summer reading list

Summer Reading List: Alabama Stitch Book

Ah, summer... time to sit in the hammock, read a good book, and get inspired! That's my plan, at least. Then when the weather is unbearably hot, I will be ready to head inside and get crafting! This series will highlight some of our favorite books for inspiration and handmade crafty goodness.

Heralded as the "Haute Homespun of the Deep South" by Vogue magazine, Natalie Chanin's designs involve lots of handwork, creativity, and a unique story. She began her career in New York, and later returned home to Florence, Alabama to get back to her handmade roots. She currently runs a design studio dedicated to slow design and sustainable style, employing artisans from the community to create hand-stitched masterpieces. She shares her story, as well as numerous tutorials, patterns, tricks and tips in Alabama Stitch Book. The gorgeous photos alone are enough to inspire some down-home crafting fun, but you'll find how-to's on 20 projects involving hand stitching, beading, and stenciling that can be done with very few materials and tools.

So what are you waiting for? Get crafting!