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More Treats to Beat the Heat

1. It's a Hoot Apron by miamaria
2. English Garden Pearl Necklace by Tefi
3. Mini Bowls by Karmacrochet
4. Sweetest Matryoshka Dolls by RegalCottage
5. Mini Donut Ornament or Keychain by Midnightsnack
6. Organic Baby Onesie by thepapernestco
7. Peaceful 8x10 Print by themiscellany
8. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Cards by ohlouisedesigns
9. Green Glasses Passport Cover by Jenni20

It seems the heat is here to stay for awhile, so Anna from For the Love of Joy found us some more cool picks to help us beat the heat. Enjoy!

Meet the Pets of Etsy Dallas

On top of a love for all things handmade, Etsy Dallas loves pets! They are our best friends, the love of our lives, and for some Etsy Dallas members, they make the best models!

Meet Leia, a two year old yorkie, who is the most adorable little model for DC Imaginations Chau Ly. Leia likes to spend her summers hanging with her favorite ducky toy and sleeping. While she is afraid of the vacuum, she likes to bully the other dog in the house, by stealing his food and chasing him in the yard!

Another dog model is Olive, part of a dog and cat trio at Maria Day's house. Olive and her brother Sammy are both chocolate labs and have been on billboards with local radio personalities-in fact; Olive loves the camera and loves to be in photo shoots!

The two love to play with their feline friend, Wasabi who was rescued by Maria when only a few hours old. Sammy was also rescued by Maria, who found him walking the city streets (hooray for rescues). When these three aren't running around the house like crazy entertaining their parents, perhaps Maria should stop feeding them popcorn, which she says is like crack for them!

Dacia of The Ruffly Owl has two talented pups, Emma and Hiro, both rat terriers. These two mischievous pups love treats and have been known to help themselves to stuff on the counter. They thought that they were teaming up to climb up to the high counter, but as it turns out, they are quite the high jumpers!

Another special talent? They roll over and play dead when you say "bang"! How cool are they?

A lot of our Etsy Dallas members have rescued their four legged friends. Stefanie, of Tefi, is a lifelong animal advocate and has rescued many a furry friend. Most have gone on to find forever homes with others, but a few stole her heart. The first rescue that became a permanent family member was George, a little white kitty she smuggled into her UT Austin dorm in 1994.

Then, when Stephanie started volunteering at Operation Kindness, a no-kill animal shelter, she walked a little white fur ball named Oliver. When Oliver became ill, she took him home and nursed him back to health, and the rest is history.

Lastly, to round out her fur family, is a kitty, Zoe, that she saved in the "snowpocalypse" this past March. Zoe loves to play with Stephanie's son Ian, so even though she is allergic to cats, it's all worth it.

Operation Kindness is also where Etsy Dallas member Laura Childs, of childsPLAYdesign, adopted her two rescue dogs, Jess-a hound dog, and Daisy an English pointer.

Jess, who is 12, loves to sleep the day away, while younger sister Daisy (11) scans the yard, patrolling for squirrels. She is actually so good at catching squirrels, that she proudly brings them back to Laura, who now has special "squirrel disposal" gloves (ick)!

Jess's favorite treat is ice cubes, which is perfect for beating the summer heat, but he will eat pretty much anything (including Daisy's squirrels), which is why Laura describes them as the fat one and the fast one!

Another rescued pup is Opie, a 10 year old lab rottie mix, who also likes to chase squirrels (although he finds opossums much easier to catch). He was found near downtown Dallas, tangled up in a fence when he was a puppy. Once he looked up with those big puppy eyes, Sabrina, of The Pig and the Peacock, was in love (even though she is allergic to dogs).

Although he used to be afraid of the water, he finally found his water legs (the lab in him) and now it is impossible to get him out of the water, especially in the summertime. There was even a time that he swam so far into White Rock Lake, Sabrina was sure they would have to swim out to rescue him.

