Spring Bash

{Artist Spotlight} Rebecca Ramos Jewelry

We know many of you love Rebecca Ramos Jewelry. We are thrilled Rebecca will be back as one of our vendors for the 2019 Etsy Dallas Spring Bash on May 4. Rebecca took a few minutes to do a little Q&A session just for y’all …

What are you most looking forward to for the Spring Bash?
I love the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash because the weather is always beautiful and shoppers are out and about looking fresh and happy. They are usually looking for gifts for mom as well as special little treats for themselves. It’s a bright and shiny show for sure.

Is your shop offering anything new, special or different at the Bash?
This show I have some fantastically trendy materials to work into my line. The new mother of pearl and acrylic accents blend flawlessly with the layered looks that are so popular right now. It’s very exciting and airy for Spring and Summer.

What is your favorite part of prepping for an upcoming show?
I love changing up my displays and jewelry offerings. Finding all the newest trends and doing them in my style. It’s always a super rewarding challenge.

What makes this event special for you?
I absolutely love seeing all my past customers. I love it so much that I even offer a “super customer” discount. If you are wearing a piece of Rebecca Ramos Jewelry that you purchased at a past show, you get a discount on your purchase at this show. I especially love it when the customer just happens to be wearing a piece and didn’t even know about the special discount. That’s the best!

What is a typical day of work like for you?
A typical day starts off with all the business part of business. Yuck. I get that out of the way first thing so I can move on to all the fun. The afternoons are spent getting dinner ready and hanging out with my kiddos. I don’t really get moving and creative until the later hours. I am definitely a night owl.

What is your professional background, and how did it lead you to the creative work you are pursuing now?
I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the arts — I was very lucky in this matter. I studied Industrial Design in college and then ended up working at a marketing company after graduation. I went on to open my own advertising agency and helped others with their brands for about 10 years. From there I found my love of making again and taught myself all about metal clay and jewelry making processes.

What inspires your work?
There is a strong form and function theme that runs through my work. I love when a piece just has that perfect “movement.” The way the metal moves from one shape to another. Each of my sculpted pieces are true one-of-a-kinds, and I love that aspect of my work.

What do you find the most challenging about your work?
It’s very challenging to stay innovative and relevant in this industry. There are so many amazing makers — especially at the Etsy Dallas shows. Each maker is constantly bringing their “A game” and it is a challenge to stay on trend while still remaining true to the vision that you have for your work.

Do you have any tips for finding work/life balance?
For me, it comes down to segmenting my day into little pockets. When my family is at work and school, I’m working. When they are home, I stay present and available for them. It doesn’t always work out this way. I definitely haven’t won any mom or wife awards lately. But when the family is home, I try my best to be here — both physically and mentally — even if it does mean that I miss out on a bunch of sleep when I have to work into the late hours to get my work finished.

Shop from dozens of artists offering unique handmade wares at the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on May 4. From original art, home goods, and artisanal soaps to local jewelry designers, leather workers and so much more! Check out the event on Facebook here. And find out how to shop the Bash like a pro here. We’ll see y’all at the Bash! 

Sponsor spotlight: Whipped Up Wonderful

We love Whipped Up Wonderful’s amazing line of bath bombs, bubble bars and perfumes. Alexis is a top seller of bath bombs on Etsy for a reason. You’ll love her items, all made with biodegradable and renewable ingredients. Everything in her shop is cruelty free and most are vegan. 

Be sure to stop by her booth and treat yourself at the Spring Bash this Sunday, May 7, at Gilley's Dallas. We will be there 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Alexis took a quick break from whipping up all the things for a Q&A with us ...

What are you most looking forward to for the 2017 Spring Bash?

Shopping! I always look forward to getting to meet some local makers. 

Is your shop offering anything new/special/different at the Bash?

I’ll be offering some debut products, like my rainy days bath bombs , my bath macarons, and hopefully my new Jelly Bean Bath Melts.

What is your favorite part of prepping for the Spring Bash?

