal Burgers.
Good Day Poster
Describe your creative personality in three words.
Always in motion

Thank you so much Brandon! 

Get to know Brandon and Honeycomb Print Shop around the internet!


Posted by Meredith of Sheepish Knit Crochet.

Member Spotlight - Pamplemousse 1983

Get to know another fabulous new member of Etsy Dallas, Maryam of Pamplemousse 1983. She has a wonderful blog and Etsy shop filled with color and a love for photography. 
Hi Maryam! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your shop. 
Well, my name is Maryam and I live in East Dallas with my husband, daughter and two dogs. I moved to Texas in 2001 (!!!) to attend the University of Texas at Arlington and ended up meeting my husband here. In my shop I sell photographic prints and jewelry made with my photographs.

Fine Art Bobby Pins
How did you get started selling your creations?
I opened my Etsy shop a few years ago but never was really serious about it until last year. I loved the idea of Etsy but I didn't really have time to work on my own shop until I had my daughter. Since having her I've had a new burst of creative energy that's really pushed me to work on my shop and set new goals for success.
Floral Polaroid Rainbow Fine Art Photograph
You sell such beautiful photographs! Where did your love for photography come from?
I never was very good at math and I've always hated writing so I decided to major in fine arts. After I took my first photography class I was hooked. I ended up concentrating in Photography. I've always loved taking photos but never really thought of it as a form of art until college. After I graduated I ended up taking a job in insurance (gag me) and found myself in a creative hole. I eventually quit, got my teacher certification and became an elementary art teacher. It was during this time that I really started exploring photography as an art form again and renewed my passion for the medium.
Do you have any advice for other creatives who want to open their own handmade shop?
Do your research! I think a big mistake I made starting out was not looking at the competition. Know who your audience is, what they're looking for and find ways to reach them.
Doe Visits Grandmother Fine Art Photograph
What is your favorite part about Dallas? Favorite shop? Restaurant?
I really love my neighborhood in East Dallas. I love being so near White Rock Lake! My favorite shop is We Are 1976 on Henderson which sells really awesome knickknacks, art prints and accessories. As far as food, there are a ton of really really great places to eat but my newest favorite is Goodfriend in East Dallas (right by Dowdy Studio!). Their Loretta burger is AMAZEBALLS.
Sew Sew Sew Fine Art Photograph
Describe your creative personality in three words.
Colorful, Fun, ADD.

Thanks so much Maryam! You can find more Pamplemousse 1983 here:


Shop Feature: Maggie May I

Today's spotlight focus is on Maggie May I!  Maggie Younkin is a mixed-media collage artist out of North Richland Hills specializing in jewelry made from repurposed game pieces.

Maggie says she had been trying for years to implement family game night at her house. But since no one wanted to join her she turned to the next best thing - jewelry.   She uses repurposed dominos, found objects and game pieces to create the most amazing pendant necklaces and keychains.

pendant made from vintage anagram - $8.50

twin mustache pendant made from repurposed domino - $15

bicycle necklace from recycled checker - $15

bird key recycled domino pendant - $18

candy sprinkle pendant - $10

Visit Maggie at the Spring Bash next week!

Member Spotlight: Local Honey

Hi everyone! This is Meredith from Sheepish Knitting & Crochet. I am excited to introduce you to Kelly Christine and her lovely shop Local Honey. I hope you enjoy getting to know this inspiring lady! 

Hi Kelly! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
Hey there! Thanks again, Meredith, for choosing to interview me! Now a little about myself... I'm a 21-year-old cat lover and small business owner. I come from the tiny East Texas town of Golden (population 300), but moved to Dallas almost 3 years ago to start school and a new adventure. Since then, I've finished college and have 2 businesses,  Local Honey (my Etsy shop!) and Kelly Christine Photo + Films (my wedding & portrait photo/video biz). When I'm not shooting a wedding or making an Etsy order, you could find me eating Mexican food, blogging, spending time with my honey or working on a craft project.

