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Made By Rori

Today we are excited to introduce Rori Callaway, who you may know from the notebook and journal shop Made by Rori. What you might not know about Rori is that she has been managing social media for the Etsy Dallas Team since 2015 and has this year come onto the Leadership Team as Social Media Director.

Despite all the volunteer time she has put into our blog and social media lately, Rori still maintains her own shop selling unique notebooks and journals that have the option to be personalized.  Her attention to detail in sending carefully packaged items and personalized notes has won the hearts of her followers for good reason.  

We all have Rori to thank for the hard work she's put into the Etsy Dallas social media presence across many platforms in the last few years. It's given us the opportunity to reach so many new followers and promote both our members' work and the handmade movement in DFW.  Give Rori a virtual high five by finding Etsy Dallas on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or follow her Instagram account @MadeByRori for more insight into her process and photos of her adorable family.