Craft Blast from the Past: Puffy Paint Candleholder

Welcome to Craft Blast from the Past, brought to you by Esther from estieMade! When I think of craft supplies from my childhood, puffy paint seems like a staple. I remember making many puffy painted shirts from when I was young and even up to my high school days (for volleyball team spirit). I'm no longer glamming up my shirts with puffy paint, but I'd like to show you how an easy way to use it to make holiday candleholders. It's a fun way to dress up table settings during Christmas!

Materials -small jar (I used a mason jar) -puff paint -Ribbon -battery-powered tealight Steps Take your puffy paint and paint on a design. I found the paint came out most evenly when I squeezed the bottle gently. My mason jars already had X's all along the middle, so I just painted on top of these in different colors. I I alternated between a sparkly gold puff paint and a white one, and ended up with this design. Once you're done with your design, let the paint dry, then cut out a length of ribbon that fits inside your jar. You can glue the ends together if you'd like. Place your battery-powered tealight in the jar, and turn it on. Now admire your new candleholder! Hope you enjoyed this Craft Blast from the Past. Good luck with prepping for the Holidays!