I love planning my booth. Spring and Summer require different looks than Fall shows, so I get to really have fun and experiment. Also the time crunch - nothing makes you more creative than a deadline!

What makes this event special for you?

This will be the first year I’m attending the show not only as a vendor, but as part of the Etsy Dallas Leadership Team! I always make time for the Bash’s any way (being that they are the best independent handmade art and craft show in Dallas), but being such a part of making this show happen makes it all the more special.

Calling all procrastinators: Spring Bash apps are due March 10

Okay, procrastinators, time is running out for Spring Bash apps. The deadline to apply for the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash is March 10, 2017. We reached out to a few of our previous vendors for feedback and here’s a little bit of what we heard …

“The Bashes are always so much fun.” - Heidy, Heidy Henke Designs

“I love our shoppers. They are always excited to see what’s new at the Bash. Many stop by, just to say hi and check in on you while they shop. Spring Bash shoppers are the best!” - SaRatta, Expressions Bracelets

“The energy, quality and variety is always a fun way to prepare for some of those spring and summer events. I can always find a perfect gift for mom, a gift for dad, and something for those June brides.” - Alexis, Whipped Up Wonderful

“It’s like a super concentrated show set on fast forward! I just love the energy!” - Lynn, Both Hands Studio

“It is so fun to get to share our art and craft with our shoppers face-to-face. I am always blown away by all the talent of all the other vendors too!” - Sabrina, The Pig and The Peacock

We are counting down the days, y'all. We hope you're as excited as we are! If you want to apply to be part of the Spring Bash this year, be sure to get your application in no later than March 10!


Sponsor Spotlight: The Pig and the Peacock

Etsy Dallas favorites, Sabrina and Jenny of The Pig and the Peacock make beautiful handcrafted soaps, lotions, and candles. Their booth is an aromatic feast, so be sure check them out on Saturday! Look for the huge crowd surrounding these two lovely sisters, smiling and packaging orders, you can't miss them!

Are you debuting any new items at the Spring Bash?
We have made several new soaps that we will introduce at the Bash including Black Currant, Honeysuckle, and Cranberry Salsa. You’ll have to check out our booth to find the rest! We’ll also have some new Spring/Summer scents in our candles.

Do you have any favorite stories from your customers about your products?
I think our favorite story is not from any specific customer, but many people tell us our soaps look good enough to eat, and in fact, it’s true! We have had a couple of people receive our soaps as gifts and take a bite out of them before realizing what it was! 

How has your work evolved since you began The Pig and The Peacock?
Our collection is constantly changing and growing. We have more ideas and designs in our heads than we can possibly ever make so we have started rotating out scents and designs to make room for new ones. We have also added new product lines the past couple of years, like our new lip balms and our DejaVino Wine Bottle Candles.

Sponsor Spotlight: Regal Cottage

Etsy Dallas rockstar, Regina from Regal Cottage has been preparing for the Spring Bash for months! I always adore her precious toys, and look forward to her booth. Be sure to visit her on Saturday, and add her on Instagram to peek inside design and production of her fun and thoughtful work!

How has your collection evolved since you began Regal Cottage?
My collection has definitely evolved over the years. I started out making kids' clothing and made a few toys just for fun. I quickly realized that I enjoyed making toys so much more. I knew I would do best if I followed my heart and focused on creating eco-friendly toys. Over the last year, I have worked to develop my own exclusive fabric designs. I love incorporating my original illustrations into my work. It gives me the ability to make each of my most popular products in coordinating fabrics from larger plush toys and baby rattles to plush balls and teethers. 

Do you have any favorite stories from customers?
My favorite customer story is when an expecting Mom bought a ball for her baby-to-be. She later let me know that she knew her baby would love it, but she was amazed to see just how obsessed she became over time with that ball. She took it everywhere, and her first word was even "ball." That Mom has become one of my best customers. She buys a rattle ball from me for every baby shower she attends. Every time I see her order come in, it brings such a smile to my face. 