Another dog in the Pig and Peacock family is Jenny's dog Buddy, an English lab, who was best buds with Opie. The pair went on camping trips, hiking, and weekends to the lake house together with the family.

Etsy Dallas also has its fair share of feline fur babies. Cats, true to form, are quite opinionated, and these kitties are no different.

Twelve year old Sam, a Bengal cat, is very vocal. Anytime owner Patricia, of Karmacrochet, says "No" to him, he is sure to tell her how he feels about that. He is also quite the cat "alarm", not only does he wake Patricia up when he hears the alarm clock, he has also alerted her when an electrical fire broke out in the middle of the night!

Another Etsy Dallas kitty is Zena, a Siamese mix. Also an alarm clock, she has decided that mom Bonnie, of BonnyBeads, no longer needs her beauty sleep on the weekends, and nips at her until she wakes. Ouch!

Xena, true to her warrior princess namesake, puts up a good fight when it is time to go to the vet. It has take Bonnie over 30 minutes (and quite a few Band-Aids) to get Xena in her sherpa bag for the vet. So if anyone knows of any house call vets, send their names her way.

Weekend Guide June 18 + 19

Date: Saturday, June 18
Time: 11am-5pm
Location: 2820 Indiana Blvd, Dallas
Cost: Free to attend!
Etsy Dallas Member Participating: Dowdy Studio

Date: Saturday, June 18
Time: 2pm-6pm
Location: 6337 Prospect Ave, Dallas
Cost: Free to attend! Live music, Free snacks and drinks + more!
More Info: click here
Etsy Dallas Members Participating: Dowdy Studio, Tefi, Cut Out and Collect, La Alicia

From Podcasts to Pop Culture - A Playlist from Tefi Designs

Meredith from SheepishKnittingCrochet recently interviewed Stephanie from Tefi Designs in order to give us more insight into her creative process.

What kind of music do you listen to when you create?

At the risk of sounding incredibly un-hip, I usually have the TV on or am listening to my favorite NPR programs like Cartalk, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and Radio Lab.
I have a toddler; my "making stuff" time usually happens right after he's fallen asleep around 8:30 p.m. As a compulsive and proud multi-tasker, I pair up my creative time with my "story watching" time. Current favorites: Weeds, Psych, Law & Order: UK, and The Good Wife.
Do certain genres of music affect your creative process?

Grindcore pretty much makes my creative process wilt and the Blues make me want to poke out my eardrums. Otherwise, I dig all genres at some point or other.

How does music fit into your creative routine?

I usually listen to music when I'm sitting at the computer updating my web site, blogging, and writing press releases. Music basically factors into the part of my creative business that is less "creative" and more "business." (But as a professional writer, I would argue that writing is creative, so there you go.)

Name some of your favorite artists/bands.

Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura, The Smiths, Metallica (no, I'm not kidding), the bird and the bee, Grandaddy. Pretty much what I liked 10 years ago I still like today. I'm a loyal music fan - I don't normally stray and pretty much like everything my favorites make.
**NOTE: In the music collage, the bands pictured are Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura, The Smiths, and Metallica

Contrary to what I just said, I recently discovered Florence + The Machine and LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Etsy Dallas Weekend Guide May 21 + 22

Date: Saturday, May 21st and Sunday, May 22nd
Time: 11am-7pm
Location: Palmer Events Center, Austin
More Info: http://www.renegadecraft.com/austin

Date: Sunday, May 22
Time: 4pm-8pm
Location: In front of Enos, 407 N. Bishop Ave, Dallas
Etsy Dallas Member Participating: Dowdy Studio (pick up a limited edition Brew Riot Tee by Dowdy Studio)

Etsy Dallas: What Our Moms Make

In honor of mothers everywhere, we asked Etsy Dallas members to show and tell us what their moms make. Every Etsy Dallas member has their own unique artistic talents, and we have a suspicion that at least some of those skills can be accredited to our hardworking and amazing moms.

