Saying Goodbye to a Creative Force and Friend: Patricia

It is with a sad heart that we share the news with you that a dedicated and beloved team member, Patricia passed away on January 23 following a long battle with cancer. Her creativity and kindness will be greatly missed. Back in early 2008 when Etsy Dallas was just getting its legs, Patricia of Karmacrochet joined the team. She jumped in with enthusiasm, never hesitating to offer help and advice, and always a little humor. Please join us in remembering Patricia:
Patricia in Advocate Magazine, image credit: Can Turkyilmaz

Patricia and Stephanie at the 2010 Etsy Birthday Party

“I'll always remember one Jingle Bash when a client wrecked her display (think items everywhere, a collapsed garment rack, the works) and Patricia just shrugged and laughed a big booming laugh...and efficiently went about setting it to rights without making the client or the rest of us feel awkward or in the way. It seems to me that's how she handled most things, with a laugh and a shrug that said things could be worse.” Jenni of Jenni20 Designs

“I remember being a newbie to the group years ago and going to my first Etsy Dallas meeting where I didn't know a single person. Patricia and I chatted for a while about this and that, and out of the blue she said, ‘I can tell you have a good heart and a good mind.’ I don't know why she said what she did, maybe she sought to comfort my unease...or if it was just Yoda-like encouragement. What I do know is that she was a big part in how I got comfortable here. I will miss her raspy laugh, her crazy accent and her presence.” Silla of sillasoup

“I remember meeting Patricia before we joined Etsy Dallas at our first ever show. We were a hot mess, and she took us under her wing and helped us make heads and tails of how to do a show. She even went out of her way once to help us plan a visit to Buenos Aires a few years back, giving us names to her favorite restaurants and drawing us maps!” Sabrina and Jenny of The Pig and the Peacock

Image: from L to R Pam (Dowdy Studio), Morgan (Etsy Inc.), Stephanie (tefi), Anne (Modest Ambition), Patricia, Dylan (Dowdy Studio), Cheyne (Etsy Inc.), Maggie (maggie may i), Regina (Regal Cottage)

Patricia was more than a teammate. She was my friend. We did shows together, traveled together, lunched together and, above all, laughed together – a lot. Patricia was intensely creative. She designed all of her knitted and crocheted items, never using a pattern.

Patricia and Sam

Did you buy any of Patricia’s handmade items? Please share your memories and stories in the comments section. Help us pay tribute to an integral and unforgettable Etsy Dallas team member, creative force, and friend.

Stephanie of tefi
Etsy Dallas Founder

More Treats to Beat the Heat

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6. Organic Baby Onesie by thepapernestco
7. Peaceful 8x10 Print by themiscellany
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9. Green Glasses Passport Cover by Jenni20

It seems the heat is here to stay for awhile, so Anna from For the Love of Joy found us some more cool picks to help us beat the heat. Enjoy!

Meet the Pets of Etsy Dallas

On top of a love for all things handmade, Etsy Dallas loves pets! They are our best friends, the love of our lives, and for some Etsy Dallas members, they make the best models!

Meet Leia, a two year old yorkie, who is the most adorable little model for DC Imaginations Chau Ly. Leia likes to spend her summers hanging with her favorite ducky toy and sleeping. While she is afraid of the vacuum, she likes to bully the other dog in the house, by stealing his food and chasing him in the yard!

Another dog model is Olive, part of a dog and cat trio at Maria Day's house. Olive and her brother Sammy are both chocolate labs and have been on billboards with local radio personalities-in fact; Olive loves the camera and loves to be in photo shoots!

The two love to play with their feline friend, Wasabi who was rescued by Maria when only a few hours old. Sammy was also rescued by Maria, who found him walking the city streets (hooray for rescues). When these three aren't running around the house like crazy entertaining their parents, perhaps Maria should stop feeding them popcorn, which she says is like crack for them!

Dacia of The Ruffly Owl has two talented pups, Emma and Hiro, both rat terriers. These two mischievous pups love treats and have been known to help themselves to stuff on the counter. They thought that they were teaming up to climb up to the high counter, but as it turns out, they are quite the high jumpers!

Another special talent? They roll over and play dead when you say "bang"! How cool are they?