How did you get started sewing your beautiful burlap pillows?
I have loved sewing since my Grandmother taught me at 13, but it wasn't until I attended school that I really got to focus on my sewing skills. I attended a small college nearby and got a dual associates degree in fashion design & merchandising. Once graduation time came around and all of the school projects were finished, I was feeling creatively frustrated. I was so used to being in school and making something everyday, so when I was done, I was thinking..."Okay. Now what?" Since I was passionate about sewing and had a lot of ideas, I thought I should open an Etsy shop. At that time, I was interning at a local children's boutique called Little Bean. I approached the owner one day about my ideas, and she encouraged me to go for it. It only took me about a week to decide on a name and what exactly I would be selling. 

You also create lovely watercolor paintings! Where did that skill come from?
I come from a long line of all kinds of artists: painters, graphic designers, wood carvers, soap makers, sheep farmers, authors...the list goes on. I have always loved to paint, but while in school, I rarely ever got to. It was only just recently that I got inspired to pick it back up again. Watercolor is my favorite, and I really love making custom items for people. I wanted to change up my shop a little bit and thought this was a perfect way to do so!

Do you have any advice for other young people (like myself) who want to make a career out of a passion for crafts and creativity?
My advice would be just to go for it! Right now. Find something that you really, really love and are passionate about. Make sure it's something you're 100% proud of and want to share with the world. It might take a while to get to where you want to be, but that makes it all the more rewarding. I'm also a believer in making your own rules. There's no handbook to starting a business. Figure it out, and make it happen! :-] I also have an amazing support system behind me. My parents are both small business owners too, so I'm always asking them for advice! 

What is your favorite part about Dallas? Favorite shop? Restaurant?
Coming from such a small town, it really took me a while to accept Dallas as my home... But over the last few years, I've grown to love it so much. My favorite thing about this city is probably my neighborhood. I live off Henderson around the M-streets & Greenville Ave. If you don't know this area, you need to! I love all the independent shops, restaurants, and the people. My favorite store in Dallas (this is a tough one) is probably The Gypsy Wagon. Aside from having amazing stuff, it's also within walking distance to my house (that can be a bad thing for my wallet!) My favorite coffee shop/drink stop is definitely Pearl Cup. My favorite restaurant at the moment is Bankok City. They've got the best thai food around!

Describe your creative personality in three words.
I think the phrase "work in progress" could describe my creative personality pretty well. It seems I'm never quite finished with something whether it be my website design, a new pillow idea, or the layout of my living room furniture. At times, I wish my creative brain had an "on/off" switch, haha. 

Thank you so much, Kelly!

Visit Kelly around the web:

Member Spotlight: The Pig And The Peacock

What a way to start the week off fresh! Today we're talking with Sabrina and Jenny Abney of The Pig and The Peacock, who make incredibly amazing bath and body products. (So fresh and so clean, clean!)

Etsy Dallas: When did you start your shop, and how/why did you get started?

The Pig and the Peacock: We started in March of 2008 making bath salts and gift baskets for our friends. It quickly snowballed into so much more!

ED: What kinds of products do you sell? What materials do you work with?

PP: We sell bath and body products and candles. We make soap, lotion, body polish, body mist, body whip, bath salts and lotion bars. We use shea butter, olive oil, jojoba and other skin loving ingredients. For our candles we use 100% soy wax.

ED: Any new additions to your shop?

PP: We recently listed a new line of soaps, The Chakra Soap Collection! We are very excited about it. Each soap is made in the color representing each chakra, and we have custom blended scents for all of the soaps to help you connect to and balance your chakras.

ED: What inspires you? Where/when do you work on making products for your shop?

PP: Travel and design inspire us most. We often try to tie scents to places we have traveled to, like lavender and oranges from Italy, teak in Thailand, and wine from California. Design also sparks a lot of creativity for us, we will often see something we love and try to figure out how we can translate those design ideas into soap. Not only does this challenge us creatively, but also technically as some ideas can be really hard to translate to soap!

ED: So tell us about yourselves...

PP/Sabrina: I live downtown and love it! My boyfriend and I have a very spoiled lab/rottie mutt and I love him like my child. My day job is Manager of Planning and Allocations for a national retailer. Jenny lives in N Dallas, and she is VP of a commercial fan company. We are sisters (if I hadn't mentioned) and have lived in Dallas most our lives. Jenny was born in Vietnam and lived overseas for some time. Growing up we split our time between Dallas and our family farm in GA, where the inspiration for our shop name came from. We also both ice skate competitively, it's probably the coolest (literally!) hobby we have!

