Creativity Camp: Marbled Clay Monogram Charms


Today's project is a gateway technique, you've been warned. You can make anything with polymer clay! Until you get the hang of it, start small with simple, rewarding projects like coasters or beads. There are tons of videos on YouTube for inspiration. Google "polymer clay cane tutorial" and prepare to be amazed. For this project, you'll need some Sculpey in a few different colors, a fine tipped metallic paint pen or metallic acrylic paint, an x-acto knife, toothpicks, a nickel, a nail file, and a necklace chain with a jump ring or string.

First, make three "snakes" with your different colored clays. 


Then, twist your snakes together.

Fold, break, and smash the clay. 

Fold, break, and smash the clay. 


Keep going until everything is mixed, but not so far that the white disappears.


This looks like a good place to stop. Now, smash with a book or roll it flat with a rolling pin.


Pick out a section you like, and set your nickel on top. Use your x-acto knife to cut around the nickel.


Spin a toothpick in the top to make the hole for the jump loop. 


Carefully lift your polymer clay "coins" and place them on a lined baking sheet. 


Use your x-acto knife or toothpick to press in a letter. You could also use a rubber stamp.  Bake your pendants at 275°F for 15 minutes.


Once they have finished cooking, sand off the rough bits with a nail file, and use your metallic paint pen inside the letter and around the edges. 


Let the paint dry and you're almost done! Use nice string or a jump loop and chain to turn this into a little necklace. Seal your pendant with varnish or polyurethane to make it more durable. Attach your jump loop,  string it on your chain, and voila! Your handmade marbled clay monogram necklace is finished. We made several to share with some friends.


Thanks for joining us again this week, we hope you are having fun! Remember to tag us @etsydallas #EDCreativityCamp if you give this project a try!