Shop+Artist interview with Mod + Jo

The shop: Mod + Jo
The artist: Jordan Flynn

When Jordan created Mod + Jo, she wanted to provide unique and affordable accessories that women could buy for themselves and the other women in their lives. “I wanted to fill the gap between inexpensive mass-produced accessories we find at fast fashion shops and high-end designer accessories that make your wallet cringe,” Jordan said. 

Jordan has always been drawn to vintage or “mod” color combinations and modern style with a blend of what is current. That is part of what inspired her shop name. She incorporated that inspiration with "Jo," her childhood nickname. Her typical workday begins with coffee and emails. After taking care of the administrative end of things, she begins working on orders.

“I majored in merchandising at North Texas with a minor in business,” Jordan said. “I also worked at a high-end lifestyle store in Dallas. Having the hands-on experience working with a buyer and artisan pieces really helped push me into the direction of wanting to build something for myself.”

She grew Mod + Jo into what it is now while living abroad for a few years while her husband was on assignment for work. “I had the time to sit back and rebrand,” she said. “Without having the experience overseas through living and traveling, I don’t think Mod + Jo would be what it is today.” 

A big fan of the Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash, this will be Jordan’s first time as a vendor at the show. “I’m excited to meet our customers in person, help them style our pieces, and make new relationships,” she said. “I have always been a spectator and shopper at the Bash. It will be exciting now to be on the other side.” Mod + Jo will be introducing some new pieces during the Jingle Bash in addition to offering special discounts for shoppers. 

Stop by and say hello to Jordan at the 2017 Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash where you can shop the best handmade artists from near and far. We will be at Eddie Deen's Ranch 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, November 11, 2017. See y'all at the Bash!