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Sponsor Spotlight: Regal Cottage

Insider tip, if you are responsible for buying a gift for a child, look no further than Regal Cottage.

Now, I know, we’re a bit biased here at Etsy Dallas headquarters because Regina is one of our own, but even if we were blindfolded, we’d still pick out her plushies. Because they’re just so soft! Plus, we can tell cool vintage fabrics, organic cottons, and eco-felt from thirty paces.

Regal Cottage’s toys are at once classic and modern. From her signature plush Russian nesting dolls and fabric rattle balls to ninjas and fluffy little clouds, Regina has lovingly handcrafted something perfect for your sweet little one. (And she’s an expert on little ones—she has four!)

Now that The Jingle Bash is upon us, we’re particularly excited to see these darling ornaments in stock.

And this trio of sea-faring adventurers (based on Regina’s own illustrations) is a favorite. 

I'm having a hard time picking my favorite, aren't you? Make sure to stop by Regina's stunningly awesome booth on Jingle Bash Lane on November 23, 2013. She'll be the one in the cute apron surrounded by all the charming toys. Or you can just follow the line of smiling people, because I know from experience it is impossible to leave her booth without a big ol' smile on your face!