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Daily Discoveries: tribal trends

We are in the middle of a major tribal craze and everyone wants in on the action.  With fun geometric prints, arrows, and teepees, who wouldn't? Check out these awesome tribal items available from Etsy Dallas Spring Bash vendors!

(from left to right)
bottom row: feather tee // feather bobby pin // teepees //
(Discoveries by Meredith of childHOODS.) 

Daily Discoveries: for baby

At the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash, you will find items for people of all ages. Being a mom myself, I am a little biased toward the mini people. Here are some of my favorite items from Bash vendors all for the babies! 
(from left to right)

(Discoveries by Meredith of childHOODS.)

Where it's Made - Seventy-five Apparel

Creth and Eddie of Seventy-five Apparel's Garage Studio

Where is your creative studio space?
Our creative studio space is in Eddie's garage in Richardson, Texas.

What do you make there?
We screen print t-shirts, wall art, and apparel.

What is your favorite item in your creative space?
Favorite item in our creative space is our stereo. Music makes the work easy.

Favorite Halloween candy?
Cotton candy?! I know you won't get cotton candy as you're trick or treating but you will get it at most Halloween parties and it's AMAZING!