{Artist Spotlight} Our Interview with Emily of My Head Cozy

Emily loves booth design. She calls it an artform in and of itself and we couldn’t agree more. We are so excited to see My Head Cozy’s setup at the 2018 Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash, sponsored by Etsy, on November 10 at Fashion Industry Gallery.

She works as a teacher by day, and Emily unwinds at the end of the day by crocheting hats for her shop. We love her work and are excited to see her new booth at the Bash. We caught up with her recently for an interview. 

What are you most looking forward to for the Jingle Bash?

Interacting with my customers is my favorite part of the Jingle Bash. There is nothing that sparks creativity like chatting with the wonderful folks who come through the show, and sharing my story and process with them. I also look forward to seeing all of the other wonderful sellers. It’s always an all-star cast at the Jingle Bash.

Is your shop offering anything new, special or different at the Bash?

My handmade Santa Hats are epic. They are warm, wonderful and oh so Christmas-y. I’ll be offering a special where you can buy any 2 hats and get $5 off. 

How would you describe your shop? 

It’s delightful. My mission is to warm hearts and noggins with handmade hats of the greatest quality, care and charm. And I think that describes my hat shop in a nutshell.

What do you most enjoy about working with your team?

It is just me, myself and I at the moment, although I have had many helping hands along the way. I love collaborating with my friend Paulina Martin, who does the photographs for the shop. 

How did you get into crocheting? 

Once upon a time, I read a story about a chef who started cooking when he was 4 years old. And at the time my little 10-year-old self said, “Oh man, I’m already 10! I need something cool that I can do and be able to say, ‘I’ve been doing this since I was 10.’ It won’t be as impressive as 4, but it will have to do.” I thought I was really behind. So on the next trip to the library, instead of checking out another Tin-Tin comic or Boxcar Children book, I went to the DIY section and checked out about 12 different books. Knitting, crocheting, quilting, beadwork, card making, plumbing, carpentry – you name it. At the end of the day, crocheting stuck. I learned from a book. Good decision, 10-year-old self! 

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