Sponsor spotlight: Whipped Up Wonderful

We love Whipped Up Wonderful’s amazing line of bath bombs, bubble bars and perfumes. Alexis is a top seller of bath bombs on Etsy for a reason. You’ll love her items, all made with biodegradable and renewable ingredients. Everything in her shop is cruelty free and most are vegan. 

Be sure to stop by her booth and treat yourself at the Spring Bash this Sunday, May 7, at Gilley's Dallas. We will be there 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Alexis took a quick break from whipping up all the things for a Q&A with us ...

What are you most looking forward to for the 2017 Spring Bash?

Shopping! I always look forward to getting to meet some local makers. 

Is your shop offering anything new/special/different at the Bash?

I’ll be offering some debut products, like my rainy days bath bombs , my bath macarons, and hopefully my new Jelly Bean Bath Melts.

What is your favorite part of prepping for the Spring Bash?

I love planning my booth. Spring and Summer require different looks than Fall shows, so I get to really have fun and experiment. Also the time crunch - nothing makes you more creative than a deadline!

What makes this event special for you?

This will be the first year I’m attending the show not only as a vendor, but as part of the Etsy Dallas Leadership Team! I always make time for the Bash’s any way (being that they are the best independent handmade art and craft show in Dallas), but being such a part of making this show happen makes it all the more special.