What are you selling at the Spring Bash this year?
I will be bringing our best selling rattle balls, in new bright spring colors with bold geometric prints and lots of our wildly popular metallic moon, cloud and star pillows.

Sponsor Spotlight: In Your Bones

Meet my incredible friend, Gabriela, creator behind In Your Bones, a colorful and kind business benefitting Texas Husky Rescue.

Gabriela is a seasoned participant in the Etsy Dallas Bashes, and her booth is always packed with bright, unique, and heirloom quality sewn goods and embroidery. She lives in Austin area, keeps a small orchard and a few beehives, along with her four rescued huskies, and is a proud and fervent supporter of small business. Her work and support helped save over 300 dogs last year!

You can follow In Your Bones on Instagram for a peek into her beautiful life, and be sure to check out her shop, and come by the In Your Bones booth at the Spring Bash on Saturday!

2016 Spring Bash Bag Reveal!

The Spring Bash kicks off at 10:30am this year, but you may want to get there early for a chance to snag one of our ever popular Bash Bags. The first 50 shoppers in line for the Bash will get one of these reusable bags chock full of Spring Bash vendor swag!

At the Bash Bag stuffing party we got a sneak peek at what's in the bag and are pretty excited (anyone wanna wait in line for us?!) and we think you will be too!

A huge thank you to our amazing Bash Bag sponsors this year:

Guys & Ties - Bow Ties
Wandering Paper Co - Cards
Precious Little Tot - Key Chains Wristlet
The Pig and the Peacock - Handmade Soap
Of Earth - Necklaces 
Captivated Calligraphy - Cards
Quirk + Thrift - Coin Purse
A Cheery Blossom - Leather Cord Wraps
Unboxed Studio - Pencils 
Expressions Bracelets - Charms
InYourBones - Embroidered Appliqués 
Land of the Thread - Bracelets
Lemon Glaze - Charms
Makers Connect - Buttons 
Kathleen Care Jewelry - Bracelets 
Tessa Bunny's - Organic Play Clay
Silver Tines Spoon Jewelry - Key Chains 
Tesoro Jewelry - Engraved Bracelets
And some surprises from Pop Shop America, PediaQ, and Etsy Dallas!

Don't forget, to get your very own Bash Bag you'll have to get there early! See you Saturday!

Sponsor Spotlight: DallasChild

For several years now, we have had the wonderful fortune to have our events sponsored by DallasChild, our favorite family friendly local magazine!  With the Spring Bash coming this Saturday (HOORAY!), I wanted to introduce you to this incredible resource.

Looking for fun events and exhibits to take your kids to in the DFW area this month?  DallasChild has you covered.  Check out their Monthly Calendar!

Or, maybe you want to plan your own family outing, like a picnic or a hike?  DallasChild has a list of the best Nature Trails, and have even included available hours and price!

Need some tips on making "Mom friends" with like-minded parenting values?  DallasChild has a featured article on this topic right now!  They always have something new and beneficial to read, learn, and bring home to your family.

So, you need to find a new doctor, and want recommendations?  You guessed it, DallasChild has built an amazing database of recommended local doctors of every specialty.  If you are interested, read more about their Mom-Approved Doctors.

There is veritable bounty of parental information to peruse- party planning, local mother profiles, contests, reviews, volunteer opportunities, and attractions.  Oh, and did I mention that this is a FREE resource?  I know, it just doesn't get better than that!  Sign up to receive their newsletter, and monthly publication!

They are currently giving away $50 to spend at the Spring Bash.  Take this link to enter!

Drum Roll Please! Meet the 2016 Spring Bash Featured Artists!

Good afternoon, friends and crafters!  I've got a special sneaky peek for you today!  Spring Bash is just around the corner on April 30th, and these artists have gone out of their way to help make this bash the best one yet!  Check out their shops, and put them on your list.  It's time to get excited!

New Product Alert!

We have been busy bees getting ready for the upcoming annual Spring Bash on April 30th!  Check out some of the colorful new goodies from our artists that are making their debut!

Spring Bash Applications Are Closing Soon!

