Shop+Artist Interview with Salt Water Swim

Ann and her sister started Salt Water Swim five years ago. They are inspired by the beauty of the world around them. Their hometown is Honolulu but they have traveled and lived all over and Ann said they wanted to share their love of Hawaii with the world. 

"Our favorite place to be is on the beach," Ann said. "We love this so much that we wanted to have this be a part of our name. Salt Water Swim is a culture of living simply and beautifully with the inspiration of the ocean." 

A typical work day for the pair begins with checking their weekly to-do list. "It is a quick realistic punch list of what we need to get done," Ann said. "Then we bring out all our gems, pearls and metal and play around with ideas and trends. There are only two of us so we have to wear many hats and multitask all duties."

The Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash will be Salt Water Swim's first time as a vendor at the Bash. "We are so excited to launch our new collaborations," Ann said. "We have created one-of-a-kind ceramic ring holders, door tassels and beach bags." The shop will also launch a new holiday collection of their jewelry with more statement pieces for special occasions. 

Ann said she and her sister love merchandising their jewelry boards. "We want our customers to be inspired when they see our collection and to get excited to find their own style within ours," Ann said. 

Stop by and say hello to the Salt Water Swim team at the 2017 Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash where you can shop the best handmade artists from near and far. We will be at Eddie Deen's Ranch 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, November 11, 2017. See y'all at the Bash!