Find some of The Pig And The Peacock's products locally at the
Abundance Boutique at Move Studio and at the Mapleshade Spa, and of course in their etsy shop!

Member Spotlight: The Ruffly Owl

Get ready to fall in love! Today we're talking with Dacia Sigler of The Ruffly Owl. Dacia makes the cutest papergoods - I love her clean, simple aesthetic and inventive use of materials (garland made from hearts cut from a map of Paris? Yes, please!!)

Etsy Dallas: So Dacia, what inspired you to start selling your awesome papergoods?

Dacia Sigler: I started my shop in June 2010 after spending the previous 1-2 yrs planning my wedding. I DIY'ed most of the paper goods and basically fell in love with crafting, paper, and typography.

ED: What kind of items do you sell, and what materials do you work with?

DS: I sell an assortment of tags that can be used for embellishing gifts, favors, scrapbooking, etc. I work with card stock, envelopes kraft, stamps, ink, twine, bakers twine, stickers, paper punches, printer, illustrator and photoshop...

ED: What inspires you?

DS: All things pretty and whimsical inspire me. The unexpected and smallest of details is what fascinates me and inspires me to make what I do. I work from my little circa 1940's desk in our downtown apartment at all hours of the day, night, and morning. My wheels are CONSTANTLY spinning and I'm always dreaming up new products.

ED: Tell us a little about yourself...

DS: I live in Downtown Dallas with my husband Art, and two dog-children Emma and Hiro. My hobbies (besides crafting and being creative) are going to antique stores, vintage stores, thrift stores looking for my next find, and watching movies. I have two other jobs: substitute teaching for DISD and medical billing for a co. based out of Florida (been working for them for almost 10 years!). I moved to Dallas from Ft. Lauderdale 2 years ago to be with my fiance then, husband now. We had a long distance relationship for a year before that.

You can find Dacia's work and contact info here. Happy shopping! (PS - she is always willing to do custom work!)

Member Spotlight: Signifying Not

Magical, creepy, beautiful and mysterious: those are the words that pop into my mind when I look at the amazing work of Signifying Not. Summer's gorgeous illustrations are not only available as prints, but t-shirts, accessories and cool gifts. Read on as Summer Ortiz answers a few of our questions...

ED: How did you get started selling your art?

SO: I had taught myself to screen print and had been making shirts for myself and friends since high school. People had been encouraging me for years to sell the shirts, but I never took their advice until last January when I had a little bit of extra cash and took the plunge into running my own business.

ED: What kind of products do you sell, and what materials do you work with?

SO: Clothing, prints, magnets, plush creatures, really anything we have the time and imagination to create. Work with all kinds of materials, but mainly tees and paper.

ED: What are your future plans for Signifying Not?

SO: We are always expanding and creating new things, but this year I am hoping to have some new tee designs and think of some new ways to display our designs - more prints, bags, etc. We are also looking to expand and sell our wares in more shops around Dallas and possibly elsewhere.

ED: What are you most inspired by?

SO: I am inspired by all things weird/odd/strange - Victorian traditions and fashion, unusual historical figures and events, wunderkammers, fairy tales (original versions), literature, vintage illustrations and prints.

Summer lives in North Deep Ellum with a chihuahua named Oliver, and works as a designer for the Texas Woman's University. You can find her products on Etsy as well as Dolly Python.

Member Spotlight: Karma Crochet

Patricia of Karma Crochet is one of the most prolific crafters you'll ever meet... just check out the amount of items up for sale in her etsy shop! From cozy blankets and scarves, to jewelry, notepads and magnets, Patricia offers something for everyone.

She says she's been knitting and crocheting for as long as she can remember, and began selling what she was already making in 2008. Not only is she an avid crafter, she also works full time as a tech and support manager. After her her work day is over, she heads home to start her crafting. Patricia says, "My cat , Sam appreciates that I stay home and provide him with hours of entertainment with the supplies. Sam loves to play with my measuring tape. He thinks he's helping me!"

Find lots more of Patricia's unique handmade goods online at, as well as at the Trinity Audubon Center. Happy shopping!

