Learn How to Green your Halloween

What will you dress up as this year? Time will tell...

I recently learned about the Third Annual National Costume Swap Day – it's October 13th this year. You can join the adventure on Facebook. Or start an event in your own area, learn how at  

Bring your child's Halloween costume from last year and walk away with a different one. This event includes costumes for kids, adults and pets too! You pay nothing just bring costume(s) with you for swapping! 

I love this idea!! By swapping costumes, you save stuff from the landfills, it's free, meet fun people and get cool costumes. What's not to love!?

Find an event close to you. The count down is on...

This eco-idea brought to you by Alicia of La Alicia

Give your Summer an Eco-Friendly Spin

It’s the summer travel season -- where will you travel or not travel this summer?
Either way, here are a few tips on keeping your traveling and adventures green:
Carry your own stainless steel reusable water bottle to avoid BPA and wasteful plastic. You can refill it pretty much anywhere and not using plastic is more eco-friendly than recycling plastic.
Eat locally and sustainably whenever you can. The Eat Well Guide is a great place to see what might be along your travel path or in your local area as well as Local Harvest is a great resource to find Farmer’s Markets in any given area by zip code.
Do your homework before you travel. Consider staying somewhere green like an ecolodge or campground. Or if you’re staying in a hotel, you have the option to have your sheets and towels changed each day or not at all during your stay. Not changing them each day saves water and energy.
Consider Eco-friendly activities like a national park, beaches or trying out eco tourism.
Before a road trip, make sure you have your car checked out for proper maintenance. Accurately inflated tires, topped off fluid levels and a full gas tank will be sure to get your road trip off to a good green start.
Consider a staycation. Staying in your own city this summer and doing fun things you never do could save tons of money on gas, lodging and food while allowing you to enjoy your city in a whole new way close to home.

Have a great summer! 

Posted by Alicia of La Alicia

A Day for Dad's

What will you do to show your dad how much he means to you?
Super Dad Apron by Yellow Bug Boutique

I suggest  keeping it fun, healthy, handmade and local. Here are a few ideas in case you haven't decided yet.

1. Healthy
A basket or reusable shopping bag full of local produce would be a great gift for a dad who loves to cook or eat. Find your closest Farmer's Market at by simply entering your zip code.

2. Handmade and Local
Even if you don't consider yourself crafty, there's a whole local team of handmade artists that can help you find the right gift for your dad. Even if it's late, he'll still love you!  
Meet the Etsy Dallas Team here, and click to see their shops and handmade goodies. And of course, the blog has a weekly guide so you can find us all around town too.

3. From the Heart
Write your dad a sweet note anytime, to tell him how much you appreciate him. It doesn't have to be Father's Day for you to tell him how you feel!

Have a Happy Father's Day!
Posted by Alicia from La Alicia