Etsy Dallas is a group of local artists and crafters who are serious about their hand-made businesses as well as the success of the team and its endeavors. Members are also invested in the Dallas community, working with Etsy Dallas to benefit different aspects of the creative community and culture that makes Dallas a great city.

The mission of Etsy Dallas is:

  • To promote awareness and support of the handmade movement in Dallas and the surrounding Metroplex.

  • To establish and maintain the integrity of the local handmade movement.

  • To act as cooperative resource and mentoring network to grow businesses within the handmade industry.

  • To foster higher business standards within the handmade industry by encouraging better business practices and methods.

  • To educate the public in the creation of modern handmade crafts in order to inspire and empower individuals and bring together communities.

The team expects a lot from its members and rewards their hard-working through their association with the team.


  • Live in the immediate Dallas area

    • To check your location, go to Google maps and enter your address. If you are within 30 miles of the center of Dallas (as shown on Google maps), then you qualify.

  • Have an active Etsy shop during the entirety of the 2019 membership year including, but not limited to a banner, avatar, shop announcement, profile, and a minimum of six items listed at all times.

  • Sell your own handmade items. No vintage, supplies, or resale. Members may sell vintage and supplies in other ventures, but not any Etsy Dallas shows, or as a major part of the business in which you are applying for membership in Etsy Dallas.

  • Read this entire information packet, submit a completed application, and (if selected for membership by our jury) pay the required membership fee of $25.


Etsy Dallas’ success cannot happen without the dedication of each and every member. The team is made up of all volunteers. From its members to its leadership, everyone is expected to contribute to the team as is needed and outlined throughout the year. Members must be in compliance with all of Etsy's Terms of Use as outlined on Below are the 2019 guidelines to which all members must adhere in order to maintain membership. Members not following the guidelines risk losing their membership privileges. 


Etsy Dallas members take pride in their business and continually work to grow and better their business.


All members will be added to the Etsy Dallas Facebook Group. The group is how we communicate with each other, so it is to your benefit to participate and pay attention to the group.


Because Etsy Dallas requires a lot of commitment, work, and involvement, members cannot be on any other local Etsy teams. Industry and/or other types of teams are acceptable as long as they don’t pull our members’ attentions away from their obligations at Etsy Dallas. 


Members who have been accepted to participate in any of the Etsy Dallas shows are expected to contribute to pre-show preparations for these shows. This may include helping with set-up and tear-down, making and setting up decorations, placing promotional materials around town, participating in show planning meetings, posting events in online forums, writing blog posts for the ED blog, etc. 

Chosen members will be required to attend a mandatory member meeting in February. 

The application will be available from December 9, 2018 - January 11, 2019.