Halloween Playlist

Only one week until Halloween, folks, better liven up your playlist! We chose a few creepy favorites to share that may not feel as played out as MJ's "Thriller."  Click here to listen on Spotify. Enjoy!


1. Tarantula - Bob Schneider

2.  Wolves Without Teeth - Of Monsters and Men

3. Zombie - The Cranberries

4.  Every Breath You Take - The Police

5.  Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

6.  Someone's Watching Me - Rockwell

7.  This is Halloween - The Nightmare Before Christmas

8.  Tainted Love - Soft Cell

9.  Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine

10. I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow

11. Season of the Witch - Donovan

12. The Reaper - Blue Oÿster Cult

13. I Put A Spell On You - Annie Lennox

Yony's playlist helps us ring in the Jingle Bash

The Jingle Bash is indoors this year so don't worry about this wintry weather ruining your holiday shopping. We don't know about you, but this weather has us thinking thoughts of twinkling lights and hot cocoa. Etsy Dallas' social media expert, Yony, put together a Christmassy playlist to share. We think you're going to enjoy it.

We also had a little Q&A session with Yony about the season...

Q: What is your favorite thing about the holiday season?
A: Firstly, I love the cold. Secondly, I love everything else about the holidays. Everything else begins and ends with family and loved ones.

Q: Do you have any special traditions?
A: I love Christmas ornaments and have bought an ornament on every trip I have taken since geting married in 1996. Since having children, I have bought ornaments for them each year so that when they get married, they will each have a set of ornaments to take with them that have been with them since they were born.

Q: Have you started holiday shopping?
A: Yes, I actually started my shopping in September when I used a coupon code to get a great deal on a custom portrait drawing by Rob Polivka on Etsy. It's a gift for my daughter. That's it, though.

Q: How did you choose the songs for your playlist?
A: It wasn't that difficult to choose the songs for this playlist because I just threw in what I thought would make a decent mix with a flow that made some sense. I like variety, as my music taste isn't so much "one trick pony," so you will hear a few different sounds. I think I was feeling kind of mellow when I made it.

This has been Yony's first year on our leadership team. We think she's awesome! She says the Jingle Bash is going to be awesome too. "I have to say that I had no idea how much work the leadership team put into the planning of these shows," she said. "They who have taken up the torch for the past few years are simply amazing and I feel, in a way, that this show will be that validation and fruition of all of the work that they have put into making Etsy Dallas what it is today."

Gather your friends and family Saturday, November 15, 2014, and come check out all the Jingle Bash has to offer. "It's just going to be a lot of fun," Yony said. We couldn't agree more!

Etsy Dallas Artist Playlist: The Ruffly Owl

Hi everyone! This is Meredith from Sheepish Knitting & Crochet! I asked Dacia from The Ruffly Owl what music she listens to when she is creating her beautiful paper goods...

What kind of music do you listen to when you create? Don't listen to music? TV Shows? Movies?
When I am working on a project in Illustrator, I tend not to listen to any music. My mind is totally focused on designing and tweaking so outside noise sometimes overstimulates me. When I'm crafting and punching tags, etc I like to either listen to John Mayer and the likes... it relaxes me. When I sew, I tend to listen to the early jazz station on pandora. Maybe the sewing reminds me of my Grandmother (who was an amazing seamstress) and feelings of nostalgia get stirred up. Something about sewing while Ella Fitzgerald sings makes my old soul happy. :) 

Do certain genres of music affect your creative process?
I don't think any particular genres affect my creative process. But Lady Gaga might distract me from creating because I'd likely jump up and start dancing if she comes on. I can't help it.

How does music fit into your creative routine? 
Sadly, music has gone by the wayside for me these days but when I know I'm going to be working on something for hours I like to go to Pandora and pick a station I'm in the mood for. Hmm... answering these questions is making me realize how much strain I put myself under when working. It's probably counter-productive for my creative side!

Name some of your favorite artists/bands.
Some of my favorite artists and bands are: Lady Gaga, Modest Mouse, Sarah Bareilles, Coldplay... 

Thank you so much Dacia! 

Etsy Dallas Artist Playlist Spotlight

Hi everyone! This is Meredith from Sheepish Knitting & Crochet. I spoke with Summer of Signifying Not about what she likes to listen to when she is feeling inspired, or is searching for inspiration. Enjoy getting a glimpse into Summer's creative process!

M: What kind of music do you listen to when you create? Don't listen to music? TV Shows? Movies?

S: I really like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts when I am creating. I listen to episodes of This American Life and podcasts about illustration and art like Big Illustration Party Time and Escape from Illustration Island. When I do listen to music, it depends on my mood, but I really love indie, folk, and instrumental.

M: Do certain genres of music affect your creative process?

S: Yes, I feel more inspired by music that has a literal or implied story or vivid imagery.

M: How does music fit into your creative routine?

S: Sometimes I use music as a well to break out of a creative block. I prefer to listen to music during the idea/brainstorming stage and podcasts during the actual creation of the work. Usually I am not planning to come up with an idea, but when I am listening to a really good song, something just comes to me.

M: Name some of your favorite artists/bands.

S: I've gotten really into British folk scene recently - Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons, Johnny Flynn. I also love The Decemberists, Tegan and Sara, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine

(Pictured in Collage - Mumford and Sons, Tegan and Sara, Sufjan Stevens, and Iron & Wine)

M: Thank you so much for sharing Summer! Now it's time to turn up some tunes and get back to being crafty! ;-)

From Podcasts to Pop Culture - A Playlist from Tefi Designs

Meredith from SheepishKnittingCrochet recently interviewed Stephanie from Tefi Designs in order to give us more insight into her creative process.

What kind of music do you listen to when you create?

At the risk of sounding incredibly un-hip, I usually have the TV on or am listening to my favorite NPR programs like Cartalk, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and Radio Lab.
I have a toddler; my "making stuff" time usually happens right after he's fallen asleep around 8:30 p.m. As a compulsive and proud multi-tasker, I pair up my creative time with my "story watching" time. Current favorites: Weeds, Psych, Law & Order: UK, and The Good Wife.
Do certain genres of music affect your creative process?

Grindcore pretty much makes my creative process wilt and the Blues make me want to poke out my eardrums. Otherwise, I dig all genres at some point or other.

How does music fit into your creative routine?

I usually listen to music when I'm sitting at the computer updating my web site, blogging, and writing press releases. Music basically factors into the part of my creative business that is less "creative" and more "business." (But as a professional writer, I would argue that writing is creative, so there you go.)

Name some of your favorite artists/bands.

Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura, The Smiths, Metallica (no, I'm not kidding), the bird and the bee, Grandaddy. Pretty much what I liked 10 years ago I still like today. I'm a loyal music fan - I don't normally stray and pretty much like everything my favorites make.
**NOTE: In the music collage, the bands pictured are Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura, The Smiths, and Metallica

Contrary to what I just said, I recently discovered Florence + The Machine and LOVE LOVE LOVE!!