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{Artist Spotlight} Our Interview with Jillian of Vintage Static

We love the minimalist geometric vibes Jillian brings to her products. Vintage Static’s handcrafted soaps, scrubs and bath products are made in small batches in Frisco. They smell amazing too.

Be sure to stop by their booth at the Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash, sponsored by Etsy, on November 10 at the Fashion Industry Gallery. We caught up with Jillian for a quick interview recently.

What makes the Bash special for you?

It was our very first event after starting our company and the Etsy Dallas community is absolutely incredible. We are thrilled to be to be chosen to return.

Is your shop offering anything new, special or different at the Bash?

Yes! We have candles, wax melts, wax warmers and solid lotion this year as well as our fave whipped soaps and scrubs.

What do you enjoy about working with your team?

My team is myself and my boyfriend, Matt. We have a blast making and creating and talking about the future together while celebrating the little wins.

What do you find the most challenging about your work?

Balance, balance, balance. And not buying every essential and fragrance oil on the planet.

Shop from over 100 artists offering unique handmade wares at the Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on November 10. From original art, home goods, and artisanal soaps to local jewelry designers, leather workers and so much more! Check out the event on Facebook here. And find out how to shop the Bash like a pro here. We’ll see y’all at the Bash! 

Shop+Interview with Spring Bash artist Jillian of Vintage Static

Jillian and Matt are the makers behind Vintage Static. Her modern, handcrafted soaps, scrubs and bath products are made locally in Frisco.

Vintage Static is bringing new bar soap scents and all of their beard oils to the Spring Bash. “This is our first show,” Jillian said. “We are so grateful and excited to be included.” If you’re shopping for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, she recommends her whipped soaps/scrubs and bath bomb hexes, and the solid shave soaps and beard oil.  

The shop’s name came to her in a dream. “It derives from the nostalgic feel of listening to records, which we do all the time, and the static at the end of the LP side,” Jillian said. She describes their shop as modern and muted, using natural colorants and clean lines with a restrained color palette. 

Jillian describes herself as high-energy and finds inspiration by scanning her Instagram feeds. After sharing some of her favorite grammers, she said, “And of course the Texas ladies crushing it! There are so many. I am constantly impressed by the talent here in Dallas.” We couldn’t agree more! “To see all the talent out there really drives me,” she said. The challenge is to not create every scent or color that comes to mind and to remain selective and focused, she said.

Stop by the Vintage Static booth and say hello to Jillian at the 2018 Etsy Dallas Spring Bash where you can shop the best handmade artists from near and far. We will be at Gilley’s 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, May 5, 2018. We’ll see y’all at the Bash!