Apps You NEED For Your Creative Business

Good afternoon!  Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite time-saving, business organizing, unbelievably simple apps to grow your business.  You're welcome!

Photo by anyaberkut/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by anyaberkut/iStock / Getty Images

Spark  - This app sorts email into newsletters/personal/important -- Our favorite feature:  You can SNOOZE (!!!) an email so you can ignore it until you want to see it again, and schedule it for that time.

A Color Story - Is an app by the blogging and social media gurus at A Beautiful Mess.  This elegant photography app features a ton of filters and effects, and makes your photos look like visual candy.  You can delete all your other photo editing apps, this is the one.  

Cool Note:  This app's namesake is also a beautiful hashtag.  Check it out, and add it to your hashtag bank!  #acolorstory

Later - This app is the number one platform for scheduling posts on Instagram.  Simple and intuitive, this app allows you to work ahead and organize and manage your visual marketing content.  If you get really into it, you can use it on your computer to preview your grid, create a bank of most used hashtags, and learn what works through powerful analytics.

Linktree - Since we are fresh on Instagram talk, go ahead and download Linktree.  Instagram only gives you one spot to link to an outside resource.  Linktree directs Instagram followers to multiple links- your blog, portfolio, store, or other social media accounts, for example.

Wunderlist - What's the first step in getting a bunch of things done?  Write a list.  Now, imagine that that list can remind you, be collaborative with others, and be accessed from all of your devices.  There is barely any reason to have a brain anymore, this will remember everything for you.

Pipedrive - So, you are a huge wholesale success now and you are having trouble keeping track of all your sales.  This is where Pipedrive shines.  Manage all you're business contacts in one place, ensure follow-ups, and organize your sales.  Boom.

ATracker - This app is your time tracking fitbit.  List your tasks, then tap when you start a new one.  It keeps track of your time commuting, designing, sleeping, whatever you need.  This is especially helpful when you are working on a project with a client that is priced hourly.  Create a task for their project, and tap it when you begin.  Much better than winging it when it is time to invoice!