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DIY: patriotic pinwheels for a sparkly Fourth of July

We've got something festive and sparkly just in time for your Fourth of July. Katrina of Ma Joie Press put together this great DIY. These make great party favors and decorations. Katrina added some to a bouquet of flowers for a holiday centerpiece, and it's adorable. Have a fun, safe and crafty Fourth!

1. What you need: 4.25" cardstock or scrapbook patterned paper squares, flat tacks, chopsticks, scissors, hot glue gun, hole punch, paint brush, glitter, and Elmer's glue.

If you love the paper design in the photos, Katrina was kind enough to share! Here is a letter-size PDF for easy printing. Print one side, then turn it over and print the back.

2. Cut from each corner to about two-thirds to the center of the square.

3. Put a dot of hot glue in the center of the square, and fold a point to the center. Continue dotting the glue and folding until you have a pinwheel.

4. Use your hole punch to make a hole in the center of the pinwheel, right through the dried hot glue.

5. Paint the edges of the pinwheel with Elmer's glue. Add glitter.

6. After the glue is dry, use a tack to secure the pinwheel to a chopstick. Careful not to push it in too tightly or the pinwheel won't spin.


Meet Your Free Make & Take Craft

Texas is pretty dang crafty. The state has a history rich in traditional crafts and tradesmen from metalsmiths to textile artists and everything in between. We're proud to continue some of these craft traditions. Naming the craft Texas is most well known for, well, that's a tough one... but when it comes to glue, glitter, and shiny monstrosities, there's one clear queen: the Texas homecoming mum. If you grew up anywhere but Texas, you might be unfamiliar with the craze. Either way, you should check out this fantastic little trailer "The Queen Mum" about this ultimate Texas craft.

We've developed our own version of the homecoming mum - modern, simplified, completely adorable - and we'd like you to come create one with us at the Spring Bash's FREE Make&Take craft table! Katrina of Ma Joie Press will be on hand all day to walk you through these fantastic little crafts.

Not ready to rock the mum? Think it might insult your manhood? We'll also be offering a second, equally awesome craft. You've already decided to attend the Spring Bash so clearly, you're a winner and every winner needs an award ribbon to prove it. Katrina will be sure you can paper craft one to perfection! With Mother's Day right around the corner, hope to see some #1 Mom ribbons floating around the Bash!

Once you've donned your new handmade beauty, we hope you'll capture the moment in our FREE Photo Booth! Laura of BUTTER has been working on a backdrop fit for a homecoming king and queen. Not dressed for that crowning moment? We'll have some sweet formal wear and props for you to try out for the photo op.

You can purchase a 4x6 print of your photo for $5 and all of the proceeds will be donated directly to The Japan-American of Dallas/Fort Worth to benefit relief efforts in Dallas' sister city of Sendai, Japan. You may also download your image for free online after the Bash.

We can't wait for homecoming! Oh! I mean we can't wait for the Spring Bash!