DIY on a Dime: BUTTER Gets Re-purposed

Laura Davis of BUTTER is not just my fellow Etsy Dallas member, she's a friend and neighbor.

I love stopping by her house because I'm always sure to see something new she's made with the materials she finds around her. "I try to do everything I can with repurposed materials," says the furniture designer by day, home accessories designer by night (and SCAD alumna, to boot).

"I'm an absolute junkie for thrift stores and estate sales, and I often use my lunch breaks to pop in the thrift stores around my work. My favorite finds = old furniture on the side of the road! You can make some pretty sweet stuff for free." Some of the things Laura makes:
  • clocks from old saw blades
  • lights from old baskets
  • tote bags from fabric samples
  • furniture re-upholstery with vintage/found fabrics
  • napkins from upcycled linens
  • decorative trays from old cafeteria trays

This creative lady is serious about repurposing old materials. She tells me, "I'm trying to be very thoughtful about what I toss out, as well... my fabric scraps either go to teamies [like me!] who could use them, or if small enough (like serger scraps) go to stuffing for plush toys for my nieces." Laura confesses she "almost borderline hoarder" which I can totally relate to.

When she isn't scavenging furniture parts or piling up 6 feet of fabric samples in her office, Laura like to read about repurposing in the crafting age. Some of her recommended reading includes Tossed and Found and Remake It Home.

Visit Laura's online shop to see more of her great repurposed designs: And if you see her at the thrift store, be sure to say Hi!

posted by Stephanie/tefi

Member Spotlight: Red Tile Studio

Talk about talent running in the family! Mother and daughter duo Red Tile Studio work together to create beautiful art and home decor. Darleen is an artist, and her daughter Amber is a designer/photographer. Their collaboration results in amazing collectible art blocks, as well as original paintings, prints, and custom dog portraits.

I would love to see a whole wall of their art blocks in my home! Many of their pieces are designed to coordinate, and you can purchase them in sets for an instant gallery of your own. As you can tell, they have a shared love of nature and modern design, and an incredible sense of color.

One of my favorites in their etsy shop is their custom dog portraits... how cute is this little fellow! They both have chihuahuas - Amber has three (Sophie, Milla, and Audrey) and Darleen has one (Jack.) You can send them a snapshot or two of your little furry friend and they will create a custom portrait for you.

In addition to painted art blocks, they also create photo blocks featuring modern objects and unique compositions... swoon!

Check out more of Red Tile Studio's work at their Etsy shop, and find out what they are up to on facebook, twitter, pinterest or flickr!

Get Cozy with childsPLAYdesign!

Well, talk about perfect timing… just when a cold front hits that makes us want to curl up with a cozy quilt, we feature Laura Childs of childsPLAYdesign! She can make everything from quilted throws and plush pillows to cute retro inspired aprons.

So how did Laura get started? “A little over a year ago after a long retail career, I decided to go into business for myself. I call myself a repurposed hippie because my first job out of college (where I was a modern dance major) was at a local mom & pop crafts supply shop. I taught needlepoint & macramé & learning weaving, eventually going into business with the weaving instructor. Unfortunately that didn't pay the bills. Skip to present day & thanks to a past wonderful home ec teacher (do they still even teach that in high school any more?) & an inspiring quilt teacher, I am pursuing the fun of sewing. My purpose for crafts has been reborn!” We sure are glad you returned to the craft world, Laura!

Like her shop name implies, she focuses on fun, playful, and bright colors and patterns in her work. When asked about what inspires her, she states “I am constantly ripping pages out of magazines or catalogs that have interesting shapes and/or colors. I take my little digital camera with me on my daily walks with my dogs & am constantly taking environmental shots that I see can be reinterpreted with fabric somehow.”

She currently lives in Farmers Branch with two dogs (she spreads her love of dogs with donations to Best Friends Animal Shelter in Utah) and an enviable collection of fabric… I would love to raid her closets! You will see her focusing more on quilted items and art quilts in the future.

Catch childsPLAYdesign at the upcoming Spring Bash and online at (free shipping to the continental US!)

Tefi: The Definition of Awesome!

