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Calling all procrastinators: apply now for Etsy Dallas 2018

Time is running out to apply for the 2018 Etsy Dallas team. Etsy Dallas is a group of local artists and crafters who are serious about their handmade businesses as well as the success of the team and its endeavors. Members are also invested in the Dallas community, working with Etsy Dallas to benefit different aspects of the creative community and culture that makes Dallas a great city. 

Our mission is to promote awareness and support of the handmade movement in Dallas and the surrounding Metroplex; to establish and maintain the integrity of the local handmade movement; to act as a cooperative resource and mentoring network to grow businesses within the handmade industry; to foster higher business standards within the handmade industry by encouraging better business practices and methods; to educate the public in the creation of modern handmade crafts in order to inspire and empower individuals and bring together communities. 

Applications close January 12, 2018. If you live in the Dallas area and are interested in applying for our team, apply now!

DIY sugar skull tutorial

We love this sugar skull DIY from Emily of MushTushy. We are excited to share this with you in time for fall, Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. This tutorial is so fun.

The cool thing about this project is that you can pick anything to paint, whether you want to use a piggy bank, an animal statue or even salt and pepper shakers such as the ones we used here. The options are limitless. For this tutorial, I bought little ceramic salt and pepper shakers from Target for $3 each. The only other supplies you will need are:

- paint pens (my personal favorites are fine point Sharpie oil based ones from Michael's or JoAnn's; be sure to use your coupons too!)
- flat white spray paint primer (my favorite is Rustoleum painters touch 2x cover from Walmart or Home Depot)
- pencil/eraser
- gloss varnish (my favorite is Liquitex gloss medium and varnish from JoAnn's)

I always suggest priming your store-bought statues in order to get the paint to properly adhere. So even if you have a white object, be sure to prime it first, unless it's flat matte white. Be sure to use one thin coat in order to avoid drips, peeling paint and longer dry time. I always try to wait at least a few hours or even overnight before attempting the next steps. 

Once your statue is dry, you can begin drawing your shapes and patterns. The only part I draw on is anything that I want to stay white. For example, for sugar skull patterns with bones, I outline the bones. If you feel more comfortable drawing out your entire design, feel free to do so. But remember the pencil will likely show through your lighter paint colors. Pencil can be erased from the primed surface, so don't be afraid to experiment with designs before using the paint pens.

Look up sugar skull designs, henna patterns, mandala art or any patterns. You can even add words to customize your project. The options for decorating are only limited to your imagination. After I block in the white areas with pencil, I draw my patterns and shapes with the markers. 

Once all your white is outlined and you've filled in the colors, the tedious work begins. Be sure to have a steady hand, and maybe don't attempt this after your 5th coffee of the day. Haha! Use the fine point black Sharpie and start outlining all the shapes with black, and then go back in with the thicker black Sharpie to fill in the remaining background. Once all the black is drawn on, touch up any color areas that have white splotches and then brush on the clear varnish. Don't put it on too thick and don't brush repeatedly in the same areas or color can pull off and the clear may dry a cloudy white.

After it dries, you have your beautiful hand-painted statue ready for display on your mantle, desk, entryway, etc. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Please feel free to follow me on Instagram and share photos of your completed projects! 


Weekend Guide Dec 4th-5th

Happy Friday! We have two handmade events for this weeks Weekend Guide. See below for where you can find some of our team members over the next few days!  

Holiday Open House and Gallery Reception
Date: Friday Dec 4th
Time: 5-7pm
Location: North Haven Gardens 7700 Northaven Rd, Dallas TX 75230
Participating Etsy Dallas Members:

In addition to shopping with local artisans, enjoy a glass of wine and sample flavors from the menu of the upcoming Cafe at NHG. Stroll through the gallery and stop by the Animal Rescue of Texas' Angel tree too! There will also be a pop-up DIY class at 5:30 where you can learn to make seasonal decor.

Move Studio Abundance Boutique Trunk Show
Date: Saturday Dec 5th
Time: 9am-1pm
Location: Move Studio 17062 Preston Rd Suite 108, Dallas TX 75248
More Info
Participating Etsy Dallas Members: 
 Kathleen Care Jewelry 
The Abundance Boutique also carries handmade items by several other Etsy Dallas members!

Ultimate Girls Night Out
Date: Wednesday Dec 9th
Time: 7-10pm
Location: Dallas Palms 2424 Marsh Ln, Dallas TX 75006
More Info
Participating Etsy Dallas Members: 
Whipped Up Wonderful 
Entry is free but please bring a toy to donate to Toys for Tots!

