{Artist Spotlight} Rebecca Ramos Jewelry

We know many of you love Rebecca Ramos Jewelry. We are thrilled Rebecca will be back as one of our vendors for the 2019 Etsy Dallas Spring Bash on May 4. Rebecca took a few minutes to do a little Q&A session just for y’all …

What are you most looking forward to for the Spring Bash?
I love the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash because the weather is always beautiful and shoppers are out and about looking fresh and happy. They are usually looking for gifts for mom as well as special little treats for themselves. It’s a bright and shiny show for sure.

Is your shop offering anything new, special or different at the Bash?
This show I have some fantastically trendy materials to work into my line. The new mother of pearl and acrylic accents blend flawlessly with the layered looks that are so popular right now. It’s very exciting and airy for Spring and Summer.

What is your favorite part of prepping for an upcoming show?
I love changing up my displays and jewelry offerings. Finding all the newest trends and doing them in my style. It’s always a super rewarding challenge.

What makes this event special for you?
I absolutely love seeing all my past customers. I love it so much that I even offer a “super customer” discount. If you are wearing a piece of Rebecca Ramos Jewelry that you purchased at a past show, you get a discount on your purchase at this show. I especially love it when the customer just happens to be wearing a piece and didn’t even know about the special discount. That’s the best!

What is a typical day of work like for you?
A typical day starts off with all the business part of business. Yuck. I get that out of the way first thing so I can move on to all the fun. The afternoons are spent getting dinner ready and hanging out with my kiddos. I don’t really get moving and creative until the later hours. I am definitely a night owl.

What is your professional background, and how did it lead you to the creative work you are pursuing now?
I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the arts — I was very lucky in this matter. I studied Industrial Design in college and then ended up working at a marketing company after graduation. I went on to open my own advertising agency and helped others with their brands for about 10 years. From there I found my love of making again and taught myself all about metal clay and jewelry making processes.

What inspires your work?
There is a strong form and function theme that runs through my work. I love when a piece just has that perfect “movement.” The way the metal moves from one shape to another. Each of my sculpted pieces are true one-of-a-kinds, and I love that aspect of my work.

What do you find the most challenging about your work?
It’s very challenging to stay innovative and relevant in this industry. There are so many amazing makers — especially at the Etsy Dallas shows. Each maker is constantly bringing their “A game” and it is a challenge to stay on trend while still remaining true to the vision that you have for your work.

Do you have any tips for finding work/life balance?
For me, it comes down to segmenting my day into little pockets. When my family is at work and school, I’m working. When they are home, I stay present and available for them. It doesn’t always work out this way. I definitely haven’t won any mom or wife awards lately. But when the family is home, I try my best to be here — both physically and mentally — even if it does mean that I miss out on a bunch of sleep when I have to work into the late hours to get my work finished.

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