Learn Arm Knitting with Woolly Element

We love Woolly Element. It's so cool to see Clare creating her extreme knitting pieces. We aren't ready for those giant needles just yet, but Clare was kind enough to share her pro tips for learning arm knitting. It's perfect for those of us who are new to knitting or just looking to try something different. Thank you, Clare! 

Learn A New Craft This Spring - Arm Knitting with Woolly Element, Inspired by Flax and Twine

At Woolly Element, we LOVE large scale knitting. But we also know that high quality, super chunky yarn and industrial sized needles come at high price points and may be hard to find.  Enter: arm knitting. With arm knitting, you can use a variety of yarn types, often layering up several strands at once to get that super bulky look. There is no need for needles - all you need is your arms and your yarn. Finally, arm knitting is perfect for first-timers and experienced knitters alike, and it is super FUN. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get started.

My arm knitting journey

I have the opportunity to travel A LOT and so I am always bringing along projects for the plane. When I traveled to Australia in 2017, I brought along a print out of arm knitting instructions from Anne Weil (Flax and Twine) and some yarn… and I learned how to arm knit on the plane. It took some trial and error (and it stirred a lot of interest from flight attendants and other passengers), but I got the hang of it, and by the end of my flight, I was well underway with my first arm knitting project.

Clare Kearney of Woolly Element arm knits a chunky scarf with Little Dandelion, K1S1 yarn, 100% merino wool, on a flight back to Dallas.

Clare Kearney of Woolly Element arm knits a chunky scarf with Little Dandelion, K1S1 yarn, 100% merino wool, on a flight back to Dallas.

At about this time last year, I was looking to put this new skill to use. I was so excited to find Flax and Twine's adorable arm knit bunny and decided to make one for my niece for her 1st birthday (which happened to land on Easter!). Check out how adorable it is in this super short video: Giant Arm Knit Bunny

If you are at all interested in trying your hand at this, I highly encourage you give it a go. Here is the full pattern for this giant arm knit bunny, with step-by-step video instructions on how to arm knit (again, great for learners and beginners) and how to create and construct this lovable bunny for someone special this Spring.

The price point is $6, and Flax and Twine is offering a limited number of 20% off discounts -- just use the discount code: HOPPING

Through my own trial and error, here are some tips and tricks to help you make this beautiful bunny:

  • If you are a traditional knitter but new to arm knitting, note that you don't "flip" your work with arm knitting. Instead, you go back and forth, moving the stitches from your left arm to your right, and then from your right arm to your left. So even though you'll use all knit stitches, you'll actually create a stockinette stitch (flat on one side, bumpy on the other) instead of a garter stitch. This is all you need to learn and do to create this bunny. Note: if you do in fact want to make something in the garter stitch, you'll need to knit one row, then purl the next row, and repeat. This is what I did to make the scarf above. 
  • Who will be loving this bunny once you're done? If that "somebunny" is a young child, you'll want to consider certain modifications:
    • For the eyes - use a different color yarn (black, blue, brown, etc) instead of buttons.
    • For the ears - skip on the optional gauge wire. The floppy ears are super cute! 
    • Think ahead about the stuffing. You'll want to match the color of the filing to the color of your yarn. When I made my bunny, I had a polyester / fiberfill stuffing ready to use, but then I realized that it would likely fall out between the stitches. So I filled that stuffing in a burlap material and made a kind of handmade pillow, and then I filled the bunny with the stuffed pillow. However, I would recommend following Anne's recommendations here -- you can get a quilting batting as the filler or you can reuse an old blanket or comforter, if you have one available. 

As you start and progress on your first arm knit project, please reach out with any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you. You can reach me at clare@woollyelement.com or on Instagram

Happy knitting and happy spring!

Make Kawaii Bunny Charms with Katrina

Hey friends!  Katrina of Rhapsody Letterpress here today to share a fun, easy Spring project that you can do with your kids.  My daughter and I had a blast making these little Kawaii inspired bunny rabbit charms!  Now she wants to make all sorts of little characters!  Check out the tutorial below, and if you try it, show us on Instagram by tagging @etsydallas with #etsydallascrafts.

Purchase oven-bake clay like Sculpey and necklace chains at a craft store, and follow these simple steps.  You can place the hoop on the top behind the ears to have the charm lie flush.

kawaiibunnycharm (4).jpg
kawaiibunnycharm (3).jpg
Bake, then paint with fingernail polish, and dot the eyes and x the nose with a fine tip sharpie.

Bake, then paint with fingernail polish, and dot the eyes and x the nose with a fine tip sharpie.