Shop Spotlight:EstieMade

Another Monday, another Shop Spotlight post! This week, we're featuring Etsy Dallas Team Member EstieMade. Esther Kao, owner and designer, creates unique, modern, and versatile jewelry pieces that will last you a lifetime.

EstieMade Aquamarine Half Moon Ring

What year did you start your shop? 2011
What is your shop's motto? Simple + wearable jewelry that is elegant enough for everyday wear.

EstieMade Dainty Tourmaline Rope Ring

What is your favorite item that you sell? Rings!
Fun fact about you: I rarely buy clothes - I spend my money on jewelry supplies instead!

EstieMade Geometric Stacking Bracelets

How did you get started? My first jewelry pieces were necklaces for my bridesmaids in 2009, and from there I got hooked on making jewelry. 

EstieMade Hand-Textured 14k Gold Stacking Rings

Anything else we should know about you? I have a background in graphic design and advertising, which has come in handy for developing my Etsy shop and branding.

EstieMade Triangle Malachite Necklace

Thank you so much, Esther! Your pieces are truly beautiful, and we're proud to have you on the team!

If you would like to know more about EstieMade, you can check out her other social media sites. And I definitely would, if I were you - she's usually posting some killer sneak peeks of upcoming designs and behind-the-scenes shots of her process!

Studio Snapshots: Liz Wiley

It’s time for another behind-the-scenes look at an Etsy Dallas studio. This time we have a special Q&A with Liz Wiley as well as a look at her workspace. 

What mediums do you work with?
I make paintings on canvas using oil and acrylic. I used to work only with oils, then I started experimenting with acrylic paints for my “1 painting a day series” paintings, because I needed them to dry fast. Now that’s about all I use unless a customer requests I use oil paints.  
How is your workspace set up now?
My studio is located in a large commercial space. The front wall is ceiling to floor windows. I love all the light. Sometimes I don’t even turn on the lights. 

I have a 4' x 10' steel table in the middle of my room that I had made to work on. There is a shelf for baskets with tools and a rod to hang rolled canvas. In the corner I have a shelving system to hold all my paints. I keep brushes and tools on the top. 

I have a small office space in the back. There is a desk for my computer, book case and three idea boards. Plants everywhere. I don’t usually have the best luck with plants, but they are doing OK so far.

How is it different from when you started?
I started working in the garage at our house. It was hot, cramped and not very inspiring. The biggest difference is the amount of work that I am able to accomplish in my studio v. the garage (where there were too many distractions). I am also able to create larger paintings. It’s so inspiring to have a dedicated space to work.  

What is your favorite thing about your workspace?
I just love having my own space to work. I love that I can leave my works in progress out and not worry about it being in the way or getting touched by my little kids.

2014 Membership Drive

It's time to do a happy dance! The annual Etsy Dallas membership drive is here.

If you have a handmade Etsy shop in the immediate Dallas area and want to build your business while having tons of fun with local artists, apply now at

Applications are open for two weeks, January 30th through February 13th, and then, they will close for the entire year.

Sponsor Spotlight: Regal Cottage

Insider tip, if you are responsible for buying a gift for a child, look no further than Regal Cottage.

Now, I know, we’re a bit biased here at Etsy Dallas headquarters because Regina is one of our own, but even if we were blindfolded, we’d still pick out her plushies. Because they’re just so soft! Plus, we can tell cool vintage fabrics, organic cottons, and eco-felt from thirty paces.

Regal Cottage’s toys are at once classic and modern. From her signature plush Russian nesting dolls and fabric rattle balls to ninjas and fluffy little clouds, Regina has lovingly handcrafted something perfect for your sweet little one. (And she’s an expert on little ones—she has four!)

Now that The Jingle Bash is upon us, we’re particularly excited to see these darling ornaments in stock.

And this trio of sea-faring adventurers (based on Regina’s own illustrations) is a favorite. 

I'm having a hard time picking my favorite, aren't you? Make sure to stop by Regina's stunningly awesome booth on Jingle Bash Lane on November 23, 2013. She'll be the one in the cute apron surrounded by all the charming toys. Or you can just follow the line of smiling people, because I know from experience it is impossible to leave her booth without a big ol' smile on your face! 

