{Artist Spotlight} Untamed Arte

The unique pieces from Untamed Arte are sure to dazzle. We are so excited to see what Stephanie has for you in her booth at the 2019 Etsy Dallas Spring Bash on May 4. Stephanie took a moment for a quick Q&A session just for y’all …

What are you most looking forward to for the Spring Bash?
The Etsy Dallas team always does an amazing job putting the event together so I'm just excited to see the turnout.

Is your shop offering anything new, special or different at the Bash?
My shop is working on new designs, making the Spring Bash the first market where people can see them in person. I will also be giving out special discounts.

What is your favorite part of prepping for an upcoming show?
Creating my inventory and just hoping whatever I make will bring joy to the person who purchases it because I make my things with a lot of love.

What makes this event special for you?
Mostly the team that creates it. It really shows how hard they work. The Bash is one of very few events I've seen that has such a loyal following. 

Is there a story behind your business name?
I name my shop Untamed Arte because I have a ton of ideas that sometimes have no connection to anything I have created in the past or plan on creating. I just love experimenting and exploring new concepts. 

What is a typical day of work like for you?
A lot of prep work. For me its probably 90% prep and 10% of actually creating. 

What is your professional background and how did it lead you to the creative work you are pursuing now?
It has always been a hobby. My passion for it never stopped growing, and I finally decided to go full force with it. 

How would you describe your shop?
Random and colorful. I try to make eye catching items that pull you in. 

What inspires your work?
Lately, western decor has been inspiring me. 

What do you find the most challenging about your work?
I would say trying to find the most efficient way of making my products. 

Do you have any tips for finding work/life balance?
It's okay to take breaks. 

hop from dozens of artists offering unique handmade wares at the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on May 4. From original art, home goods, and artisanal soaps to local jewelry designers, leather workers and so much more! Check out the event on Facebook here. And find out how to shop the Bash like a pro here. We’ll see y’all at the Bash!