Up next in our member spotlight series is the founder of Etsy Dallas: Stephanie Hindall of Tefi! And let me tell you, she is one cool chick. She started out selling her handmade jewelry to friends and family, and in June of 2006 she opened her Etsy shop to reach a broader audience. “I was also too scared at that point to sell at shows, so I thought putting my stuff out there behind the safety of a computer screen would ease me into selling my handmade goods,” says Stephanie. Well, I’d say she got over that fear – in September 2007 she started Etsy Dallas to create an active craft community, which has become one of the most prominent teams within Etsy!

Not only are the products Stephanie makes absolutely to-die-for, but she really places an emphasis on unique, sustainable materials. “I work with rare, designer and vintage scraps of fabric that were destined to be thrown out. Repurposing them, I create new pretty things such as necklaces, hair clips, brooches and wall art. I also still do some beading with a focus on natural materials such as felted wool (I needle felt all my own beads), nuts and seeds my mom brought me back from the Colombian rainforest, and Ming dynasty pottery shards - broken pieces of old pottery repurposed into pendants.”

Stephanie is also an expert at infusing each item with its own unique personality… her necklaces will have you dreaming of Cabo, Japanese zen gardens, and everything in between. And while you are dreaming of your island in the sun, feel good knowing that a portion of all Tefi’s proceeds goes to local animal rescue groups.

Stephanie is an animal rescuer herself – her pup Oliver and cat Zoe both found a home with Tefi! She lives in Oak Cliff with absolutely adorable 2-year-old son Ian and supportive baby-daddy Jason. (One of the many awesome things about being her neighbor: Ian used to wear these shoes with squeakers in them, and every so often I’d hear a little squeak-squeak-squeak toddling up the street… still makes me giggle!) A professional grant writer and fundraiser, she does not know the meaning of the word ‘sleep,’ but in her limited amount of free time enjoys watching BBC movies, writing, martial arts, and dancing to Kool + the Gang with Ian. Steph, can we make that happen at the Spring Bash?

You can shop for your own Tefi originals online at, at her booth in Oak Cliff at Indie Genius, or at the upcoming Spring Bash.

twitter - @tefidesigns

Bee Things: Ink + Paper = Happy!

Starting off our new weekly series of member spotlights is Bee Things! I’ve always been a fan of their bright, happy prints and modern design sensibility, but when I started to learn more about them for this post, man, was I totally wowed!

Husband and wife team Shay Ometz and Jeff Barfoot started their shop back in 2007, turning their shared interest in illustration and screen-printing into more than just a hobby. They have a successful Etsy shop and product in several local and national stores, they have been featured in many publications and blogs, and – oh yeah – they both work full time! Jeff is a designer at RBMM and Shay is a photo art director at Fossil.

So what keeps them going? “We are inspired by each other and our surroundings. We create everyday, all day. When we get home from our day jobs we get the kids fed and to bed and then we collaborate on bee things,” says Shay. “It’s a wonderful creative outlet for us and we love working together as a team.”

Not only is their work full of creativity and color, but check out their Mid-Century Modern house in East Dallas! Oh, the bookcases…. and all the gorgeous prints…. be still my heart! Their home has been featured in ReadyMade Magazine, DHome, and design*sponge. They have two adorable boys, Calder, 4 and Milo, 2; as well as two weenie dogs Bumper and Juno.

Bee Things specializes in art prints, cards, tees, and snack/gift sacks and totes. They plan on adding printed tea towels and a new line of prints soon!

Want to get a ‘Bee Thing’ for yourself? Check out their etsy shop for prints, tees, snack sacks and even wallpaper for your iPad! My fave is the Weiner Dog limited edition print… heehee!

Bee Things is also going to be selling their wares at the Spring Bash – yippee! They also have items available at We Are 1976. Happy shopping!

Category Spotlight: Accessories

I love a great accessory! It can make an old sweater feel a little prettier, hide a bad hair day, and put some bling just about anywhere. A great accessory is something that can express something unique about you, or be a fun way to try a little bit of fad and fashion. Etsy Dallas is full of amazing artisans of almost any kind of accessory you can think of, and a few you probably couldn't even imagine. Check out these great Etsy Dallas members who fall in our Accessories category!

This yummy knit scarf by Karmacrochet is definitely on my list for fall.

These clips by LaAlicia are wonderful! I love upcycled items that are smart and adorable.

