Sponsor spotlight: Tokodots

We love Tokodots stationery and we are so happy Molly is going to have a booth at the Spring Bash. Her beautiful quilt-inspired cards and prints are so colorful and fun. Be sure to check out Molly's booth at the Bash. 

We got with Molly for a quick Q&A and the inside scoop on what to expect from Tokodots at the Bash on May 7 ...

What are you most looking forward to for the 2017 Spring Bash?

All of the good shopping! I was too busy at the Jingle Bash (my first big show) to shop. This year I am making a plan so I can still get my shopping done.

Is your shop offering anything new/special/different at the Bash?

Yes! I am excited to offer a new care package gift certificate for high school graduation gifts that I have been thinking about for a long time. I also have a new origami print and card to debut that isn't in my shop yet.

What is your favorite part of prepping for the Spring Bash?

All the bright colors. I have a bunch of cheerful new designs for spring and summer that I am having fun putting together for the Bash.

What makes this event special for you?

I don't do many in-person events so the Spring Bash is a really big deal for me! I'm looking forward to meeting customers in person and getting feedback on my designs.