The Bash Was a Smash!

Thank you Dallas shoppers for making the 2nd Annual Jingle Bash such an overwhelming success. The place was PACKED FULL for hours and hours and our jaws were collecting hitting the floor all day long. Big thanks to Cindy Chaffin of KERA's Art+ Seek for shooting this video of the Bash:

Bookmark the new (and soon to be majorly improved) official Bash web site at, and stay tuned as we work to plan the next show - Spring Bash 2010 - in a bigger and better venue!

Thank you Dallas!

Holy cow holy cow!! Our Bash shows were just voted as Dallas' "Best One-Stop Shop" in the coveted and uber popular Dallas Observer's Best Of annual issue. It's on stands today!!

This is a huge. mega. deal. Here's the write-up:

Sure—the online boutique community for crafters, jewelry designers, knitters, tailors, bookbinders, vintage sellers and collectors of everything—is a surefire way to kill an afternoon and build up a wish list, but an Etsy Dallas event is even better. Prices are great, the craftsmanship is fantastic, it feels good to support local crafters and you'll still cover everyone on any gift list you might have for the next two years. But the downside is you'll also empty your bank account with little to no effort without some preventive measures. We have a friend keep us from purchasing on the first lap through the show. We spend only cash (even if a booth takes cards). And we buy no more than we can carry on our own person. It's hard, but, well, you gotta leave something for the rest of the shoppers to look at. On the other hand, screw everyone else, retail therapy rocks! The Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash takes place November 21 at Sons of Hermann Hall. Sharp elbows stimulate the economy, people.

In case you're wondering, What the heck is the Bash?, let me fill you in. The Bash is the premier arts and crafts event in Dallas that we started back in 2008. The Bash is put on by Tefi Designs and Pamela Michelle, with support from the Etsy Dallas leadership team: Larry, Carrie, Cheyne, Alicia, Mandi, Dylan, and Randi.

This year's 2nd Annual Jingle Bash will take place at the historic (and somewhat David-Lynchian) Sons of Hermann Hall, November 21st (that's a Saturday) from 1am-7pm. More deets here.

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We Made Daily Candy (OMG)

Do you want to make a bunch of handmade crafters hyperventilate? It's easy. Just feature them in the Daily Candy Weekend Guide.


And not only did we make it in, but we are the FIRST item, and this includes a photo of the new unofficial Etsy Dallas mascot - an owl pin by member Silla Soup.

Are we bragging? Oh yes. Do we want to see you at the Bash this Saturday? You betcha.

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Press for the Bash

We were thrilled to see two articles about the upcoming 1st Annual Etsy Dallas Spring Bash!

Many thanks to Jenn Emerson for her article in Hello Dallas, which features Etsy Dallas members Designing Diva and Silla Soup, and guest vendor adaptive reUse who comes to the Bash all the way from Austin!

We also tip our crafty hats to Lyndsay Knecht Milne for her article in NBC DFW About Town, featuring Etsy Dallas member Scribble Scrabble and Tefi Designs, and guest vendor Laura Davis Design Lab.

Thank you, lady scribes! We love the support of the Dallas area media. To read more press the team has received, go HERE.

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Early Press for the Jingle Bash

Thank you Pegasus News and UnFair Park for featuring the 1st Annual Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash. You guys rock!

Click here to read the post.

Click here to read the post.

Thanks also go out the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau and Hello Dallas for including us in their list of "must do" events. We'd love to have out-of-towners stop by the Bash and support Dallas artists and crafters!

Etsy Dallas in Quick DFW!

Woo Woo! Go team Etsy Dallas and your fabulous celeb-status!!

Did you see that our very own Tefi Designs and B.Licious were featured in this week's Quick!!

We're gonna have to get these girls private dressing rooms at the Beer-B-Q to give them a safe haven from the press and paparazzi!!! Practice your autographs girlies!!! Congrats!

If you didn't grab your own copy of Quick, check out the online version here.

by Pamela Michelle

Pegasus Picks the Beer-B-Q

The fine folks over at Pegasus News have made our day. Not only did they give us a mention in their "What To Do this Weekend" newsletter block, they have deemed our 1st Annual Beer-B-Q event listing "pick-worthy." Rockin'!

And, you'll notice something else - Pegasus News staff have favorited* our event as well! Thanks to our new favorite favorites:

Mike Orren - President
Catherine Cuellar - Managing Editor
Jeremy Dunck - Cheif Technology Officer
David Gouldin - Software Developer

Thanks you guys! Come by this Sunday and have a beer + burger on us.

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*Ah, the verbing of nouns...