Spring Bash Bags for the first 50 shoppers

More than a few of you know about the Bash Bags, and if you don't ... make sure you come early to find out.

We kick off the Spring Bash at 11 a.m. (officially), but some start their Bash celebration hours earlier. Why? To get one of the free Bash Bags we hand out to the first 50 attendees of course!

This super cool tote bag is filled with Etsy Dallas swag just for you. Our artisans put on their creative thinking caps and come up with some really neat stuff.  Here's a sneak peek at the goodies inside! 

We hope to see you bright and early Saturday. It's going to be a blast!

Thanks to the following artists:

Bunting – In Your Bones

Pens - Made by Rori

Buttons - Mama Said Studio

Original Art - Liz Wiley

Postcard - Blue Flame Studio

Head Scarves - Freckled Chicken

Magnets - K8Made

Hot/Cold Packs - Regal Cottage

Stickers - Etsy Inc.

Turquoise Charms - Kathleen Care Jewelry

Greeting Cards - Magnolia Tree Paperie

Mirrors and Fabric Swatches - Cykochik