Saying Goodbye to a Creative Force and Friend: Patricia

It is with a sad heart that we share the news with you that a dedicated and beloved team member, Patricia passed away on January 23 following a long battle with cancer. Her creativity and kindness will be greatly missed. Back in early 2008 when Etsy Dallas was just getting its legs, Patricia of Karmacrochet joined the team. She jumped in with enthusiasm, never hesitating to offer help and advice, and always a little humor. Please join us in remembering Patricia:
Patricia in Advocate Magazine, image credit: Can Turkyilmaz

Patricia and Stephanie at the 2010 Etsy Birthday Party

“I'll always remember one Jingle Bash when a client wrecked her display (think items everywhere, a collapsed garment rack, the works) and Patricia just shrugged and laughed a big booming laugh...and efficiently went about setting it to rights without making the client or the rest of us feel awkward or in the way. It seems to me that's how she handled most things, with a laugh and a shrug that said things could be worse.” Jenni of Jenni20 Designs

“I remember being a newbie to the group years ago and going to my first Etsy Dallas meeting where I didn't know a single person. Patricia and I chatted for a while about this and that, and out of the blue she said, ‘I can tell you have a good heart and a good mind.’ I don't know why she said what she did, maybe she sought to comfort my unease...or if it was just Yoda-like encouragement. What I do know is that she was a big part in how I got comfortable here. I will miss her raspy laugh, her crazy accent and her presence.” Silla of sillasoup

“I remember meeting Patricia before we joined Etsy Dallas at our first ever show. We were a hot mess, and she took us under her wing and helped us make heads and tails of how to do a show. She even went out of her way once to help us plan a visit to Buenos Aires a few years back, giving us names to her favorite restaurants and drawing us maps!” Sabrina and Jenny of The Pig and the Peacock

Image: from L to R Pam (Dowdy Studio), Morgan (Etsy Inc.), Stephanie (tefi), Anne (Modest Ambition), Patricia, Dylan (Dowdy Studio), Cheyne (Etsy Inc.), Maggie (maggie may i), Regina (Regal Cottage)

Patricia was more than a teammate. She was my friend. We did shows together, traveled together, lunched together and, above all, laughed together – a lot. Patricia was intensely creative. She designed all of her knitted and crocheted items, never using a pattern.

Patricia and Sam

Did you buy any of Patricia’s handmade items? Please share your memories and stories in the comments section. Help us pay tribute to an integral and unforgettable Etsy Dallas team member, creative force, and friend.

Stephanie of tefi
Etsy Dallas Founder

Blog Crawl 2012

Blog Crawl: Week One
Welcome to the first installment of the Etsy Dallas Blog Crawl! Like any good pub crawl, our Blog Crawl will entertain you and introduce you to a different side of our fearless participants. Frothy beverage encouraged but not required. 

Many of our members author a blog, and these sites are as diverse and rad as the artists themselves. Make sure you add these to your daily readers; we love groupies!

This week, we feature two Etsy Dallas Members:

Meredith of Etsy Shop SheepishKnitCrochet
Meredith’s blog, One Sheepish Girl, began back in August of 2010.  It’s been amazing to watch this blog grow over the years.  She has a great eye for color and composition, and, let’s face it, she’s just the cutest thing ever! 
Three things you’ll love about OSG: tutorials that are coherent and totally do-able; photographs that showcase Meredith’s quirky cool style; and her curatorial feature: The Blush List. 
Ok, maybe four things you’ll love—she is a prolific blogger.  Updates all the time!  More eye candy all the time!!!!

Alicia of Etsy Shop LaAlicia

Alicia’s blog, creative adventures, began in January of 2008.  Throughout this blog, you’ll note Alicia’s commitment to making our world a better place.  Her particular brand of craftivism is evident not only in her works but also in her EcoMonday posts which feature products that are all at once functional, fabulous, and eco-conscious. 
Three things you’ll love about creative adventures: Alicia is a funny lady (her new Word for Wednesday posts never fail to make me giggle); her Meet the Artists posts feature cool folk that you’ll want to know more about; and you know when you read this blog that Alicia is a real, cool person. 

Blog Crawl authored by Jenni of Jenni20 Designs. 

(Almost) Instant Gift-Wrap

(Almost) Instant Gift-Wrap: a festive tutorial brought to you by Jenni of Jenni20 Designs

Poms are everywhere right now--and with good reason.  They're awesome!  This tutorial will teach you how to make awesome mini poms to adorn an array of holiday awesomeness, from trimming the tree, to wrapping gifts, to frosting yourself.

about 3 or 4 yards of yarn
a pair of scissors
a business card
manual dexterity
about 45 seconds to make the pompom
a gift to wrap
and someone to give it to. 