Don't miss your chance to be a part of the 2016 Etsy Dallas Spring Bash! We are looking for handmade artists, crafters and makers of all kinds! Visit the Handmade Bash website for more details and to apply. Applications close this Friday March 4th at midnight!

Spring Bash 2015 Photos Are Up!

We hope everyone's summer is off to a fantastic start! Here in Dallas the weather has been pretty mild (aside from the monsoons), so we're pretty grateful that the real heat hasn't set in yet.

It is once again time to show off the AWESOME photos from this year's Spring Bash. Former Etsy Dallas Team Member Yony Kim of YLK Photography was kind enough to document the whole shebang, and the photos are now available for viewing on Flickr. Follow this link to see the album!

Here's a quick preview - enjoy!

The new Freckled Chicken bus looks great next to the line of shoppers waiting for Bash Bags!

Eager guests grabbing free goodies from our awesome volunteers. The absolutely gorgeous entry designs were provided by Iza Pearl Designs - thank you!

A packed house.

Kidlets crafting away at the make-and-take craft tables.

Photobooth fun! Backdrop provided by Iza Pearl Designs - thanks!

Happy makers and shoppers.

All these and so much more at our Flickr site. Thank you SO MUCH, Yony! They look great!

Sponsor Spotlight: Regal Cottage

Sometimes, I feel like kids get all of the good stuff. Ever know what I mean? The fun clothes, the cool toys, the daytime napping... I do get jealous! Especially after seeing Regal Cottage's line of handmade organic toys and plushes. And you'll feel the same way, too, I'm sure, because Etsy Dallas is pleased to showcase Regal Cottage as one of this year's Spring Bash sponsors!

Regina Frydman, owner and designer, is the brainchild behind this super cute line of children's toys and gifts. However, Regal Cottage is truly a family affair. While Regina designs, illustrates, and sews all of her products, her husband loves woodworking and handles the bookkeeping, and their four kids are designated as the "in-house product review committee."

Regina makes all products in her home studio from eco-friendly base materials, such as vegan leather and organic fabrics. I know that I want to buy SO MANY things, including this Metallic Gold Moon Pillow:

I've always loved Russian Nesting Dolls, so this large plush is on my list:

And I'm pretty sure that anything with a Narwhal on it is automatically awesome:

You can see more of Regina's work on her Facebook page, her blog, and her Instagram account. And on May 2nd, swing by the Southside Events Center at Gilley's Dallas from 11 am to 6 pm to see her in person! Make sure to bring a reusable tote to transport your goodies home - we'll all be doing our part to reduce waste!

We will be posting artist previews and other information on our blogFacebook page, and Instagram account, so make sure you're following us for up-to-the-date information. We will be using the hashtags #etsydallas and #2015springbash for all event posts, so check us out!

We'll see you on May 2nd!

Sponsor Spotlight: K8 Made

I don't know about you, but I'm getting seriously excited for this year's Etsy Dallas Spring Bash! There are SO MANY excellent artists who will be there, and I know I will be bringing my wallet to buy from fellow sellers when the show is over!

One of these sellers is K8 Made, who is one of this year's sponsors! I've loved Kate's creations for a long time, and I can't wait to support her at this year's Bash.

Kate Alfermann, owner and designer of K8 Made, creates gorgeous, modern accessories. Most prominent are her clutches, which are just beautiful. I've been eyeing this sparkly number for a while. And as anyone who knows me can attest, the sparlklier, the better!

And this Teal Chiffon Clutch is just gorgeous. A friend bought one at the Jingle Bash as a gift and the receiver was smitten!

If you're looking for something more casual, this wristlet is just the ticket. The Navajo fabric is fun, and so great for spring!

Follow Kate on Instagram and Twitter to see behind-the-scenes action and previews of products she will be selling at the Bash. You might even catch a glimpse of the custom work she's done for lucky bridal parties!

Come and see K8 Made in person at the Southside Events Center at Gilley's Dallas on May 2nd from 11 am to 6 pm. Make sure to bring a reusable tote to haul all of your new goodies home! We can't wait to see you!

