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Scenes from the Klyde Warren Park with the Dallas Yarn Bombers

Kelly from Local Honey had a chance to hang out with possibly the most crafty, colorful, creative bunch in Dallas, and being the amazing photographer that she is, she caught it all on film to share with us. 

The Dallas Yarn Bombers were busy yarn-bombing the heck out of the brand new Klyde Warren Park's Reading Room area in preparation for it's grand opening last Saturday. I couldn't get enough shots of their adorable garden-themed creation as well as their precious knitted critters and colorful knitting supplies.

They really did an amazing job. Make sure you stop by and see it in person! It'll be up through November. If you're interested in participating in their next installation, they're always needing more crafty yarn-loving volunteers. Check out their Facebook page to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Etsy Dallas Pillow Talk

This past weekend, Dallas teased us with the first cold weather spurt it has seen in quite some time. After a million days of a million degree heat, the colder it gets, the more we all want to snuggle up with our loved ones by a cozy fireplace in a giant pillow and blanket palette.  Here to prepare you with the perfect cold weather pillow pile is me, Pamela Dowdy from Dowdy Studio.

We know a thing or two about pillows, as we create some for our shop too. Plus we have quite a collection of our own that are always great couch companions, fort builders and of course, house-maker-prettiers.

First, I want to make sure you are super excited:

Are you thrilled now? K, good

Now get ready for some unconventional pillow talk.

I've secretly stalked all the Etsy Dallas pillow maker members to find the best for your fireplace pillow palette collections. After all my pillow peepings, here's what I have for you:

Local Honey's Texas pillow reminds me of that one winter we had a couple years back where the Texas had strange white fluffy stuff all over it, and my cat was like "WTF, is this?!?! And why so fun to lick??"

BUTTER's Drop it Like it's Hot Pillow is totally talking about misplacing your body mass to the floor by the fireplace. Pass me the hot cocoa, but don't drop that, because it is hot.   

 Midnight Snack's Toast Pillow will butter up any pillow party situation. It's possible it will also make you hungry. So you should probably go ahead and get the matching bacon one too. 

 To add a full bucket of cuteness to this pillow palette party, grab one of these Owl Pillows from Regal Cottage. If you're sitting solo at your pillow party, add this guy as your plus one. He's a good cuddler, listener and his eyes are so dreamy, you'll be forgetting all about the chili weather outside in no time.

For you trekkies, who are like "Why make pillow palette when I can have Star-Trek marathon on the couch!?!" Set phasers to pillow mode and have Scotty join you....er well, his pillow formation of himself. And before I reveal too much about my Star Trek knowledge, go where no pillow party has gone before with Yellow Bug Boutique's Star Trek themed pillows.

Here's our Dowdy Studio contribution to the pillow party, Viking Wood Beard. Unlike the cute owl above, this pillow viking is more likely to steal your firewood, booze and take off in his giant wooden ship to pillage more pillow parties. We apologize for his behavior, but I guess that's what you get when you invite an unruly viking over for a quiet relaxing evening by the fireplace. What were you thinking?

Have a favorite pillow from the Etsy Dallas artists above? Let us know. Want to tell us how you enjoy the cold days inside? Tell us!

Shop more pillows and all the Etsy Dallas member's shops here.

Happy pillow party!

Big Ideas for Little Ones-Yellow and Gray

One of the hottest trends when designing nurseries for boys, girls or delivery surprises is the color combination of sunny yellow and cool, neutral gray. Etsy Dallas members present eight creative ways you can liven up a baby’s space so it is ready for sleepy, cloudy days or the bright, Texas sunshine.

Honeycomb Print Shop
Your little one will be dreaming of North Pole adventures thanks to this sweet penguin with an inspirational message we can all appreciate. Each print is hand inked, so the colors may be varied, but will all fall in the gray, marigold, black and cream families.

Scrabble letters spell out the title of George Harrison’s Beatles classic “Here Comes the Sun” on a cheerful yellow background dotted with white, and you can’t help but sing along. This original photo is printed professionally on archival paper to frame on your walls.

Available in gray or honey, these personalized monograms can celebrate your new favorite name with modern vintage style. The 8-inch hoop can be used in the baby’s room or later in your study or office.

Dowdy Studio
Whether baby slept through the night or kept you up, you can still greet your day in style with this cheerful “Hello Day” print.  Each print is carefully made by the husband and wife team at Dowdy Studio from start to finish and is digitally printed on heavy weight matte photo quality paper.

Midnight Snack
There’s nothing cheesy about the way this adds a little yellow and gray to a nursery! You and your little mouse can read books or play on the floor with this 18-inch square pillow. Its backside has a funky, navy blue, khaki and green circle and square pattern as well.

Dowdy Studio
“Yeeeee haw!” This pen and ink illustration is the perfect addition to a room for a young Texan. The whimsical design with fine details like a bandana print and lines in the kitty’s straw hat is printed digitally on heavy weight matte photo quality paper.

Butter Design Lab
While you’re falling in love with the new bundle of joy rocking in your arms, your back will appreciate the soft support of this 18” x 18” screen-printed pillow. Metallic gold letters in gray suiting on one side – cool plaid on the other.