How about an accessory that can keep you warm AND make you look great? I'm in love with these ruffles by ModestAmbition.

What girl doesn't love a flower in her hair? I'm smitten with these adorable clips from SillaSoup.

I love adding some punch & personality with feather fascinators by Tara to the T.

I love a great owl! How about this adorable little pendant from Superchica?

With so many great options for accessories made by the members of Etsy Dallas, there are endless ways to express yourself fashionably!

by Megan of Harrilu

Category Spotlight: Edibles, Pets + Pottery

What do edibles, pets and pottery all have in common? A select few of Etsy Dallas' members make some awesome products in these categories, and you don't want to miss them!

Etsy Dallas has one lone member in the Pets category, but you won't be disappointed. Oh So Micro is oh-so-macro in style! As a cat owner, I've never considered clothing for my furry friends, not wanting to end up with bandages all over myself. But Emalie's cute outfits might just make me rethink the issue. Oh So Micro has über cute outfits for small dogs. There are so many, I can't focus on just a few. Oh so adorable!

On to the Etsy Dallas Edibles - but it's really more like drinkables! Downtown Roasters is run by Thomas Horton straight out of his coffee shop in Arlington (Coffeehaus Downtown). Now I'm not a coffee drinker myself (I know, call me weird), but I do love the smell. I have had a mean cup of tea at the Coffeehaus, so I'm going to call myself a semi-expert on the subject. Fair trade coffee beans roasted by hand = what's not to love? Choose from Colombian Dark Roast, Papua New Guinea, Caramel Creme, Dark Maple, Italian Roast, and more...smells great to me!

Now let's visit the pottery section of Etsy Dallas starring two talented potters! First up is Both Hands Studio by Lynn Wilkes Armstrong. I love this little mirror! It brings grandma's crochet doily into the modern era. The combination of the texture of the crochet pressed into the clay is perfect in my book, and lends a friendly note to both modern and traditional homes. And this vase by Both Hands Studio is so unusual, it stands alone. You won't even want to put flowers in it!

The other talented pottery member on our team, Jill Whitfield of Rimrock View Studio, makes clay items with a fresh look. I just love this cute little leaf pendant, and Jill's Ikebana vase is so unusual and lovely.

I hope you enjoyed this "tour" of Etsy Dallas members in the Edibles, Pets and Pottery categories! Check out our other talented members HERE.

by Rhonda of Color Box Design

Category Spotlight: Home Goods

It's official: Etsy Dallas is chock-full of local talent! Take a look at our members in the Home Goods category, and you'll see what I mean:

A new member to Etsy Dallas, David of Ferrochie uses the craft of woodworking to create gorgeous chandeliers, candle holders and accents like large chess pieces. Pawn to queen four!

Weapons of choice: wood lathe, scroll saw


And catch David selling his woodwork creations at local Scottish and gaelic festivals in the north Texas area.

Jane Joss
Sisters-in-law Alyssa and Joslyn craft gorgeous fabric leaf bundles and bouquets that put any Michael's silk floral arrangement to shame. Their look is fresh and inviting with a sharp attention to detail in every stitched leaf.

Weapons of choice: sewing machine, pinking shears


laura davis/design lab
Furniture designer by day, embroidery maven by night! Laura uses vintage fabric and objects to create gorgeously fresh home decor like pillows, lamps and cake stands. You're going to want to clear a spot on your couch for this pillow.

Weapons of choice: bandsaw, staple gun, sewing machine


Midnight Snack
If embroidered pillows made with vintage linens aren't your thing, how about a big juicy T-bone to rest your head on? If meat's not your thing, how about a huge donut? Yum.

Weapon of choice: upholstery needle + thread


One-Up Designs
Spruce up your walls - not with paint, not with paper - with a vinyl decal from One Up! The man behind the scenes, one James Partch, uses modern style to create a solution to boring surfaces everywhere - walls, laptops, even your face. Stick one up!

