Sponsor Spotlight: FotoFuze

Have you heard of this magical site called FotoFuze?  If you are an etsy seller, it is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.  It enhances your photos to look professionally shot by removing the background and improving the 

You can simply sign up using your etsy login and it connects automatically to your shop so that you can create and renew listings, update existing listings and more directly from  Seriously, it's magic.   You know what else?  It's free.  Yes, FREE!

Want to see just how magical and easy it is?  Here we go...

Step one:  choose a listing from your etsy shop.

Step two:  select a photo you would like to enhance.

Step three: use the highlighter tool to highlight the item and it's shadows.

Step four: watch the magic happen, then hit publish to update your listing in your shop and admire your suddenly-pro photography!

Not only can FotoFuze improve your photos, there are tools for making listing new items easier like signatures, and amazing new features in the works such as automatic sale adjustments!  The FotoFuze team always has new things cookin'.

Check them out on twitterfacebook, their blog and in etsy apps!

Sponsor Spotlight: FotoFuze

We are are happy to welcome back FotoFuze as a Spring Bash sponsor this year. FotoFuze is a free online photo enhancement service for product photography that is easy to use and uhh FREE! It doesn't get better than free my friends. Many Etsy artists use FotoFuze to clean up their images and give it a crisp white background that make those items pop!

Check out some samples from their site:

And give it a whirl for yourself here for free!

Thank you FotoFuze!