DIY Halloween Costume - Monarch Butterfly

It is October! If you are the crafty type like me, it officially means you have been scrolling Pinterest for costume inspiration. Well, I have some happy news for you. Etsy Dallas is pulling their creativity together to share a homemade Halloween costume with you every week this month!

To begin, I’m sharing this show stopping Monarch Butterfly! This was my daughter’s costume last year, and you would not believe how many compliments and responses we had walking down the sidewalk. Some people even crossed the road to get a closer peek. She loved every second of it, and just beamed from door to door.

Now, I won’t lie to you and tell you this was fast and easy. It took some time to create, but the end result was so worth it and the supply cost was modest. If you have a Silhouette Cameo, these cut files (orange and white) will speed things up. If you don’t, print this file twice, and stick each to the backs of your scrapbook paper to cut out the shapes by hand. Our butterfly was about 2’ tall and just under 3’ wide.

Here is what you need: 

Silhouette Cameo 

or Scissors and Patience

4 Sheets Orange Glitter Scrapbook Paper - 12x12

2 Sheets White Glitter Scrapbook Paper - Letter Sized

A Pencil


Black Foam Core Board

4 Black Elastic Headbands

And, this Reference Photo


Here is how you do it: 

Use Silhouette Studio to cut out the wing shapes. There is a glitter paper setting, but you may have to play with your settings to get it right depending on the brand and weight of your paper. In the file, I have included the upper wing shapes and lower wing shapes. Cut two of the upper wing shapes. Then move the lower wing shapes to the cutting area, and cut two of those. After those have finished cutting, open the dots file, and cut two using the white glitter paper. 

It is a good idea to keep the shapes separated because they add up very quickly. So, use piles or baggies and label them to keep things organized. Once you have separated your shapes, use the reference butterfly to jigsaw the shapes together on top of the foam board like this.


Once you have everything spaced properly, glue the orange pieces down, and lay out the white pieces. This part is a bit tricky, but even if they aren’t an exact mirror, they look real.


Glue those down as well, then use your pencil and reference photo to draw the outline of the butterfly around the pieces. Remember to leave an inch+ border, and add the wavy details! (My pencil outline is a little hard to see in the photo, look towards the bottom left.)


Cut the butterfly outline from the foam board. I had best results with a serrated knife. Follow the steps on the other side with the remaining glitter paper.

Poke two holes in the center top and bottom for the straps. Inserting the knife or scissors and twisting is a good way to do this. Knot the end of two elastics together then string the loops through the hole to make straps. For stabilization, repeat on the second hole.


Pair the wings with a black outfit and shoes, and use pipe cleaners for antennae. 


We would love to see your Halloween crafting on Instagram, tag us @etsydallas.I hope to see you back next week for another handmade costume!

Join Us Every Monday for Creativity Camp with Etsy Dallas

Summer has finally come again! The kids are out of school and excited about their relaxed routine, and spending more time with family and friends. To celebrate, we would like to officially invite you all to participate in a weekly project all Summer long! Each Monday, we will post a fun for all ages tutorial to help you put away the screens, learn something new, and make some memories. We can't wait to see your pics, so be sure to share with us on Instagram, @etsydallas #EDCreativityCamp.

To begin, let's get out our paint and brushes, and collect some smooth rocks to make some cutie painted rock family portraits! We found a bag of river rock at At Home, if you can't find some in nature.


First, paint your rocks white so we have a solid base for your colored paints. 


Once they have dried completely, take a sharpie to carefully draw the hairline and chin line. I used semi transparent acrylic paint. Choose or mix colors for your hair, skin, and clothing, and fill in those areas.


Depending on what paint you use, the sharpie may show through, so be conscientious of your lines.  This is a great way to add visual texture to hair and clothing.


Our rocks are starting to look familiar! Use a small brush or paint pens in white to create clothing details. Allow each side to dry before working on the other side.


Use a fine tipped black paint pen, or liner brush and black paint to draw the eyes and mouth. If your family member has glasses or facial hair, paint it on next.  Use the back end of your paint brush to dot on tiny pink dots for the cheeks.


Paint your rocks with a clear sealer, and place them in your front garden to enjoy for years to come.

Thanks for crafting with us! See you next week for another fun project!