2016 Spring Bash Bag Reveal!

The Spring Bash kicks off at 10:30am this year, but you may want to get there early for a chance to snag one of our ever popular Bash Bags. The first 50 shoppers in line for the Bash will get one of these reusable bags chock full of Spring Bash vendor swag!

At the Bash Bag stuffing party we got a sneak peek at what's in the bag and are pretty excited (anyone wanna wait in line for us?!) and we think you will be too!

A huge thank you to our amazing Bash Bag sponsors this year:

Guys & Ties - Bow Ties
Wandering Paper Co - Cards
Precious Little Tot - Key Chains Wristlet
The Pig and the Peacock - Handmade Soap
Of Earth - Necklaces 
Captivated Calligraphy - Cards
Quirk + Thrift - Coin Purse
A Cheery Blossom - Leather Cord Wraps
Unboxed Studio - Pencils 
Expressions Bracelets - Charms
InYourBones - Embroidered Appliqués 
Land of the Thread - Bracelets
Lemon Glaze - Charms
Makers Connect - Buttons 
Kathleen Care Jewelry - Bracelets 
Tessa Bunny's - Organic Play Clay
Silver Tines Spoon Jewelry - Key Chains 
Tesoro Jewelry - Engraved Bracelets
And some surprises from Pop Shop America, PediaQ, and Etsy Dallas!

Don't forget, to get your very own Bash Bag you'll have to get there early! See you Saturday!

Easter & Spring Gifts from Etsy Dallas

Celebrating with your family this weekend?  Check out these unique candy alternatives every bunny is sure to love, handmade in Dallas, Texas by our very own talented makers!  Click the pictures to take the link!

1. Knot Baby Headband by PreciousLittleTot
2. Organic Pastel Bunny Plush by RegalCottage
3. Wooden Moon Pendant by SurlyBunny
4. Cucumber Melon Bath Bomb by WhippedUpWonderful
5. Foxy Fox Baby Onesie by DowdyStudio
6. Owl Soap by ThePigAndThePeacock

Freshly picked finds for spring

It's official: Spring has arrived. Here are some fresh picks from the Etsy Dallas team to brighten up your world. Now it's time to kick back with a tall glass of iced tea and enjoy the sunshine.

 Hand Painted Floral Folded Greeting Card by Magnolia Tree Paperie

 Dainty Pendant Necklace by estieMade

Handmade Glycerin Soap Green Butterfly by The Pig And The Peacock

Spring Awakening: In the Pink

It's no secret I love pink. Just take a peek at my logo and many of the things in my shop, Jenni20 Designs.

And though spring means cute baby animals, tender shoots of plants pushing out of the dirt, trees blossoming in riotous colors before leafing out in green, green, and more green, spring is also a great time to bring back pink. After all, pink and green are great partners, no?

Even if pink isn't your thing (although I can't believe it!), I'm sure you know and adore someone who loves to live life in the pink. Perhaps you can share some of these blushing beauties with them.

Click on the photoset below to find out which Etsy Dallas artist made these lovelies!

etsy dallas

Spring Break

Whether you're lucky enough to actually pack your bags this March or just need a little mental Spring Break, here are some great handmade travel goodies curated by Jenni of Jenni20 Designs. (She knows a thing or two about travel, y'all.)


The sun was warm yesterday as I sat on a patio with good friends sipping good brews. We might have left our wild and crazy school days behind to work 9-5 jobs, but who says we have to leave SPRING BREAK behind, too?

Here are some hand-crafted items from fellow Etsy Dallas members and a few travel tips I've picked up along the way.

1. Being organized doesn't have to be boring...
Tuck your passport into an oilcloth passport cover and never fumble around in the bottom of your bag for it when it's your turn to step from behind the yellow line.

passport cover by Jenni20 Designs

2. Postcards are so 20th century...
Send along some snail mail they'll actually love. (Wish you were here, dear!)

hello dear by PaperBeatsRock

3. Leave your pet sitter with a fashionable key chain they wouldn't dare lose...
Of course, it might be difficult to get your keys back when you return because it's so awesome, but that's for another blog post.

leather key chain by Gildem

4. Hotel amenities can be hit or miss...
Have sensitive skin or just like to shower with your favorite scent? It's best to bring your own soap.

handmade glycerin soap by The Pig and the Peacock

5. People like interesting vacation stories...
Meet a celebrity on the beach? Need to reflect on the interesting encounter you had with a handsome stranger in an art museum? Keep all your wicked thoughts in one place--and then tell me when you get back!

hand stamped moleskine by Made by Rori

6. Always eat where the locals eat...
Always. Trust me on this.

print by Squint Photography