Golden Summer

Oh Texas summer, your breath beats upon the backs of our necks like a bull chasing a rodeo clown, we run for our lives in concentric circles with no escape in sight. But wait, what's this? A shining beacon of hope…bright, golden, and handmade, here to save us from the most certain of deaths… with style, and grace. Thank the good artists of Etsy Dallas, our heroes!

Enjoy the cool breeze of your lovely central air and listen to some favorite tunes while you lounge on this silkscreened pillow by Butter Design Lab.

While you're there taking a break with Butter, you might as well do a little light summer reading, which can only be accompanied by Haute Hardware's librarian chic eyeglasses necklace.

Now that you've had a nice relaxing afternoon indoors and safe from the oppressive Texas sun, its time to pack your bags and take a summer holiday (in style, of course) Jenni20's nautical striped passport cover is most definitely the coolest way to travel. 

Don't leave your friends behind on your style adventures! Send your bestest a little shiny package of magical thinking from Paper Beats Rock.

Posted by Christina of Paperfingers.

Daily Discovery: Big Ideas for Little Ones-Rockets and Robots

(This was submitted by meredesigns - thanks, Meredith!!)

Who didn’t dream of having a personal robot to clean your room, make your breakfast or hold the other end of the jump rope for you? Robots and space themes are white hot for nurseries and children’s rooms right now, and Etsy Dallas Spring Bash vendors give you several ways to add geek chic to your little one’s room.

You love your little one right up to the moon and back – so show him how to get to the moon with this bold and playful alphabet print. Available in brown and deep blue or brown and purple, it measures 11” x 8.5” and looks great matted in a 14” x 11” frame.

Regal Cottage
Robots and planets and space ships, oh my! Your little ‘bot is sure to love tossing, kicking and catching these as he or she learns important motor skills – and you can feel confident that the certified organic fabrics and fluffy chenille won’t hurt one bit. This is a set of three balls: 5”, 7” and 9” diameters.

Bike Clock - $38
The only thing cooler than a robot is the stuff on the inside that makes it tick! Gears are the perfect accessories for robot- and space-themed rooms, and every room needs a great clock. ReGEARED offers dozens of cool bike clocks made from upcycled bicycle chain rings in a rainbow of bold colors.

The Pig and the Peacock
The Robots from Space soaps have landed and they want you to take them to your leader. . . or your shower. OK, these are not for your little ones, but wouldn’t these 2½” glycerin soaps make the perfect baby shower or birthday party favors? Pick your favorite color and any scent from The Pig and the Peacock’s shop.

mere designs
Your babe can imagine the bleeps and blips that these robots, gears and space-inspired globes would make as the images twirl above him or her. These mobiles feature ten ornaments that add color and bold prints to your nursery. Each one is hand made and can be customized to fit your room’s color or design scheme.

Whether used to defend the planet from an alien invasion or to toast an imaginary marshmallow, this will be sure to get a few laughs when friends see your armed baby. The 6" crochet raygun has a classic, sleek design, complete with fin and trigger. Made out of 100% acrylic yarn and premium polyester fiberfill, there are no hard or removable parts, so it's completely safe for space cadets of any age.

38 Stitches
Why limit your theme to the bedroom? Show off your geek chic at mealtime, too, with this funky robot bib. On one side, see orange, yellow, green and blue robots on a dark chocolate brown background; on the back, plush teal minky fabric that is soft against baby’s skin.

Daily Discovery: Sunshine Inspired Happiness

The 4th Annual Etsy Dallas Spring Bash is just a few weeks away! We're beyond excited to share a few of our members' products that have us in the mood for some springy sunshine. Be sure to join us on May 5th to see these sellers and many many more!

1. Small Bicycle Necklace, by Maggie May I 
2. Hand Carved Poster - Good Day, by Honeycomb Print Shop 
3. Cherry Dot Bloomers, by Three Yellow Starfish 
6. Hello Day - 8.5x11 print, by Dowdy Studio 
7. Handmade Shea Butter Soap - Lavendar Mint, by The Pig and the Peacock 
8. E is for Egg Alphabet Art Print, by Paperfingers 
9. Red Iridescent Dragonfly Pendant, by Kessler Craftsman 

This sunshine inspired happiness brought to you today by Christina from Paperfingers.