There are quite a few methods of pompom making, but the business-card pompom is my favorite because I love the size of pom you get—and everyone has a business card hanging around. 

Here’s how to make magic happen:

1.      Cut about 6” of yarn off your skein and set aside. 

2.      If you’d like to use some yarn to wrap your gift, measure out an arm’s length or so to set aside. 

3.      Wrap and wrap and wrap and wrap the long piece of yarn around the height of the business card (this will give you a cute mini size pom—about an inch when all is said and done.)  The more you wrap, the fuller your finished pompom will be. 

4.      Once you’ve wrapped all the yarn around the card, gingerly slide the loops off the business card. (I typically let the 6" piece keep it all together so it doesn't unravel when I'm sliding it off, but this is optional.)

5.      Take the 6” piece of yarn and tie it in the middle of the loop bundle.  I suggest tying multiple knots just to make sure everything stays in place.  A word of warning, don’t pull too hard or you run the risk of snapping the delicate yarn fibers.  Mom’s square knot (left over right, right over left) is a good one here. 

6.      Once your loop bundle is secure, take your scissors and snip the loops. 

7.      Give your pom a little shake; shape it if you want, maybe give it another little hair cut and voila!

8.      Use the 6” tie to attach your pompom to the gift wrap and give your charming package with pride.    

What else can you do with your pompom? (And, let’s be clear, there are those among us who insist it is spelled pompon.) 

Attach a safety pin to the back and wear it as a festive brooch (bonus points if you take a cheesy mirror picture after a long day at work and a hard workout).

Bobby pin it to your head and wear it as a charming hair ornament—on the side a la Frida or as a sassy ponytail pretty. 

Want more craft ideas?
Click on this tutorial like and make an array of poms and adorn a wreath, make a festive garland, festoon your roller skates.
Or how about this fun floral project?
a vase of pom flowers via
 Let's not forget the sassy scarf of poms:

This tutorial originally published at All Things Fabulous.

Member Spotlight: The Pig And The Peacock

What a way to start the week off fresh! Today we're talking with Sabrina and Jenny Abney of The Pig and The Peacock, who make incredibly amazing bath and body products. (So fresh and so clean, clean!)

Etsy Dallas: When did you start your shop, and how/why did you get started?

The Pig and the Peacock: We started in March of 2008 making bath salts and gift baskets for our friends. It quickly snowballed into so much more!

ED: What kinds of products do you sell? What materials do you work with?

PP: We sell bath and body products and candles. We make soap, lotion, body polish, body mist, body whip, bath salts and lotion bars. We use shea butter, olive oil, jojoba and other skin loving ingredients. For our candles we use 100% soy wax.

ED: Any new additions to your shop?

PP: We recently listed a new line of soaps, The Chakra Soap Collection! We are very excited about it. Each soap is made in the color representing each chakra, and we have custom blended scents for all of the soaps to help you connect to and balance your chakras.

ED: What inspires you? Where/when do you work on making products for your shop?

PP: Travel and design inspire us most. We often try to tie scents to places we have traveled to, like lavender and oranges from Italy, teak in Thailand, and wine from California. Design also sparks a lot of creativity for us, we will often see something we love and try to figure out how we can translate those design ideas into soap. Not only does this challenge us creatively, but also technically as some ideas can be really hard to translate to soap!

ED: So tell us about yourselves...

PP/Sabrina: I live downtown and love it! My boyfriend and I have a very spoiled lab/rottie mutt and I love him like my child. My day job is Manager of Planning and Allocations for a national retailer. Jenny lives in N Dallas, and she is VP of a commercial fan company. We are sisters (if I hadn't mentioned) and have lived in Dallas most our lives. Jenny was born in Vietnam and lived overseas for some time. Growing up we split our time between Dallas and our family farm in GA, where the inspiration for our shop name came from. We also both ice skate competitively, it's probably the coolest (literally!) hobby we have!

Find some of The Pig And The Peacock's products locally at the
Abundance Boutique at Move Studio and at the Mapleshade Spa, and of course in their etsy shop!

Etsy Dallas Artist Playlist Spotlight

Hi everyone! This is Meredith from Sheepish Knitting & Crochet. I spoke with Summer of Signifying Not about what she likes to listen to when she is feeling inspired, or is searching for inspiration. Enjoy getting a glimpse into Summer's creative process!

