Etsy Dallas: What Our Moms Make

In honor of mothers everywhere, we asked Etsy Dallas members to show and tell us what their moms make. Every Etsy Dallas member has their own unique artistic talents, and we have a suspicion that at least some of those skills can be accredited to our hardworking and amazing moms.

We love you moms! Thanks for passing down the passion for handmade in that gene pool!

"My maternal grandmother was the seamstress in the family and she passed down her skills and so forth to my mom who helps me out in her free time, and in her summers off (since she's a teacher) she quilts and works on additional home decor sewing projects."
-Cut Out and Collect

"For Christmas my mom hand knitted a beautiful red scarf to keep me warm throughout the cold Texas winter."
-Dowdy Studio (Pamela)

"My mother is a sewing genius--from my favorite Rainbow Bright Halloween costume in the 80s, to my favorite Sunday dresses, to every conceivable theatrical costume--my mother made them all with more love and care than the finest haute couture modiste."

"My mom, Monta, spent days hand-painting and crafting wooden directional signs for our wedding last October."
- Dowdy Studio/Dylan

"Not only did my mom teach me how to sew, but she is super crafty, always working on projects with us, baking us the most amazing cakes (like the Easter cake that was a tree stump with tiny rabbits living in it), and today she continues to make jewelry along with my Dad."
-Mia Maria

"Oh yeah, you could definitely say I get my crafty spirt from my craftabulous Mom who embroiders, paints amazing oil paintings, and makes awesome all natural soap."
-Regal Cottage

"My mom knits sweaters, caps and tiny little boy scarves for Ian, my son".

My mom, Ruth - costumer extraodinaire!

My mom hand sewed all of my winter coats when I was a baby/toddler because they couldn't afford a sewing machine (dad was a struggling medical resident), and she knew nothing of reading a pattern, so she eyeballed everything she made.
-YLK Photography