Talking Shop with LizardoArt

Crazy, Acrylic on Canvas by LizardoArt

Etsy Dallas members Liz Ballard, of LizardoArt, and Cheyne Little, of Cut Out and Collect and The Coffee Haus Downtown, sat down to talk shop, earlier this week. LizardoArt's abstract paintings will be on display at the Coffee Haus through July. You can meet Liz and view her work at an after hours reception this Friday, July 17th 7-8pm.

Cheyne: How long have you been painting?
Liz Ballard: For about 5 years now. I didn't intend to learn how to paint. I was doing a simple project for my apartment and that turned into this.

C: What inspires you to create art?
L: I like to listen to music and if I find something I like, I can paint for quite a while. Otherwise I usually want to paint after I've been hanging out in Dallas or any new city. I'm inspired by any kind of cool textures I see and old, weathered buildings. I also love fashion magazines and find inspiration in that too.

C: How often are you able to paint?
L: It depends on the time of the year. I can paint more right now because I have no classes. I have two semesters of college left and then I hope I can paint a lot more.

C: What music do you listen to while you paint?
L: I usually listen to podcasts or when I paint. I like trance music like Tiesto. is good because it keeps going and I don't get distracted playing with CDs and things. I also have a thing for gangsta

C: (As an abstract artist, texture and color must be important) Do you use color to express emotion/subject matter - or do you work with whatever inspires you?
L: I think I am expressing emotions but not because I set out to do that. I guess you can't really help it when you are doing something artistic. I am usually inspired by a certain color that I can't get enough of. Also, I like to find new techniques and playing around with those usually inspires me. If I find a new way of making a texture, I'll want to keep playing with it and that inspires me to paint.

C: Why did you want to be part of Etsy Dallas?
L: I really liked the idea of meeting people who lived near me. I also love that everyone does different things, complementing each other. Plus it just looked like a cool team.