M: What kind of music do you listen to when you create? Don't listen to music? TV Shows? Movies?

S: I really like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts when I am creating. I listen to episodes of This American Life and podcasts about illustration and art like Big Illustration Party Time and Escape from Illustration Island. When I do listen to music, it depends on my mood, but I really love indie, folk, and instrumental.

M: Do certain genres of music affect your creative process?

S: Yes, I feel more inspired by music that has a literal or implied story or vivid imagery.

M: How does music fit into your creative routine?

S: Sometimes I use music as a well to break out of a creative block. I prefer to listen to music during the idea/brainstorming stage and podcasts during the actual creation of the work. Usually I am not planning to come up with an idea, but when I am listening to a really good song, something just comes to me.

M: Name some of your favorite artists/bands.

S: I've gotten really into British folk scene recently - Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons, Johnny Flynn. I also love The Decemberists, Tegan and Sara, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine

(Pictured in Collage - Mumford and Sons, Tegan and Sara, Sufjan Stevens, and Iron & Wine)

M: Thank you so much for sharing Summer! Now it's time to turn up some tunes and get back to being crafty! ;-)

Handmade Days - Laura of childsPLAYdesign

Making your art your day job isn't necessarily a conscious choice for some. When you ask an artist what made you want to become an artist, most will tell you that it really wasn't a choice, it just was, since as far back as they can remember. Likewise, when some artists decide to become their own boss and work for themselves full-time it's not just a choice, but the way they've always envisioned it to be. Common perception is that artists as have a fun and easy job, but most artists we know are also some of the hardest working individuals out there. It's hard work making it fun. One of these self-employed and driven artists is Laura Childs, the creativity, the thread and needle behind childsPLAYdesign. We asked Laura a few questions to see what her full-time art business is like so we can peek into her handmade days.

Quick Facts
Name: Laura Childs
Your shop: childsPLAYdesign
your web links:
how long have you been doing this full time? about a year and a half

1. What inspired you to start your very own handmade business?
I made a career change & needed to find work that was more fulfilling. I had always been an arts & craft consumer (I actually had my own weaving business back in my 20s) & have a house full of yummy things I've bought over the years. One day I happened upon etsy & frankly got caught in the swirl of its energy and creativity and uniqueness. I have always had an eye for good design, loved to fondle fabric (in a good way!) and knew how to sew, so the planets seemed to align and away I went! The business has evolved, been edited, and swerved occasionally to what is now essentially quilts and home accessories.

2. What's your daily work routine like from morning to night?

I typically am woken up by 2 hungry dogs willing me awake by staring at me between 5 & 5:30 a.m. They get fed, I catch up on the news (newspaper, tv, NPR, internet) and do computer work (email, etsy, etc.). Take dogs for a walk, pick up/clean up and am at work by 7:30/8 a.m. "At work" could mean at the sewing machine sewing or planning and cutting my next project or taping and basting a quilt. It could also mean applying for craft shows, listing work on etsy, photographing items and even paying bills. Typically work til lunch, play with the dogs, catch up on blogs and then back to sewing at 1 with music at full blast. Continue until about 6 when dogs are staring at me again for dinner. Back to computer, mail, tv and any hand sewing. In bed by a delicious 10 pm.

3. What new projects are you working on right now?
Lovely new baby and lap quilts with some gorgeous fabrics with an occasional picnic quilt using laminated cotton. Also just saw a new pattern to make a fabric kite (just for looks--not for flying) that I'm dying to try out. Oh, and a stuffed patchwork dog. And then there's the houndstooth quilt that I saw in pink that made me drool....and so on and so on!

4. Why do you feel it's important to buy from handmade artists like yourself?
I always say, it's an optimistic thing to do and it's a small and easy way to support creativity and the arts and reconnect with humanity again. With budget slashing, foreclosures, wars and uprisings topping the news every day, and technology replacing face to face interaction, buying handmade suggests one believes in the individual person, the individual spirit of entrepeneurship and that, yes, one person can impact another person's life for the better. Have you ever seen anyone buying handmade not happy or smiling?

5. Why do you think the Dallas area is a good place to be an independent handmade artist?
Because of Etsy Dallas (of course!) and the great support it gives its members as well as the handmade movement in general. But also because there are pockets of arts & craft groups around the city that help publicize the effort. Additionally the city's investment into the arts downtown can only increase the public's awareness of the need for culture and art or craft in one's life.