We love you moms! Thanks for passing down the passion for handmade in that gene pool!

"My maternal grandmother was the seamstress in the family and she passed down her skills and so forth to my mom who helps me out in her free time, and in her summers off (since she's a teacher) she quilts and works on additional home decor sewing projects."
-Cut Out and Collect

"For Christmas my mom hand knitted a beautiful red scarf to keep me warm throughout the cold Texas winter."
-Dowdy Studio (Pamela)

"My mother is a sewing genius--from my favorite Rainbow Bright Halloween costume in the 80s, to my favorite Sunday dresses, to every conceivable theatrical costume--my mother made them all with more love and care than the finest haute couture modiste."

"My mom, Monta, spent days hand-painting and crafting wooden directional signs for our wedding last October."
- Dowdy Studio/Dylan

"Not only did my mom teach me how to sew, but she is super crafty, always working on projects with us, baking us the most amazing cakes (like the Easter cake that was a tree stump with tiny rabbits living in it), and today she continues to make jewelry along with my Dad."
-Mia Maria

"Oh yeah, you could definitely say I get my crafty spirt from my craftabulous Mom who embroiders, paints amazing oil paintings, and makes awesome all natural soap."
-Regal Cottage

"My mom knits sweaters, caps and tiny little boy scarves for Ian, my son".

My mom, Ruth - costumer extraodinaire!

My mom hand sewed all of my winter coats when I was a baby/toddler because they couldn't afford a sewing machine (dad was a struggling medical resident), and she knew nothing of reading a pattern, so she eyeballed everything she made.
-YLK Photography

Daily Discoveries: What's Black, White + Read All Over?

These awesome picks from our Spring Bash vendor lineup!

Clockwise from top left: Texting Cards from the Paper Nest Co., Fabric Leaves Venice Script Branches from Jane Joss, Latitude Earrings from Ornamental Things, Keyboard Shortcuts No. 2 Pencils from One Up Designs, and Morning News - Japanese Linen Brooch from Tefi

Etsy Dallas Groovin' to the Beats

We asked our Etsy Dallas members as we get closer to the Spring Bash what tunes they prefer to listen to in their studios while creating. We wanted to know what they're go to music was, and this is what they said:

Regina/Regal Cottage says - I've always got Pandora on whilst I'm sewing. I like to mix it up.
Lately, my favorite stations are:
1. Feist
2. Johnny Cash
3. Kelly Buchanan
4. the Smiths (when I'm in funk, this kinda makes it worse)
5. Daniel Johnston (pulls me right out of it)

Laura/childsPLAYdesign said: Prince. Nothing but Prince. Forward, backwards and upside down.

Maggie/maggiemayi said: If I am in the closet I watch all kinds of stuff on Hulu. But it has to be something that won't totally steal my focus. Tried to watch Glee and that so does not work. That is like an hour of "not so productive!" If I am working on other parts of the house I usually put on the tv for background noise. I learned an awful lot about prison gangs last week while making my Bash Bag favors!

Pamela/Dowdy Studio said: So the best thing to keep my focus in our studio is to crank up some great music that gets the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing so all the creativity and artistic muscle can come on out and do it's thang to get ready for the big show.
On my studio playlist right now:
1. Vetiver
2. Akron/Family
3. The Woods
4. Man Man

Stephanie/Tefi said: I have the TV on! Something police drama-related or a good BBC production gets me through the tedious hours of packaging and labeling. :) The Smiths station on Pandora is one of my favorites! I also love these Pandora stations:
1. Belle and Sebastian
2. She and Him
3. Cocteau Twins (but not if you're sleepy)
4. the bird and the bee

And here's a little something to get you going on your projects. Cheers!

Posted by: Pamela/Dowdy Studio

Tefi: The Definition of Awesome!