This print packs a punch with bold gold and black, along with red and white accents. Your little one will enjoy counting the circles and numbers with you down the road, too.

Local Honey
Your new main squeeze will have you feeling like you’re living on cloud nine – so why not throw in a pillow to shout it out? Toss this 12” x 16” bit of handcrafted fluff on your rocking chair so you always remember this feeling. The back is made of collected fabric scraps, so you can make a special request to match the rest of your nursery.

Posted by Meredith from Meredesigns

Gift Ideas for Dad

Hey there! Mother's Day has come and gone, but now it's Dad's turn to be in the spotlight. Get him something really cool for Father's Day (June 17th)! Dads can sometimes be a little hard to shop for. If you're having some trouble deciding what to get him, here are some great gift ideas I put together from Etsy Dallas.

1 // Steak Plush by Midnight Snack - $25

2 // Folk Yeah Tee by Dowdy Studio - $24

3 // Feather Tee by 75 Apparel - $25

4 // San Fransisco Photo Block by Pamplemousse1983 - $25

5 // Paul Newman Canvas Print by sozadesigns - $229

6 // Handmade Gun Soap by The Pig And The Peacock - $4.50 (set of 3)

7 // Custom Family Portraits by Local Honey - starting at $45

8 // "Father" Periodic Table Apron by Yellow Bug Boutique - $28

9 // "Beer" Periodic Table Koozie by Yellow Bug Boutique - $8

10 // Linocut "Big Red" Print - 9x12 - by Honeycomb Print Shop - $35

Hope this has helped! Make sure you let Dad know how much he means to you. 

xo! Kelly Christine from Local Honey

Member Spotlight: Local Honey

Hi everyone! This is Meredith from Sheepish Knitting & Crochet. I am excited to introduce you to Kelly Christine and her lovely shop Local Honey. I hope you enjoy getting to know this inspiring lady! 

Hi Kelly! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
Hey there! Thanks again, Meredith, for choosing to interview me! Now a little about myself... I'm a 21-year-old cat lover and small business owner. I come from the tiny East Texas town of Golden (population 300), but moved to Dallas almost 3 years ago to start school and a new adventure. Since then, I've finished college and have 2 businesses,  Local Honey (my Etsy shop!) and Kelly Christine Photo + Films (my wedding & portrait photo/video biz). When I'm not shooting a wedding or making an Etsy order, you could find me eating Mexican food, blogging, spending time with my honey or working on a craft project.

How did you get started sewing your beautiful burlap pillows?
I have loved sewing since my Grandmother taught me at 13, but it wasn't until I attended school that I really got to focus on my sewing skills. I attended a small college nearby and got a dual associates degree in fashion design & merchandising. Once graduation time came around and all of the school projects were finished, I was feeling creatively frustrated. I was so used to being in school and making something everyday, so when I was done, I was thinking..."Okay. Now what?" Since I was passionate about sewing and had a lot of ideas, I thought I should open an Etsy shop. At that time, I was interning at a local children's boutique called Little Bean. I approached the owner one day about my ideas, and she encouraged me to go for it. It only took me about a week to decide on a name and what exactly I would be selling. 

You also create lovely watercolor paintings! Where did that skill come from?
I come from a long line of all kinds of artists: painters, graphic designers, wood carvers, soap makers, sheep farmers, authors...the list goes on. I have always loved to paint, but while in school, I rarely ever got to. It was only just recently that I got inspired to pick it back up again. Watercolor is my favorite, and I really love making custom items for people. I wanted to change up my shop a little bit and thought this was a perfect way to do so!

Do you have any advice for other young people (like myself) who want to make a career out of a passion for crafts and creativity?
My advice would be just to go for it! Right now. Find something that you really, really love and are passionate about. Make sure it's something you're 100% proud of and want to share with the world. It might take a while to get to where you want to be, but that makes it all the more rewarding. I'm also a believer in making your own rules. There's no handbook to starting a business. Figure it out, and make it happen! :-] I also have an amazing support system behind me. My parents are both small business owners too, so I'm always asking them for advice! 

What is your favorite part about Dallas? Favorite shop? Restaurant?
Coming from such a small town, it really took me a while to accept Dallas as my home... But over the last few years, I've grown to love it so much. My favorite thing about this city is probably my neighborhood. I live off Henderson around the M-streets & Greenville Ave. If you don't know this area, you need to! I love all the independent shops, restaurants, and the people. My favorite store in Dallas (this is a tough one) is probably The Gypsy Wagon. Aside from having amazing stuff, it's also within walking distance to my house (that can be a bad thing for my wallet!) My favorite coffee shop/drink stop is definitely Pearl Cup. My favorite restaurant at the moment is Bankok City. They've got the best thai food around!

Describe your creative personality in three words.
I think the phrase "work in progress" could describe my creative personality pretty well. It seems I'm never quite finished with something whether it be my website design, a new pillow idea, or the layout of my living room furniture. At times, I wish my creative brain had an "on/off" switch, haha. 

Thank you so much, Kelly!

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