Weapon of choice: Illustrator


Check out a couple of pottery artists in our group - Both Hands Studio and Rimrock View Studio - who also make some gorgeous home decor. They will be featured in a separate "Pottery" category spotlight next month!

written by Stephanie Hindall, a.k.a. tefi

May Category Spotlight: Clothing

Growing up, I watched my mother make beautiful clothing. Tell her what you wanted and voila! She would whip it up. When my children were born I thought I would make cool, funky clothes for them. I bought some great fabric and set out to make a pair of pajama pants for my daughter. It wasn't pretty. It is very hard to put on a pair of pants when the waistband has been sewn shut. I have since decided to leave all things clothing to the experts. And believe me, there are plenty of experts on the Etsy Dallas team!

As a stay-at-home mom / theater teacher, my wardrobe is what can best be described as casual and comfortable. Thank goodness for the team's three "Clothing" crafters: Megan of Harrilu, Summer of Signifying Not Designs, and Dylan of Dowdy Studio. These guys make my dream of living in t-shirts and hoodies possible!

Since I hadn't clued any of these three in on my wardrobe dreams, I couldn't help but wonder: Why t-shirts?

Summer of Signifying Not said she started making t-shirts because she wanted to take the idea of fine art and make something usable with it. "I wanted to make art that could be lived in." Gotta love that!

Dylan Dowdy began screen-printing in late 2007 as something fun and art-related to do at home. The graphic artist spends time in his studio drawing and hand printing tees with the tunes turned up really loud, coffee flowing and loads of fun. "I enjoy the creative freedom I give to myself to do whatever I want each day. Nothing can beat that."

So, it looks like whatever the occasion, Etsy Dallas has your back - well that and your front, part of your arms - covered! (Had you left the job to me I can't gurrantee that would have been the case.)

written by Maggie of Maggie May I

Crafty Sidenote: Many of our Etsy Dallas members cross-categorize. For example, we have a lot of baby, kids and maternity clothing crafters who were spotlighted in March, and our own Tara to the T makes fabulous feather and steampunk accessories in addition to clothing. Every member will be spotlighted throughout the year in their primary category. Enjoy our spotlights and stay tuned to all the great things our members are making and designing!

April Category Spotlight: Art + Graphic Design

Continuing our blog series spotlighting our team member categories, I decided that I would present April’s topic of Art + Graphic Design by making a shopping list of my favorite picks.

Being in a group of talented people who make such unique and interesting art, it's difficult not to spend money I should be using to replenish my own supplies. So if I lived in my perfect world of endless money, these are the items I would purchase from the wonderfully creative Etsy Dallas members in the Art + Graphic Design category.

bee things: This husband and wife team makes adorable prints. The combination of their solid color design and the cute illustrations of things like monkeys and birds makes them almost impossible to resist.

What I Would Buy: Happy Groceries reusable tote
When I saw this grocery bag, it was love at first sight. There really isn’t anything about it that I don’t love. From far away it looks like a wonderful abstract pattern, but when you get up close you are rewarded with all the little details and the smiling faces on the little food.

Chet Art: Chet Phillips is an amazingly talented artist. His attention to detail and texture in his illustrations are so eye-catching.

What I Would Buy: Literary Pets trading cards
I love the product design for Chet Art’s Literary Pets trading cards. It feels like cheating picking this as one item, because you get not only this beautifully designed package, but 20 trading cards as well. Each card is a clever play on names of famous literary masters, not to mention the wonderful illustrations!

Noshii: Nosheen Iqbal makes jewelry and wall art by embroidering on wood. I love her use of combining the soft texture of floss (thread) with the harsher texture of wood. It makes for some beautiful contrasts.

What I Would Buy: Brolly Blues wall art
Of all the items in Noshii’s shop, I am fondest of “Brolly Blues.” It’s so simple but so appealing. This little umbrella embroidered into wood comes in a nice little shadow box. I think this would go perfectly above my workspace at home.

Pamela Michelle: Artist Pamela Jackson offers a variety of items within her shop. I love how everything she creates is colorful, yet delicate.

What I Would Buy: Foxy Fox art print
I have to admit that I have a fondness for foxes. But there is just something special about Pamela Michelle’s “Foxy Fox” print. I think he is just too cute and mischievous not to find a place on my wall!

Paper Fingers: Christina of Paper Fingers specializes in ink jet archival prints. I really enjoy their subtle color palette of greens, light blues, pinks, yellows, and browns. Any fan of typography will also be able to appreciate their ABC prints.