Up next in our member spotlight series is the founder of Etsy Dallas: Stephanie Hindall of Tefi! And let me tell you, she is one cool chick. She started out selling her handmade jewelry to friends and family, and in June of 2006 she opened her Etsy shop to reach a broader audience. “I was also too scared at that point to sell at shows, so I thought putting my stuff out there behind the safety of a computer screen would ease me into selling my handmade goods,” says Stephanie. Well, I’d say she got over that fear – in September 2007 she started Etsy Dallas to create an active craft community, which has become one of the most prominent teams within Etsy!

Not only are the products Stephanie makes absolutely to-die-for, but she really places an emphasis on unique, sustainable materials. “I work with rare, designer and vintage scraps of fabric that were destined to be thrown out. Repurposing them, I create new pretty things such as necklaces, hair clips, brooches and wall art. I also still do some beading with a focus on natural materials such as felted wool (I needle felt all my own beads), nuts and seeds my mom brought me back from the Colombian rainforest, and Ming dynasty pottery shards - broken pieces of old pottery repurposed into pendants.”

Stephanie is also an expert at infusing each item with its own unique personality… her necklaces will have you dreaming of Cabo, Japanese zen gardens, and everything in between. And while you are dreaming of your island in the sun, feel good knowing that a portion of all Tefi’s proceeds goes to local animal rescue groups.

Stephanie is an animal rescuer herself – her pup Oliver and cat Zoe both found a home with Tefi! She lives in Oak Cliff with absolutely adorable 2-year-old son Ian and supportive baby-daddy Jason. (One of the many awesome things about being her neighbor: Ian used to wear these shoes with squeakers in them, and every so often I’d hear a little squeak-squeak-squeak toddling up the street… still makes me giggle!) A professional grant writer and fundraiser, she does not know the meaning of the word ‘sleep,’ but in her limited amount of free time enjoys watching BBC movies, writing, martial arts, and dancing to Kool + the Gang with Ian. Steph, can we make that happen at the Spring Bash?

You can shop for your own Tefi originals online at www.tefi.etsy.com, at her booth in Oak Cliff at Indie Genius, or at the upcoming Spring Bash.



twitter - @tefidesigns


Visual Recap from +Cool Art

It was a couple weeks ago, there was snow on the ground, it was quiet outside and a few of us Etsy Dallas artists decided to hold an intimate trunk show called All You Need is Love + Cool Art. Here's some pics of what happened.

A view from our front window the day before the + Cool Art show.

Outside Larry's house, where the show was. Luckily the snow melted a bit that day. You know Texas shuts down when it snows, so we're really excited that we were able to make it.

It was warm and cozy inside where we set up out handmade goodies all over Larry's house. Larry, the Kessler Craftsman, and Tefi took over the dining room.

A close up of Tefi's pretty fabric yo-yo necklaces.

This was our set up. We shared the living room with Cut Out and Collect. We blocked the TV with our ginormous display.

That's okay, because Cut Out and Collect blocked the fireplace. We joked about turning it on....but we're too nice for that. Plus we heart her handmade bags and like them better not on fire.

posted by Pamela/Dowdy Studio

Etsy Dallas Online Shopping: Free Shipping!

Free Shipping Sales: July 18-19
We had so much fun with our last free shipping event, that we decided to do it again! This time we decided to cast away our shipping fees for the weekend and board the free shipping boat. This is gonna be like one big boat party where we'll be touring all these fine Etsy Dallas members' shops. Each one has something amazing to bring to our seaward adventure.

The Plaid Mushroom
First to board our Free Shipping boat tour is The Plaid Mushroom. This shop offers quality handmade lipbalms perfumes, and lotions made from scratch with no bases, so you can completely indulge yourself. Items purchased between July 16 and 19th will receive FREE SHIPPING! See The Plaid Mushroom's Etsy Shop for more details.

it's not me, it's you.

Laura Davis Design Lab
Our next stop on the Free Shipping boat tour is Laura Davis Design Lab. Here you can find one of a kind embroidered pillows and repurposed vintage dinnerware for your empty tables and couches.

