Blog Crawl 2012

Blog Crawl: Week One
Welcome to the first installment of the Etsy Dallas Blog Crawl! Like any good pub crawl, our Blog Crawl will entertain you and introduce you to a different side of our fearless participants. Frothy beverage encouraged but not required. 

Many of our members author a blog, and these sites are as diverse and rad as the artists themselves. Make sure you add these to your daily readers; we love groupies!

This week, we feature two Etsy Dallas Members:

Meredith of Etsy Shop SheepishKnitCrochet
Meredith’s blog, One Sheepish Girl, began back in August of 2010.  It’s been amazing to watch this blog grow over the years.  She has a great eye for color and composition, and, let’s face it, she’s just the cutest thing ever! 
Three things you’ll love about OSG: tutorials that are coherent and totally do-able; photographs that showcase Meredith’s quirky cool style; and her curatorial feature: The Blush List. 
Ok, maybe four things you’ll love—she is a prolific blogger.  Updates all the time!  More eye candy all the time!!!!

Alicia of Etsy Shop LaAlicia

Alicia’s blog, creative adventures, began in January of 2008.  Throughout this blog, you’ll note Alicia’s commitment to making our world a better place.  Her particular brand of craftivism is evident not only in her works but also in her EcoMonday posts which feature products that are all at once functional, fabulous, and eco-conscious. 
Three things you’ll love about creative adventures: Alicia is a funny lady (her new Word for Wednesday posts never fail to make me giggle); her Meet the Artists posts feature cool folk that you’ll want to know more about; and you know when you read this blog that Alicia is a real, cool person. 

Blog Crawl authored by Jenni of Jenni20 Designs.