We will be posting artist previews and other information on our blogFacebook page, and Instagram account, so make sure you're following us for up-to-the-date information. We will be using the hashtags #etsydallas and #2015springbash for all event posts, so check us out!

Sponsor Spotlight: In Your Bones

As the 7th Annual Etsy Dallas Spring Bash approaches, we are so honored to continue with our Sponsor Spotlights!

Our newest sponsor is In Your Bones, an adorable shop filled with unique textiles for all aspects of your everyday life. Gabriela, owner and designer, takes enormous pride in producing one-of-a-kind pieces. Her shop name is entirely inspired by her drive to create. When asked by a teacher why she does what she does, she once replied, "Well, when you're passionate about what you do, it's not just in your blood, it's in your bones." It's this love for the craft that is evident in all of her products.

An additional passion is nature photography, which serves as an inspiration for her handmade designs. She is greatly committed to reducing her impact on the earth, and as such, all of her products are uniquely designed or made using a blend of re-purposed, vintage, and new fabrics.

Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and her blog, and be sure to stop by her booth on May 2nd! She'll be selling her wares from 11 am to 6 pm at the Southside Events Center at Gilley's Dallas.

We will be posting artist previews and other information on our blogFacebook page, and Instagram account, so make sure you're following us for up-to-the-date information. We will be using the hashtags #etsydallas and #2015springbash for all event posts, so check us out!

Sponsor Spotlight: Freckled Chicken

If you know some adorable little girls who need equally adorable clothing, then you are in luck, because another returning sponsor for this year's Etsy Dallas Spring Bash is Freckled Chicken!

Holly Hester, designer and owner, started Freckled Chicken in 2006. With over 25 years in the apparel industry, Holly found her true inspiration when her daughter, Avalon, was born. Ever since, she's been producing wholesome, comfortable children's clothing and accessories. Her designs are made for girls aged 12 months to 12 years, and the prints are SO cute! Take a look:

I mean, come on. And these Hanky Dresses? Too much!

You can see more of Holly's designs and daily happenings on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and her blog. And make sure to follow Etsy Dallas' Instagram account for even more artist and show previews!

See Freckled Chicken's wares at the Southside Events Center at Gilley's Dallas on May 2nd from 11 am to 6 pm, and make sure to bring a reusable tote to haul all of your handmade goods home! We'll see you there!

We will be posting artist previews and other information on our blogFacebook page, and Instagram account, so make sure you're following us for up-to-the-date information. We will be using the hashtags #etsydallas and #2015springbash for all event posts, so check us out!

Spring Things for the Kids at the Spring Bash

Oh the things you can find for the kids at the 2015 Spring Bash-really, really wonderful things! From art to toys to the cutest clothing, artisans will be on hand to share with you their process and the inspiration behind their adorable offerings. 

These are just a few of the adorable kid finds that will be available at the Spring Bash. There are so many more! It's one day only (Saturday, May 2nd). Bring the kids. They will enjoy shopping the Bash too. There will be Make and Take crafts that kids and grownups alike will enjoy, and there is a restaurant on site too. The crowds can be a challenge with a stroller, but if you come later in the day, the crowds tend to thin out and you can stay for dinner in the restaurant. 

Sponsor Spotlight: Midnight Snack

We are so proud to tell you all that Midnight Snack, a longtime sponsor of Etsy Dallas, is again returning to support this year's Etsy Dallas Spring Bash! Just looking at Christina's offerings is making me really, really hungry. If you haven't seen her items, you're about to understand!

Christina (most unfortunately!) will not be selling at this year's bash, as she will be roaming around, making sure everything is going smoothly. If you see her, make sure and say hello! She does a great deal for Etsy Dallas, and we sure do appreciate her!

Isn't this Bacon Plush absolutely hilarious? Even as a vegetarian, I would LOVE one! 

And as a longtime lover of all things carby, I'm seriously crushing on this Baked Potato Plush.

