{Artist Spotlight} Our Interview with Lyndel of Uptown Pet Wear

We know many of you have pets on your holiday shopping lists and that’s why we are so excited to have Uptown Pet Wear as one of our artists for the Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash, sponsored by Etsy, on November 10 at the Fashion Industry Gallery

You can shop Lyndel’s booth and find the perfect handmade gift for your pets at the Bash. We caught up with Lyndel for a quick interview recently. 

What is your favorite part of prepping for an upcoming show?

My favorite part when it comes to prepping before a show is making all the inventory. It always feels good to know I can offer customers a variety of items to purchase. I also like buying décor to spice up my booth. 

Is there a story behind your shop’s name?

I came up with Uptown Pet Wear because when I first moved to Dallas, I lived in Uptown. I loved how dog-friendly the neighborhood was. There are so many dog-friendly restaurants and very nice dog parks. And that’s how the name was created. 

What is a typical workday like for you?

A typical workday for me is juggling two kids, my pup, Moose, and answering emails during the day. Then at night, pet accessories are sewn, which is from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. If I’m lucky, sometimes I can make collars while everyone is napping. 

What is your art background and how did it lead you to the creative work you’re pursuing now? 

When I was 7, my grandmother taught me how to sew. I would sew dresses, pants and all kinds of clothing. I dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. Fast forward years later, I stopped sewing and started working in finance. It wasn’t what I imagined my career would be but it felt safe. Then my pup, Moose, came into my life and inspired me to start sewing again. Now I get to make fashionable pet accessories.

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