Banana Showcase
Hope you are planning on packing a lunch and some sunscreen for this fun boat ride. If you are you can find some really great bags at Banana Showcase to store all your extreme adventure supplies for the boat trip, or for everyday. Get free shipping until midnight on Sunday at Banana Showcase.

Pamela Michelle
As we reach Pamela Michelle's shop, we can indulge in her nature inspired wooden pendants, handmade art necklaces and original art prints. There's nothing like getting a little natural site seeing done on a free shipping boat tour. All item in Pamela Michelle's shop are free of any shipping charges to the US and Canada.

Dowdy Studio
Let's row on over to our favorite men's clothing shop, Dowdy Studio. These music inspired hand drawn illustrations will add some much needed audible flavor to our boat tour. Dowdy Studio is offering free shipping to the US and Canada through Sunday at midnight.

Places in the Heart
Tefi Designs
If you dressed for this boat tour, then you can easily grab yourself some beautiful summery jewelry from Tefi Designs. This designer knows how to attract attention with color, and what girl doesn't want that when she's on the Free Shippng boat? Tefi Designs is offering free shipping on her fabric pendants and fuzzy ball necklaces until the endo of July, so if you miss out this weekend, you still have time to snag one of these beauties.

Colorful Alphabet Poster
Design Roots
And last on the tour, but certianly not least is Design Roots. Join her in celebrating the birth of their first daughter, bridgette eloise - born july 2nd, 2009! Everything in this shop will be ON SALE through the month of July.

by Pamela Michelle

Etsy Dallas Weekend Guide: Online Shopping Edition!

Great holiday shopping deals have docked in the land of Etsy Dallas. We've got everything from free gift with purchase, discounted goods, and free shipping this weekend.

LinkBrenda White - Free gift with purchase
Brenda White likes to incorporate ribbons, papers, fabric, beads, you name it, to create embellished desktop items. The items in her shop make a fun statement, are functional, and best of all they are reasonably priced.

To celebrate the 4th of July Brenda White is tossing up freebies like firecrackers. Purchase anything in Brenda White's shop and she'll send ya a free 6 pack of matchbook note cards. This sale runs from Friday, July 3rd to Sunday, July 5th online in the Brenda White Etsy shop.

Pamela Michelle - Art Necklace Sale
Join Pamela Michelle, a fun loving wooden jewelry designer and illustrator, in her Etsy Shop this week for a can't miss sale! All Art Necklaces are on sale for $12.00 each. There's no code or coupon to purchase. Each has been marked down from $15.00, so everyone can have a chance wear a little Pamela Michelle.

Each art necklace is made from a mini print of one of Pamela's original works on canvas and is handmade, so each one gets tons of love before it's finished. Happy shopping!

A select few Etsy Dallas members are throwing up a free shipping sail....I mean sale. Check out Tefi Designs, Alicia Colina-Ashby, Cut Out and Collect, Pamela Michelle, Artful Expression, Sadie's Things and Laura Davis Design Lab for some more great deals on shipping. The sale is from July 2nd to July 6th, so you can find amazing handmade goods and not worry about paying extra for it to get to you. So have fun shopping!

Etsy Dallas Weekend Guide: June 19-21

Hey Hey! It's Weekend time again! Check out all the fun stuff to do in Dallas this weekend. If your fun meter isn't at max capacity after the weekend, swing on down to San Antonio on Tuesday for even more handmade excitement!

Best of Texas' What Not to Wear viewing party - Dallas
If you're in the Dallas area, swing on by Best of Texas' What Not to Wear viewing party starring local maven Amanda Warr who recently got a fashion redux on the hit television show. The fun is happening at Jack's Backyard, a swell new dive in Oak Cliff.

Come out and support, Attitudes and Attire, a very worthy cause that provides stylish clothing and job interview training for low-income women searching for viable employment. There will be a huge raffle starting at 7:45pm benefiting this cause.