You can follow her current adventures on Facebook and Twitter. And make sure to come to the Southside Events Center at Gilley's Dallas on May 2nd from 11 am to 6 pm for the Spring Bash! Bring a reusable shopping tote to haul all of your goodies home!

We will be posting artist previews and other information on our blogFacebook page, and Instagram account, so make sure you're following us for up-to-the-date information. We will be using the hashtags #etsydallas and #2015springbash for all event posts, so check us out!

We can't wait to see you on May 2nd!

For the Dudes: A Spring Bash Buyer's Guide

There will be SO MUCH good stuff at this year's Spring Bash that making this round-up was really, really hard! There will literally be something for EVERYBODY, and the dudes are no exception.

T-shirts are always a good choice, and Dowdy Studio really delivers. This "Drink Local" tee is one of the many, many garments they will bring to the Spring Bash.

Wayne Works is new to the team this year, and we're really excited about what they'll bring to the Bash! One of the pieces that stood out to me the most was this Industrial Reclaimed Wood Strut Shelf. Minimal, slightly rustic, and super sturdy. I want one in my office!

Tread Studios is also a new addition to the team. I'm sure you've probably seen their work circulating around town - their watercolors are so great!

Let us not forget about Father's Day, which is coming up on June 21st. Use Toko Dots' colorful card to tell Dad how you feel!

Help the guy in your life be prepared for, well, ANYTHING, with this Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide notebook from Made by Rori. You never know when they'll need it!

You can never have too many places to stash keys, cash, or other small items, and this Mojave Leather Bowl from SCOUT + LILLY will do the trick quite nicely.

Beard maintenance can get tiresome, I'm sure, but this beautifully made beard comb will surely alleviate some of that stress. You can find this at new member Big T Wood Works' booth on May 2nd.

And finally, this really gorgeous Lava Rock Bracelet by Expressions Bracelets is a great, subtle accessory. And bonus: a portion of each sale goes to Autism Awareness.

Come and see all of these artists (and so many more!) on May 2nd at the Southside Events Center at Gilley's Dallas! The Bash will run from 11 am to 6 pm. Be sure to bring your reusable tote bag for all of your goodies.

We will be posting artist previews and other information on our blogFacebook page, and Instagram account, so make sure you're following us for up-to-the-date information. We will be using the hashtags #etsydallas and #2015springbash for all event posts, so check us out!

Sponsor Spotlight: Dallas Child

As you may or may not have heard, the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash is almost upon us! And we could not have done it without the support of our incredible sponsors. We are so pleased to welcome back some familiar companies, including DFWChild, a longtime sponsor of Etsy Dallas events!

DFWChild is a fantastic resource for DFW and North Texas parents. They publish three completely free magazines for local parents featuring information on all aspects of parenting from prenatal to adolescence. Keep your eyes peeled around town for your local publication: DallasChild, FortWorthChild, and NorthTexasChild. And in case you aren't able to pick one up in person, each edition is available online for round-the-clock access!

You can also find other child-related content online. Here are some (but definitely not all!) examples of parenting resources they offer:

  • The Find-A-Doctor page, where you can find a “Mom-Approved” physician in your area, which is especially wonderful if you’re new to the DFW area;
  • A Travel section, where you can find recommendations for vacations that are fun for the whole family, as well as advice for travelling with kids;
  • DFWEverything, a collection of resources geared especially to parents. Find everything from child care to party resources and information on government support; and
In addition to all of this, they offer special editions geared toward specific parents, including:
  • Thrive: a quarterly publication focusing on parents or caretakers of children with learning differences and/or special needs; and
  • DallasChildBaby: a biannual issue geared toward new and expectant parents.

For additional information and up-to-the-moment local happenings, check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+

Also be sure and stop by their table at the Spring Bash! They'll be at the Southside Events Center at Gilley's Dallas on May 2nd from 11 am to 6 pm. We can't wait to see you there! 

Etsy Dallas will be posting artist previews and up-to-the-minute updates on our Instagram account and will be using the hashtags #etsydallas and #2015springbash, so make sure you're following us!