What I Would Buy: "L is for Library" print
It was hard to pick just one letter, but I finally decided on “L is for Library” due in no small part because of my fondness for books and the written word. This print would look awesome in a frame right above my jam-packed bookshelves!

Seen Studios: Another husband and wife team, Karl Green and Kathleen Heikes of Seen Studios are undeniably talented photographers. They have the ability to capture the soul of the unique places they visit.

What I Would Buy: Terlingua Cemetery photograph
Telingua Cemetery is my personal favorite of Seen Studio’s photographs. I love the texture of the stones and the little items you can see inside.

The Miscellany: Artist and teacher, Dianna Walsh, creates art prints that are so colorful and so full of personality. When you look at her gorgeous art prints you can’t help but love the characters within them.

What I Would Buy: I Still Love You print
I just love the “I Still Love You” print. The subject is so sad and something we can all relate to, but the colors are so bright and luscious that you can’t help but smile when you look at it.

And that's my Etsy Dallas Art + Graphic Design dream shopping list! Check out all of these artists at the upcoming 2nd Annual Spring Bash on May 1st at South Side on Lamar.

by Summer of Signifying Not

Category Spotlight: Baby, Kids and Maternity

I'm proud to present you with a new blog article that will come out each month spotlighting one of our team member categories. As a new mom (okay, newish - my son is over a year old), I jumped at the chance to shine a light on our members who make stylish and adorable handmade goods for babies, kids, and preggies. Check out the talent!

Amanda of Loop + Lil is new to our team, but she's no Bash newbie - we were fortunate to have her participate in last year's Jingle Bash! According to her Etsy profile, "Loop + Lil creates one-of-a-kind baby and toddler clothes as well as accessories for children and adults using vintage and vintage-inspired fabrics and simple, classic designs." Better yet, all items are crafted by hand right here in Dallas. My favorite are her little birdie mobiles.

Another team newbie, Dora of Mama Dee's Boutique decided to create boys' clothing when she was pregnant and unable to find a good selection. I have a boy toddler monster - I know what she means! Lucky for us moms with boys, Mama Dee's makes adorable baby clothing using the applique method. And you doesn't love an appliques octopus?

The newbie trend continues. Meredith of Mere Designs may be new to our team, but she is a talented graphic artist who's cultivated a beautiful online Etsy shop for almost two years. Meredith specializes in mobiles and prints perfect for any nursery needing a splash of color or touch of quality handmade. I love love love her paper mobiles.

You may recognize Margaret of Three Yellow Starfish. As a seasoned Etsy Dallas member, we have featured her adorable product photographs starring some of the most adorable babies I've ever seen. While the babies may be the center of these photos, her pinafores and bloomers are the stars. Made with quality designer fabric, Margaret sews some of the best robot pants my son, Ian, has ever seen!

Stephanie of XY Factory makes rockin' maternity clothes featuring latino-inspired motifs like La Loteria images and Day of the Dead skulls. Who says being pregnant means being reduced to wearing kaftans and Snuggies? Rock that bump out with some of Stephanie's designs!

Pictured above #1: paper mobile by Mere Designs, girl's top by Loop + Lil, and bloomers by Three Yellow Starfish

Pictured above #2: t-shirt by Loop + Lil, baby onesie by Mama Dee's Boutique, and maternity top by XY Factory

Article written by Stephanie of Tefi Designs

Member Spotlight: design roots

Heather Bloem is the graphic designer behind design roots, a print design shop that was born from a background in landscape architecture and a love for graphic design. The artist believes that "inspired design is the product of a creative eye and an expressive imagination." I couldn't agree more! I love all of her designs, but I have my eye on this sweet little bird cage Thank You card, pictured below.

And who can resist this parade of elephants on a set of personalized note cards?

Not only is Heather passionate about graphic design, she has a big heart. As part of a charity raffle benefitting Attitudes & Attire, Heather donated a pack of her notecards for Best of Texas' upcoming What Not to Wear viewing party. Hmmm, perhaps they should send her a sweet little bird cage Thank You card?

Visit her Etsy shop and web site today. Heather offers a discount on large quanity orders and is eager to custom design something for you.

by Stephanie of Tefi Designs