Halloween Playlist

Only one week until Halloween, folks, better liven up your playlist! We chose a few creepy favorites to share that may not feel as played out as MJ's "Thriller."  Click here to listen on Spotify. Enjoy!


1. Tarantula - Bob Schneider

2.  Wolves Without Teeth - Of Monsters and Men

3. Zombie - The Cranberries

4.  Every Breath You Take - The Police

5.  Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

6.  Someone's Watching Me - Rockwell

7.  This is Halloween - The Nightmare Before Christmas

8.  Tainted Love - Soft Cell

9.  Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine

10. I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow

11. Season of the Witch - Donovan

12. The Reaper - Blue Oÿster Cult

13. I Put A Spell On You - Annie Lennox

Shop Spotlight: Lawless Souls

 Hello, again, and welcome back to our weekly installment of our Shop Spotlight Series! This week, we're featuring another new member, Lawless Souls. Nickie Feddersen and Desiree Reid create fun and cute clothing for women featuring music lyrics.

Let's get started!

What year did you open your shop? 2014
What is your shop's motto? Live in the Lyrics

What is your favorite item that you sell? Women's vintage-inspired clothing that is inspired by music.
Fun fact about you: We met in college at Oklahoma State in 1996.

How did you get started? Lawless Souls was born out of a late-night phone conversation of us talking about how many unwearable concert tee shirts we own because they are all ill-fitting and ugly! We set out to create a way for women and girls to express themselves and still look amazing.

Anything else we should know? We both LOVE and are inspired by vintage items - be it clothing, jewelry, or furniture. We are inspired by the same "vintage" music!

Thanks, ladies! Your stuff is really, really great!

To learn more about Lawless Souls, you can check them out on their other sites: Web // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest // Instagram


Magnolia Tree Paperie's studio playlist

Hello there! My name is Taylor Beam and I am the one behind Magnolia Tree Paperie.

There are a few big things that inspire me: traveling, conversation and music. All of them have a special way of finding their way into my work, but today we’re talking music. One of my favorite things about listening to a variety of artists is hearing their different style. Being an artist myself, it is always so encouraging and inspiring to see and hear how other creatives are expressing and executing new ideas and new creations.

So to share this love, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite studio tunes for you guys. Some of these songs are new. Some of them have been inspiring me for years. I hope you all enjoy! Check it out on Spotify here or click on the playlist above to give the list a listen.

With love,

Some Time Summertime

Hey there. I’m Miranda and this is my first Etsy Dallas Blog post. Hooray! My shop, Emm8Apparel, sells contemporary clothing that takes classic silhouettes and adds a little rock and roll. 

I built a playlist around the theme of running away and I listen to it in the studio. It keeps me totally pumped, inspired and focused on what I’m creating.

The theme of my summer collection is Running Away. I was really captured by a song on My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys called Summertime. It’s about two people running away from brutal enemies in a post-apocalyptic California. Or more generally, and for my own purposes, it’s about two people leaving their problems behind in search of a better life elsewhere.

Here's my playlist:

My Chemical Romance- Summertime
Arcade Fire- Keep the Car Running
Something Corporate- Woke Up In A Car
Sarah Jaffe- Clementine
Milo Green- 1957
The Killers- Runaway
Passion Pit- Take a Walk
Frank Sinatra- Come Fly With Me


Etsy Dallas Artist Playlist Spotlight

Hi everyone! This is Meredith from Sheepish Knitting & Crochet. I spoke with Summer of Signifying Not about what she likes to listen to when she is feeling inspired, or is searching for inspiration. Enjoy getting a glimpse into Summer's creative process!

M: What kind of music do you listen to when you create? Don't listen to music? TV Shows? Movies?

S: I really like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts when I am creating. I listen to episodes of This American Life and podcasts about illustration and art like Big Illustration Party Time and Escape from Illustration Island. When I do listen to music, it depends on my mood, but I really love indie, folk, and instrumental.

M: Do certain genres of music affect your creative process?

S: Yes, I feel more inspired by music that has a literal or implied story or vivid imagery.

M: How does music fit into your creative routine?

S: Sometimes I use music as a well to break out of a creative block. I prefer to listen to music during the idea/brainstorming stage and podcasts during the actual creation of the work. Usually I am not planning to come up with an idea, but when I am listening to a really good song, something just comes to me.

M: Name some of your favorite artists/bands.

S: I've gotten really into British folk scene recently - Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons, Johnny Flynn. I also love The Decemberists, Tegan and Sara, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine

(Pictured in Collage - Mumford and Sons, Tegan and Sara, Sufjan Stevens, and Iron & Wine)

M: Thank you so much for sharing Summer! Now it's time to turn up some tunes and get back to being crafty! ;-)