Sponsor Spotlight: K8made

We just adore the stunning clutches from K8made, and we are so excited to have our own Kate as a sponsor of the Spring Bash. Mother’s Day is coming up and we know lots of moms who would love to rock one of these exquisite clutches.


K8made bags are sold in boutiques across the country and are especially popular for bridal parties and brides. 


We caught up with Kate for a quick chat about the handmade shows…

“I believe the bash is one of the best handmade shows in the Dallas area,” Kate said. “As part of the team, I enjoy doing what I can to help make the event a success for everyone.”

Kate said the bash provides a great opportunity for local artists to interact with the community and to share their work with a much larger audience. “This can be instrumental in furthering the handmade movement and each individual artist’s business,” she said.

She is also a big supporter of independent artists. She loves to buy handmade when shopping for gifts for friends and family. “When you buy handmade, you’re guaranteed to get a unique product that was made with care and purpose,” Kate said. “When you shop at the Spring Bash, you’ll never be disappointed.”

We couldn’t agree more. Be sure to visit the K8made booth at the Spring Bash on April 26, 2014.