Spotted at the Bash: Bradley Whitford

Holy Toledo, Batman! Several vendors - Silla Soup, Hip Hazel Hoops, and Wrap Couture - got a glimpse (and even talked with) super actor, Bradley Whitford at Saturday's insanely fun Spring Bash - our 7th show to date.

Best known for his roles in The West Wing and Studio 60 (and lesser known role of a smarmy Fed in A Perfect World), Whitford is in Dallas filming his upcoming TV show The Good Guys. The [ahem] good-lookin' actor took time out of his busy filming schedule to stop by the Bash in support local artists. Incredible! We are truly humbled and star-struck with his visit.

Hey Bradley - did you buy anything? Email us! We are dying to know...

More about The Good Guys (from Wikipedia):
The series is being filmed primarily in Dallas, Texas and is making use of the Fair Park area as much as possible for its diverse shooting locations and so as not to disturb the residents. The show was originally planned to be set in Los Angeles until Dallas city officials convinced creator Matt Nix to set the show in Dallas. Nix said of Dallas, "It’s a great city to jump on the hood of a car." Production work on the series began in January 2010 and principal photography of the pilot wrapped in early February 2010. Cast members spent time shadowing their real-life Dallas counterparts to prepare for their roles.

posted by Stephanie Hindall of tefi