Items for auction by fellow Etsy Dallas-ites include a pair of earring by f. is for frank and a set of notecards by design roots, and a Juicy Fruit necklace from Tefi Designs.

Date: Friday, June 19th
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Location: Jack’s Backyard, 2303 Pittman Dallas, 75208
Web site: bestoftexas.com/promotions/wntw-viewing/
Cost: FREE!! Please RSVP online (above)

Creative Circle – Oak Cliff
Ever get that itch to get a little crafty and socialize at the same time? Come down and visit Etsy Dallas member, Larry, the Kessler Craftsman, in his studio, stay a while, enjoy good conversation, meet new friends, snack on good foods and get your built up artsy out.

laid back and casual studio welcomes anyone with any skill level or medium. He also welcome’s you to bring whatever you’d like to eat or drink or share. He’s been hosting Creative Circles in his home studio since March in 2008, and is always willing to teach or learn something new.

If you ask, he might even show you some of his glass mosaic lamps or handmade furniture.

Date: Friday, June 19th (also eveyr 1st and 3rd Friday of each month)
Time: 7pm
Location: 1027 N. Windomere, Dallas (Home of the first Etsy Dallas Beer-B-Q)
Website: http://kesslercraftsmanblog.blogspot.com/
Cost: FREE

LolaFolk Summer Sale - Online
The Lolafalk brand was born out of a love of bright colors, shiny fabrics and the initial need to develop a line of handbags that satisfied its originator’s insatiable desire for all things subtly eclectic and understatedly quirky. All Lolafalk handbags and accessories are cut and sewn by hand, and every last detail is accounted for – from the carefully crafted design of each item, to each item’s description, to the overall attitude and style of the brand.

And now till June 30th, you can get Lolafalk ‘s designer Urban Lola Totes at 15% off!

15% off all Urban Lola Totes through June 30.
(Discount will be applied at time of purchase).

Date: Thru June 30th
Location: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5641738&section_id=5479143
Discount: 15% off! Woo!
Website: http://www.blogger.com/www.lolafalkdesigns.etsy.com

Tefi Designs Trunk Show - Dallas
Stop by Move Studio to shop Tefi Designs in person (and why not take a yoga class while you're at it?). Stephanie will be showcasing her signature pieces, including: Ming Pottery
Shards, gemstone jewelry, and Nuts & Seeds (Colombian rainforest creations made with real nuts and seeds). 10% off your total purchase at this trunk show only!

Date: Saturday, June 20
Time: 9am-1pm
Location: Move Studio, 17062 Preston Road in north Dallas
Cost: FREE
Web site: http://movestudio.com/

Alamo City Etsy's 1st Haute Pink Bazaar – San Antonio
Down in San Antonio, our friends at Alamo City Etsy are putting their first trunk show. Alamo City Etsy's 1st Haute Pink Bazaar will be held Tuesday, June 23rd and boy are they excited! Come out to meet the Alamo City Street Team, mingle with other Alamo City natives and support the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation.

The event will feature the work of over a dozen artists and artisans, music, wine, hors d’ oeuvres and fun. You can even bid on an autographed Audrey Hephburn Photograph in a silent auction to benefit the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation.

Date: Tuesday, June 23rd
Time: 7pm - 11pm
Location: 707 S. St. Mary's, San Antonio
Website: alamocityetsy.blogspot.com
Cost: FREE

Posted by Pamela Michelle

Press for the Bash

We were thrilled to see two articles about the upcoming 1st Annual Etsy Dallas Spring Bash!

Many thanks to Jenn Emerson for her article in Hello Dallas, which features Etsy Dallas members Designing Diva and Silla Soup, and guest vendor adaptive reUse who comes to the Bash all the way from Austin!

We also tip our crafty hats to Lyndsay Knecht Milne for her article in NBC DFW About Town, featuring Etsy Dallas member Scribble Scrabble and Tefi Designs, and guest vendor Laura Davis Design Lab.