A lot of our Etsy Dallas members have rescued their four legged friends. Stefanie, of Tefi, is a lifelong animal advocate and has rescued many a furry friend. Most have gone on to find forever homes with others, but a few stole her heart. The first rescue that became a permanent family member was George, a little white kitty she smuggled into her UT Austin dorm in 1994.

Then, when Stephanie started volunteering at Operation Kindness, a no-kill animal shelter, she walked a little white fur ball named Oliver. When Oliver became ill, she took him home and nursed him back to health, and the rest is history.

Lastly, to round out her fur family, is a kitty, Zoe, that she saved in the "snowpocalypse" this past March. Zoe loves to play with Stephanie's son Ian, so even though she is allergic to cats, it's all worth it.

Operation Kindness is also where Etsy Dallas member Laura Childs, of childsPLAYdesign, adopted her two rescue dogs, Jess-a hound dog, and Daisy an English pointer.

Jess, who is 12, loves to sleep the day away, while younger sister Daisy (11) scans the yard, patrolling for squirrels. She is actually so good at catching squirrels, that she proudly brings them back to Laura, who now has special "squirrel disposal" gloves (ick)!

Jess's favorite treat is ice cubes, which is perfect for beating the summer heat, but he will eat pretty much anything (including Daisy's squirrels), which is why Laura describes them as the fat one and the fast one!

Another rescued pup is Opie, a 10 year old lab rottie mix, who also likes to chase squirrels (although he finds opossums much easier to catch). He was found near downtown Dallas, tangled up in a fence when he was a puppy. Once he looked up with those big puppy eyes, Sabrina, of The Pig and the Peacock, was in love (even though she is allergic to dogs).

Although he used to be afraid of the water, he finally found his water legs (the lab in him) and now it is impossible to get him out of the water, especially in the summertime. There was even a time that he swam so far into White Rock Lake, Sabrina was sure they would have to swim out to rescue him.

Another dog in the Pig and Peacock family is Jenny's dog Buddy, an English lab, who was best buds with Opie. The pair went on camping trips, hiking, and weekends to the lake house together with the family.

Etsy Dallas also has its fair share of feline fur babies. Cats, true to form, are quite opinionated, and these kitties are no different.

Twelve year old Sam, a Bengal cat, is very vocal. Anytime owner Patricia, of Karmacrochet, says "No" to him, he is sure to tell her how he feels about that. He is also quite the cat "alarm", not only does he wake Patricia up when he hears the alarm clock, he has also alerted her when an electrical fire broke out in the middle of the night!

Another Etsy Dallas kitty is Zena, a Siamese mix. Also an alarm clock, she has decided that mom Bonnie, of BonnyBeads, no longer needs her beauty sleep on the weekends, and nips at her until she wakes. Ouch!

Xena, true to her warrior princess namesake, puts up a good fight when it is time to go to the vet. It has take Bonnie over 30 minutes (and quite a few Band-Aids) to get Xena in her sherpa bag for the vet. So if anyone knows of any house call vets, send their names her way.

Member Spotlight: Karma Crochet

Patricia of Karma Crochet is one of the most prolific crafters you'll ever meet... just check out the amount of items up for sale in her etsy shop! From cozy blankets and scarves, to jewelry, notepads and magnets, Patricia offers something for everyone.

She says she's been knitting and crocheting for as long as she can remember, and began selling what she was already making in 2008. Not only is she an avid crafter, she also works full time as a tech and support manager. After her her work day is over, she heads home to start her crafting. Patricia says, "My cat , Sam appreciates that I stay home and provide him with hours of entertainment with the supplies. Sam loves to play with my measuring tape. He thinks he's helping me!"

Find lots more of Patricia's unique handmade goods online at karmacrochet.etsy.com, as well as at the Trinity Audubon Center. Happy shopping!

We Have a Winner!

Mega super duper sweet congrats to Hannah from Fort Worth, Texas! She is the winner of the Etsy Dallas 2nd Birthday giveaway, organized by Patricia of Karmacrochet.

Hannah commented that her favorite items were the beautiful crochet designs by giveaway participant Anne of Modest Ambition. Anne donated two crocheted button pins to the big basket of goodies.

Hannah will receive everything listed HERE. What a lucky gal!

posted by Stephanie of Tefi Designs