Sponsor spotlight: mini-Fab

We are counting down the days until the Spring Bash! Matt, of mini-Fab, recommends arriving early for a chance at snagging a Bash Bag. We've seen what's in those bags and we can tell you it is awesome!

You'll want to check out mini-Fab's great gifts for men, groomsmen, dads at the Spring Bash on May 7. Father's Day and graduation are just around the corner. 

Matt took a moment to participate in our Q&A ...

What are you most looking forward to for the 2017 Spring Bash?

I'm really excited to have a chance to get out of the workshop for a bit and visit with everyone that will be coming to the Spring Bash. That might be saying something, because I really like my workshop! These Etsy Dallas events always draw amazing crowds, and it's a pretty great opportunity to talk to cool people and share the things I enjoy making.

Is your shop offering anything new/special/different at the Bash?

I'll be bringing pieces that are new to the Spring Bash, like my Manly Candles (Campfire or Bacon might be my favorite), personalized shave kits, Father's Day gifts, and a super-secret project that I'll unveil the night before the Bash on my Instagram, @GOminiFab.

What is your favorite part of prepping for the Spring Bash?

Well, the conclusion of prepping is the best part. It's a lot of work, but once you get everything wrapped up, you do enjoy the satisfaction of a job well-done and then just relax, drink a cold one, and look forward to a good time at the Bash. 

What makes this event special for you?

I really enjoy being around all the creative and talented artists, designers, and makers at the show. It's very inspiring to see all the fine work and learn about their process. You can genuinely see that everyone puts their heart and soul into the things they make and exhibit an authentic enthusiasm to share it with good folks at the Bash.