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(as of January 2019)
Blog - 30,000 annual visitors
Facebook - 7,200 Likes
Twitter - 8,500 Followers
Instagram - 7,500 Followers


Bash annual attendance 6,000+ shoppers
Mailing List - 3,700 Subscribers
Demographics - 75% Female; 75% age 21-45; 50% household income over $40,000

“I always love the local talent they have to offer. I have necklaces, purses, make-up bags, all sorts of things I’ve gotten over the years from my favorite local artists.”
- Stephanie Holland, Sachse, TX

Our Etsy Dallas followers and Bash shoppers are socially conscious and like to support local businesses and companies who give back to the community. We're always looking for ways to work together with like-minded organizations to further our mutual business goals.

Our sponsorship and Bash campaign options are designed to allow you to select the level that best meets your needs. For a full description of our current sponsorship levels please see our Sponsorship Packages page.

“A revival of crafting, creating a handmade economy, and a platform for small businesses that’s empowered entrepreneurs to make, sell, and profit from their own ideas, creations or curations. It’s also benefited consumers, allowing purchasers to find custom-made items that have been largely elusive or out of reach until relatively recently.”
- Dallas Observer