Thank you, lady scribes! We love the support of the Dallas area media. To read more press the team has received, go HERE.

posted by Stephanie of Tefi Designs

September Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following Etsy Dallas Members!

TigerBee Boxes: Patricia - Sept-1st

Binge & Purge
: Jodi - Sept-4th

: Debra - Sept- 7

Piddle Stitch
: Donna - Sept-12

Noodleloo: Kris - Sept-17

The Plaid Mushroom
: Christy - Sept-18

: Ryan - Sept-20

The Polka Dotted Zebra: Stephanie - Sept-20

: Holly - Sept-28

Knit Sisters
: Constanza - Sept-28

Trinkets & Bows
: Dena - Sept-28

Member Spotlight: Tefi Designs

I decided it was about time that someone from the leadership team had their moment of glory, and what a brilliant choice than the woman who started Etsy Dallas? Let’s put our hands together for the wonderful Stephanie Hindall of Tefi Designs. Her original vision was to keep the group to around 5 members. I think she was open to maybe 10 members. Yikes! Look what it has become. Etsy Dallas is way past 100 members and is still growing. She has organized the bleep out of Dallas Etsy members and there is more to come. So cheers to you Tefi!

Not only is she a great leader, but she is also a seasoned artist! My favorite items of Tefi’s would be her one of kind necklaces. From delicate peapods to her fun hot dog necklace, the girl has something for everyone. Lately she has been felting up a storm and has the sore fingers to prove this. She has named this latest venture fiddleheads. "Fiddlehead: a young fern waiting to unfurl and burst to life." I’m partial to the fuzzy green ball, Moss, necklace. In the all mighty words of Linda Ronstadt, “It’s so easy to fall in love with Tefi”.

I’ve only mentioned a few of her items so check out Tefi’s fabulous work at the following sites:

Etsy: http://www.tefi.etsy.com/
WEB SITE: http://www.tefidesigns.com/
BLOG: http://www.tefidesigns.blogspot.com/

by b.liscious/brenda

Seeing Double

When you check out our Member page on our web site that lists members' shops, you might notice that there is more lurking behind the scenes...

Many of us creative people have more than one passion, and we display that passion by opening various Etsy shops. This blog entry is an ode to those other doppleganger shops. So check them out and see all the great variety Etsy Dallas has to offer!

Member: Carrie of Atom-In
Focus: resin jewelry
What's for sale there: vintage glass beads and supplies

Member: Brenda of B.Liscious
Focus: patchwork bags
What's for sale there: photography

Member: Mary of Mary's Madness
Focus: charm and beaded jewelry
What's for sale there: off-the-wall supplies

Member: Caroline of Pink Lemonade Bags
Focus: bags and totes
What's for sale there: fabric scraps and yardage

Member: Cindi of Rustique Art
Focus: wire and beaded crosses
What's for sale there: vintage collectibles

Member: Susan of Sadie's Things
Focus: antiques brass jewelry
What's for sale there: beaded and knitted jewelry

Member: Stephanie of Tefi Designs
Focus: gemstone, wire-wrapped, felted jewelry
What's for sale there: fabric and felt crafts (soon to merge with Tefi Designs' main shop)

Member: Jacky of Texas Tarts
Focus: vinyl cuff bracelets
What's for sale there: vintage goods

Member: Ashley of Ashley Akers Jewelry
Focus: metalsmith jewelry
Alternate shop: http://www.oliveandaqua.etsy.com/
What's for sale there: jewelry beads and supplies

Etsy Dallas in Quick DFW!

Woo Woo! Go team Etsy Dallas and your fabulous celeb-status!!

Did you see that our very own Tefi Designs and B.Licious were featured in this week's Quick!!

We're gonna have to get these girls private dressing rooms at the Beer-B-Q to give them a safe haven from the press and paparazzi!!! Practice your autographs girlies!!! Congrats!

If you didn't grab your own copy of Quick, check out the online version here.

by Pamela Michelle